June 19

Simplify in every way that you can today. There is so much unnecessary baggage that you carry, so many considerations and constructs that you put in charge of your life, so much nonsense that grows louder and larger just so long as you let it.

Today, streamline. Is that object really fulfilling a necessary purpose? Or that one? Or that? Notice that we said “necessary” not “useful.” There are lots of objects, ideas, habits, and emotions that serve a purpose of some sort, but most of them are far from essential.

You are all aware of just how cluttered these times have become, of how overfull lives are: energetically, materially, intellectually. Think—do you know anyone whose life is overfull of spirit? It is a particularly good day to jettison those items, whether they be material, energetic, emotional or intellectual, which are cluttering your personal landscape.

Clean out your closets, as it were. We suggest a certain ruthlessness in your approach. Stop thinking, “Oh, this might come in handy some day,” and start understanding that you need to be here now. And you are fully capable of accurately assessing that which is needed in this moment. And that which is honestly not needed.

There is no good reason to hoard. There is enough for you, and part of your work is to learn to trust that you are in greater hands. You will never know what the situation really looks like unless you allow yourself the freedom to find out. That means simplifying. That means standing here, in the now, without hiding your being in the chaos and confusion of the stuff you tend to cloak yourself with. Drop it, leave it by the side of the road. Use whatever metaphor moves you, but ride the prevailing energies today and make room for those things that really matter.

You will be stronger, clearer, faster and wiser for it. And that is both your birthright and the responsibility you took on when you assumed this life. We really want to say, “Hey, you’ve got nothing to lose,” and although it sounds absurd we know it is the truth. We know you will recognize it as such as you let go of baggage that it seemed you couldn’t live without. You may even find that your understanding of the “you” who couldn’t live without something is transformed in the process.

We love you and see your dazzling essence and send all our blessings.DSCN0133


From Elizabeth:

The Guides’ offering for today seems pretty hard to take in given the events in Orlando last night. I find myself plunged into all sorts of intense emotions–despair, rage, fear, pure sorrow for what we have become and where we are headed, fatigue over the seemingly unceasing assaults. After reading the news and then going through The Guides’ piece several times, I just want to acknowledge what appears to be an incongruity, and then to share that in my view the guidance is sound and perhaps more important on a day like today than on others. In this moment’s energetic, we can spiral into the madness or we can step back from it. This does not mean denying the emotions it evokes, but rather suggests to me that we can either do something in the real world or not, but that we be careful and thoughtful about the energies we put into the grand mix out there. Let’s both act to do something about guns and hatred in our country today, and then let us do our best to contribute light, maybe even joy, to a world where they are in short supply.


June 12

Pleasant times are a possibility today. Because so many of you have exhausted yourselves and drained your reserves keeping abreast of the many and multi-leveled demands that have confronted you, it would be good, even wise, to take advantage of the continuing break.

What needs to transpire internally will continue to work away as it needs to. Your full attention is neither required, nor particularly helpful. Instead, keep your focus on the external. There will be things to do, activities that either amuse or distract. Let yourself be amused today. It won’t hurt a bit, and in fact, will help in many ways.

There is so much that is going on around you energetically, things that cannot really be described using language. Many of you feel the movement, the disturbances, the power that is not visible. These energies can create a great deal of stress in and of themselves. They are neither bad nor good in a traditional way—they are merely energies doing their jobs. However, you are being nudged, bumped and sometimes knocked over by them. This is not so nice. And even the simple awareness that they exist and move around you can be disconcerting and ungrounding at times.

They will be with you and around you for the foreseeable future. We are talking about the true forces of change here, and you need them. But you needn’t talk with them today unless you really like to do that.

There is so much loveliness in your world, and it is so easy at this time to become immersed in regret over what you collectively have done to harm and destroy that beauty. It is easy to lose yourself in the future or in the past. It is easy to dive deep into truth-seeking and soul-searching. Today, though, we recommend that you take a vacation from those habits and live in the moment. Enjoy the scenery without thinking too hard about it, dance when you hear music and do those things that come to you unsolicited, especially if they are light of heart and fun.

