From Love is The Way

April 30, 2017

April 30

We want to commend the dolphins to you today. You have all given them thought, you know their importance. We don’t need to tell you what you already know. And yet, they are your greatest teachers and guides today (and on many others, if given the opportunity).

Such an amazing line of evolution. So sweet, so powerful. Please think on these beings who share your planet and allow their way of life to enhance yours today. Fluidity is so important. Look at the places where you move with angularity, where you are blocked, where there is no flow of body, mind or heart. These are the places we encourage you to work with today, to approach with dolphin brains and hearts. Let the dolphins’ suppleness soften and strengthen your energy so that you may begin to move with a grace and beauty somewhat like theirs.

There are many amongst them who are, like you, working to open and evolve and hold the energies that are needed on the earth right now. They are your allies as well as your teachers. And as your consciousness grows, you have much to share with them. Face it: you all have a big stake in the unfolding of the next few years.

We don’t want to say too much here because it is necessary for you to begin to hear and understand that which is all around you, whispering guidance, sending love. Although it has been possible for a time, in the end, we cannot be intermediaries. Words are becoming obsolete (despite the fact that they will be in use for a long, long time to come) and are no longer the best means of conveying an idea, an emotion, a truth. We have worked with words because they are the most accessible means of communicating with all of you, but it is time to take some tiny steps toward weaning yourself of your dependence upon them. The dolphins communicate at the highest

of spiritual levels without resort to language. They do it directly and it is time for them to begin to connect with humans in this most pure of forms.

So today, we ask that you open yourself to what it is that the dolphins have to teach you as an individual. Allow yourself to be your own conduit. As you do this, not only will you learn something about your life and how to let it flow more smoothly, but you will have made your own connection. Many of you doubt your ability to do this; you are all perfectly capable. The dolphins can carry most of the burden at this point. All you really have to do is intend, ask, and open. They will do the rest.

We want to say to anyone who is feeling skeptical that this is real: it is a great deal more real than most of what you interact with day in and day out. Please do not dismiss what we are saying to you today. If nothing else, hold out the possibility that it is true. And test it for yourself.

We love you and send it all with blessings.


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