From Love Is The Way

April 9, 2017

April 9

Dear ones, the next couple of days we suggest quiet. You will do best to move little (you can move your bodies, but don’t attempt any spiritual aerobics) and allow the work that has been accomplished in the last month and more to integrate. Allow the turmoil to settle and the clarity to rise. In short, there is not much to do.

It will help to spend time alone or in silence. This will facilitate that rising of clarity. But you need do no digging or analyzing. You are due some results, and if you await them patiently, they will come.

Connect with nature. This is most often helpful. Be out-of-doors and among the new growth. Ground yourself in Earth and enjoy Her slow and steady rhythms. Allow yourself to be soothed and stilled. It is in this state that you will best be able to recognize the truth that emerges from all your searching, your practice, your prayers.

You can cultivate gratitude if you are so inclined. It never hurts and it most often helps. If nothing else, it uplifts, so you can enjoy these next few days more fully.

In the world, do your work deliberately and with attention, but try not to become absorbed to the point that you lose track of your spirit. Stay away from initiating anything if you can, and take whatever steps you need to take in order to slow the pace. Again, just for the next couple of days, put off anything you can put off. You will be better able to handle it (whatever it may be) by then, and you will be more receptive now to that which you want to receive, more open for if you are not frantically busy.

Be gentle with your own body and those you encounter. Feed yourself lovingly, take quiet walks, do those things that make your body purr in a contented fashion. Treat others with tact and patience. This should be easier if you are not relentlessly pushing yourself. Remember, you don’t need to carry the weight of the many worlds on your shoulders for a bit. Take a break.

We send all our love.


2 Responses to “From Love Is The Way”

  1. fjwhite said

    God, I love your writing. Thank you.

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