The energetic you share needs a little lightening up, and the pace today allows that to happen. Be part of it—have some fun, think less and laugh more. This will be a relief to many, a challenge to some. As is always the case. Rejoice in the opportunity however it presents itself to you. That is the very best thing you can do.

We send love, blessings and joy.IMG_0531

20130329_121005Open your eyes! Remember who you are!

Please take some time today to let yourself recall the truth of who you are and what you are doing. Let this message act as a reminder. Take a moment and breathe. All the way down into your divine core.

This is not a part of reality having to do with power or purpose. It is simply the unvarnished truth. You are magnificent, all-knowing and you can be all that you can imagine. If you allow yourself the full, glorious range of your creativity, you will not be able to find your limits. The body will bring you back to limitation, of course, because it is a vehicle of instruction. To live without limits in a finite space —ah, that is not easy. Back and forth, again and again.

But listen: so often, you perceive your physical finitude and you superimpose that upon your spiritual Self. Please stop that. This was never the goal. You didn’t come to be small, to be cramped, to be less. (Have we mentioned that once or twice?) As you are able to merge the two seeming opposites within you—the boundless and the bound—you create something new and more extraordinary than either alone.

From our perspective, the opportunity to ground and to be solid is a great gift. Unfortunately, you may forget some or all of the time that this is just a sliver of the truth, just a small fragment of the mosaic of who you are. Your entire physical world—it is to be treasured and treated with respect, but take care not to get lost in it. Every single moment that you can, hold the awareness of both being in form and being so much more than form. This will do much to change your world. Really.

That which we are discussing can be described in so many ways, and you must choose the path or the metaphor that works best for you. But we beg you, please stay conscious of the tremendous magnitude of your being today. And every day. Don’t allow yourself to sleep through this time. You are needed, and it is the transformation of your living from uni-dimensional to multi-dimensional that is critical for shifting the energies everywhere.

Think about it: how could humans do most of what they do (you included, dear ones) if they knew their limitless love? How could you hurt one another in so many ways if you were in constant contact with the reality of your Oneness? It really is pretty simple.

You will be supported today in remembering the truth. The illusion will seem thinner, a little easier to see through. If you use your intent to stay in connection with that which is eternal, it won’t be impossibly difficult as it often is. In fact, it may be like riding a bike!

We see you and know you for who you are, and we are eternally grateful for our connection with you and All.

Love and Blessings.

IMG_1183Make a point to stick to the point today. Really. You may well find that you are easily distracted from your goals, your values, your purpose. Issues or questions of little significance may appear to be weighty, solid and critical, on first glance. Don’t let yourself be drawn in by frills or fluff. You could see much of that around today, dressing up distractions.

The central task for you is to go straight into the heart of what you are here to do and hold onto it as if your very life depended on it. Or, if it works better for you, offer yourself up whole, surrender completely to your destiny. This is not a day for dancing or equivocating or negotiating, even with yourself. Today is day when your commitment is tested and it is so important that you stay focused. If you do end up being pulled away from your center, go back to it. And do that again and again. Do it as often as you drift away.

But use your discernment. There are times when it is interesting to play with possibility, and times when it is very useful as well. There are times when it is expanding to try on new ideas or to explore places you have never before visited. As you can tell, today is not one of those times. Go right to the point and if you can, don’t leave it.

We suggest that you use whatever methods you have at your disposal to stay wrapped around your core. Put a reminder on your screen saver, leave yourself messages, tie a string around your wrist—anything you can think of that will keep you in alignment.

If you end up being seduced by frippery today, don’t castigate yourself. There is always a struggle for balance you see, and as you grow stronger and greater in your clarity, there is a necessary drag in the opposite direction. The thing to remember here is that you know much. Your work now is to remember and to live what you know. But the knowledge you have can never be taken from you. This is the key. You have all you need to claim your freedom. Tomorrow and the day after and each day beyond that offer you the opportunity to use the key now in your possession.

But do your best with it today. After all, this is the only moment there is. We’ll be holding with you, sending all our blessings and love.

A New Message!

May 17, 2016

Good evening, dear ones. We want to reach out to you today with all the love we hold and assure you that you are the joy that fuels us. We don’t have to get up in the morning—literally–but if we did, it would be watch over and delight in your beauty, your growth and your faith.

It is not easy being on Earth at this time. Some of you—most of you—are aware of just how precarious things are. Some of you, it is true, remain blithely innocent of the hard road ahead. Which may be the correct way for you. But this is what we want to say to you today: the road ahead is only difficult insomuch as you live it as a singular truth and reality.

While experiencing the turmoil that is besetting your planet is part of the deal of coming in at this time, the advice we want to share is that if you live fully and yet remain aware always of the deeper and eternal truths, the road won’t be nearly so full of ruts or rocks. In other words, many of you will lose some of that which has been close, some of those things that you would consider part of your life. This happens to individuals as they age. Friends pass on, children and grandchildren move away. Mobility diminishes. Capacity is lost, whether it is the physical ability to hike to the top of a mountain to see an inspiring dawn, or the mental ability to perform the kinds of tasks that were once done without effort.

And so it is with a civilization that is past its prime, that is aging and heading into decline. You all know this in your bones, whether you are willing to tell yourself out loud or have the courage yet to believe it. You know. The spring has long since passed, summer is waning and the chill winds and encroaching darkness of autumn are around the corner. So it is—there is a time for everything.

The best thing to do when there is a perceived problem, an obstacle in the path of your growth, is to identify it. Look at it, get to know it. And we would say to you that the current state of affairs in your world is, although fairly frightening, more of an opportunity than an obstacle. Yes, the way-things-have-always-been is absolutely dissolving. You are contemplating the changes that are coming, many of you. And this is necessary and wise. When they actually arrive, it will be so important to have done the work that will allow you to meet them with joy.

Joy? Of course. Freedom to love without fear—that is the greatest joy we can imagine. The greatest realization. This can only happen when you are not dependent upon fate or circumstances. And if you prepare yourself, you will be free, in love and unafraid of whatever is down that hard road. Embrace the autumn. It is harvest time, which is, not only a the end of the growing season, but also a time of bounty and celebration of all that has been given, all that has been gained through grace and determination and hard work.

Your civilization, which has risen and is now in decline, is just that. It has been a cauldron of creativity and has been responsible for beauty, for nobility, for aspiration, for breathtaking manifestations of brilliance and ignorance and cruelty. It has its course to run. But this is what we want you to think about: your course is not inalterably allied with that of the civilization. You can cling and you can identify, or like the butterfly, you can emerge to fly on your own as the chrysalis shrivels and drops away.

In other words—there is nothing like hardship to call up the very best within yourself. The wisest and the clearest aspects of self. Please take a moment to ponder all that you have available to you. Your practices, your knowledge, your wisdom, the means by which you access and live love, the ways in which you know what is true, deeply true. If ever there were a time to graduate, to leave school and begin to work at your calling, this is it.

And you are ready.

Let’s make this the best of times. Adversity in one realm is only so strong as the power you give it. To be clear: this is not ever about denial. But there is nothing greater or more transformative than love, independent and free to expand and inspire, no matter what hardship might suggest. And it is more needed now than ever before.

We will be sending out periodic messages over the next year, but will also offer an encouraging hand on your shoulder, small reminders that you DO know all that you need to know, in the form of regular excepts from our previous offerings.

This is truly an extraordinary time, and your ability to shine in it is at hand. We send all our love, our blessings and our faith in the exquisite nature of the hearts you each have and hold.



February 24, 2016

Here is something I came upon, composed long ago, but still (perhaps) worth sharing.  I hope it fills your heart for a moment or two.




May your heart shine like a beacon to send and to receive the love all around

May you bow down every morning at the altar of your own glory

May you know grace, and gratitude for its presence in your life

May you shiver with visions of hope for much greater good

May you love beyond your wildest imaginings

May you feel the wind and the sun and the rain on your face, and give thanks for them

May you transcend all the limits that constrict and confine you

May you enjoy your sojourn here; eat, drink, move, laugh and love with deep appreciation for the opportunity to do so

May you believe always in the Light

May you touch the Earth with reverence and receive from Her the very gifts of life and the lessons of time and space

May you offer thanks for the magnificence and richness which lie in every direction

May your head be clear, your body sound, and your heart on fire

May you perceive the nearly unbearable beauty of consciousness in all its infinite forms

May you be free from fear, or better still, brave enough to fly in spite of it

May you speak with the stars at night, and dance and sing during the day

May you become more and more truly yourself and thus, more and more truly One with All

May you share joyfully your heart’s greatest gifts so that you walk always in a brilliant circle of love


And every day

Going Forward

July 12, 2015

Dear All,

Just wanted to touch in and let you know that between the feedback I have received from all of you and the direction I have gotten from the Guides, I will be working quietly on bringing through a new series of readings over the next few months. When it is ready to be shared, I trust that the best means will be apparent and you will be the first to know as that happens.

Much love and gratitude to you, each and every one.


A Query

June 28, 2015

Dear Friends,

This week, I am going to toss the ball your way. I need your help. It has been two months now since the latest series of readings began; eight practices offered to date. It had been my impression from The Guides that this series was intended to be more collaborative, more interactive than the readings that came through in the past, than those which make up “Love is The Way.” I understood that these daily practices were intended to be put to use, and that I was to make it as easy as possible for those using them to share their experiences and allow the group — such as it was — to benefit from one another’s observations and learning. To that end, I posted the readings on my blog and on Facebook,(which, as many of you know isn’t my medium) encouraging commentary and sharing with one another.

To date that hasn’t really happened. I appreciate the ‘likes’ and the comments which some of you have contributed, but the engagement around the practices hasn’t occurred. As I said, I need your help in understanding why. This sort of thing–galvanizing others–isn’t my forte and I am sure I could do a better job. So I am asking all of you to let me know if you are indeed interested in working with me, with the Guides, on this project of pursuing joy. I’d ask you to be honest and let me know your truth–do you just read and delete? Do you mean to work with the practices but don’t get around to it? Do you work with them and just not feel welcome to share? Is it the wrong time? One person who has worked with the practices has suggested a subscription, saying she would be willing to pay for weekly practices, that paying something helps to focus the value. Would you feel more motivated by that?

As those of you who know me at all will know, I am unequivocally not interested in any particular outcome. My feelings aren’t at stake. This is truly an inquiry into what is valuable to you, and thus, how I direct my energies. For many years, I have transmitted what I am asked to share with you all without any expectations. It has been a joy, a privilege, truly a deep honor. And now, I am asking you to let me know what you care about, and what you need. Time, energy and effort are expended in channeling, practicing and posting these readings. I have done and will continue to do so with great pleasure if the work is meaningful to those of you who receive it. If not, that is important to understand and frees me to focus elsewhere.

I thank you in advance for the generosity of your responses–I am grateful for them–and will let you know how I feel moved to proceed.

Much love,


Celebrating the Ordinary

June 14, 2015

It has been a while since we have felt the call to speak here but the time is right again to begin to share messages with Elizabeth and with any who wish to receive them through her.

Your world is, well, going to hell in a hand-basket. No point in candy coating it. Things are falling apart as fast as anyone can put them back together again, and on many fronts. Not only are the climate and the terrestrial and aquatic environments sullied and in pain, resources like food and water and endangered, but perhaps most alarmingly, human beings are displaying an increasing level of stress behavior. Moral and ethical degeneration is everywhere. All of you can feel this movement, and most of you are reacting to it, whether you know what you are doing or not.

We want to offer some thoughts on how best to live while the world goes up in flames around you. It is an extraordinary time, and thus, we are here to share what we can in terms of guidance, strength and direction for any who can use it.

First of all, joy is the only excuse. Despite the horrors, the losses, the cruelty, the abject (seeming) stupidity—without joy the whole business is frankly, a waste of time. There are other consolations, but joy enlivens us all.

Finding joy becomes more difficult when external circumstances grow dim. That is what we are here to explore and support you in doing—finding joy, finding the reasons to arise each morning hopeful for moments of brightness and beauty in the midst of the mess. Helping you create, with small actions, a fragrant garden, an oasis that will sustain you and will offer solace and joy to those who visit.

Each of you has your own coping mechanisms. And each of you is trying to work out how to manage as things in the 3-dimensional world deteriorate. Some of you have found a bright light to look to—a spiritual leader or practice, perhaps, family and other relationship, important work that absorbs you and gives you assurance that you are doing what you can, doing your part. Some of you have just allowed yourself to become overwhelmed with the details of daily living and the demands they place. Still others are fraying around the edges—physically or mentally and emotionally—and focused on how to heal from what appear to be personal ailments.

The time to shift direction for the planet may well have passed, though miracles are always possible. What is needed now is a way—for each of you, and each will be different—to live vibrantly, joyfully and with gratitude no matter what is happening around you. To live with hearts open and full, wide awake, while watching it burn.

For a time, each week, we will be sending some suggestions your way as to how to accomplish this mastery. For mastery it is. And most of you have the capacity to reach for it. With a little support, it should be that much easier. Please know that we ask you to actually work with the ideas if you wish them to make a difference in your lives and in those around you. The suggestions will be fairly simple.   In fact they may seem so obvious you wonder why we are sending them out. It is because they need to be practiced. And while many of you have the knowledge, without the practice it is unlikely that things will change. Further, it is likely that if you do work with them, you will find some that are more resonant than others.

The goal is to assist you to expand the tools at your disposal and to support you in actually using them. This is a time of increment, a time when a patchwork of small actions are called for if you want to hold sacred space and avoid the undertow. This is the great news—small things, done with diligence, can create significant shifts.

It is likely that the suggestions/practices/exercise we send will all be familiar in some way or another. As we said—you have the knowledge. But if you are inclined, you can receive these practices as part of the scaffolding that will help you structure your lives as you long to, succoring and enfolding those parts of life on Earth that bring joy.


The sheer volume, the raw numbers of ‘things’ and beings in your world is overwhelming. Forgetting for a moment all things man-made, the count of animals, plants, rocks and stones is unfathomable. And as unknowable, in its own way, as the reality of universes within universes. There is more ‘out there’ than any human mind can actually comprehend, and there is far more before and around you than you can take in fully as well. As a means of regulation you learned early to sort and order, to prioritize and to discard. The brightest of flowers, the flashiest of birds, the most charismatic of people, the biggest and most beautiful are the ones (of any sort) that get your attention.

While this is one way to navigate, many of you find yourselves walking through a world that has less meaning than you long for. Many of you may wonder about your own value in a world that loves the peacock and ignores the brown thrush. That process of prioritizing has edged you all into a space where you overlook the exquisite marvels of the ordinary.

As you know, the divine dwells equally in the quotidian and the sublime. The balance of your experience of the divine may be out of kilter. For many people, this is so. This week’s practice is designed to assist you in re-balancing, in seeing the world in its fullness. You will always need filters—there is no way to use your mind to take it all in—but try this week to shift your focus just a little and see where it leads you. With this practice you can come a little closer to a true understanding of your own environment and the incredible consciousness that surrounds you at every moment.

Here is the way we suggest you proceed:


Set aside three to five minutes, out of doors if possible. Maybe you walk from parking lot to office, or perhaps you have a yard you can go out into.   The goal is to seek around you for a small and seemingly insignificant manifestation of life. It could be a pebble of an ordinary nature, a ‘weed’ or its flower. It is easiest to do this with something inanimate like a plant or mineral, but it can certainly be applied to that brown thrush or other animated forms. Sit with the thing you have chosen and allow yourself to really look, feel, know it. Search for its beauty, its unique nature. Look and feel until you sense the extraordinary (and heretofore) unseen complexity or the breathtaking simplicity. Stay with it until you know how special it is. Then let it go, with thanks, and go about your day. Once or twice will likely not change your outlook radically, but if you practice this one for a week or two you can see the world (and yourself) in a whole new manner, one that is both truer and more loving.

We see each of you as diamonds, and we love and appreciate your brilliance and beauty.



A note from Elizabeth: In the hopes of illustrating this one a little bit, I’ll share one of my day’s practice. I found a little stone in my garden. It had a nice smooth shape, which is probably what caught my eye. I held it and scanned it for interesting patterns, colors, etc. I tried to find some wonder at its reddish-brown hue, but there was nothing. This really was a most ordinary and uninspiring little rock. I was about to toss it back to the ground and find something more ‘special’ to work with when it occurred to me to ask the stone to show me what it held for me. As I sat with it, I became aware of this stone’s volcanic past and the journey it has made, the eons of its evolution, the places it has seen and been. I found myself holding something so massive, so sacred, so eternal…..It was breathtaking. And my garden is overflowing with these messengers of the divine!


May you find your own inspiration in this practice.


Much love,



June 7, 2015


Random acts are great gifts, but you needn’t wait for the impulse to strike. You can create more kindness—and experience more kindness—in your life if you want to. It won’t take much. So we ask you: Is this something you value? Is a kinder world a place you want and are willing to invest a tiny fragment of time to support?

If you answered yes, than we have a simple suggestion for you. Once again, the practice takes minutes to do, but this one may take a bit more self-discipline than some of the others. Still, the rewards are much greater than one might expect given the minimal investment that you will make. Particularly over time, if you use this practice periodically, you are likely to begin to perceive a sweeter, kinder world.

Here’s how this one works:

*When you get up in the morning, choose one small act of kindness you would like to offer today. It can be to another human being, an animal, the planet, your community, God…. The choices are endless. You might want to make a commitment to greeting someone who doesn’t often get notice, calling or writing an appreciation to someone who isn’t expecting it, cleaning up trash in your neighborhood for five minutes, taking your dog somewhere she loves to go, feeding the squirrels, making a donation of time or money that you have put off, putting an offering of food in a foodbank bin at the grocery store, putting the most perfect peach on your altar. Let your heart direct you, and try not to pick something that sounds right, but rather choose an act that makes you feel happy, makes your heart sing, when you contemplate it.

*Do it.

*But before you go out and undertake your day, also set an intention to notice any small acts of kindness that you encounter. They may be offered to you, or to the Earth, or to another. They may even be offered BY the Earth or by an animal or a body of water or the sun….. Just decide to keep your heart open to seeing the acts of kindness that are around you during the day.

*Before you go to sleep at night do a quick review. What did YOU do? How did it feel? What did you see others doing in the way of kindnesses? How did it feel to see them? If you forgot all about it, don’t fret. Just wake up tomorrow and start again. It is never too late to be kind, to receive the kindnesses that are daily showered upon you.

With all our love and blessings.


A note from Elizabeth:  I have found, as with all of the practices–some more and some less–that this one increases my awareness of the things that I want and choose to see.  I have also noticed that I find it easier to engage in acts of kindness, that rather than an effort to do, they become their own joy.  It REALLY helped me to write down what I planned to do (though I almost always did much more, once I got started) and to sum up what I observed and received at the end of the day.  The writing of it was, for me, very useful in terms of being aware.  I hope you will share something of what you discover if you decide to try this one out.

Much love,