From Love is The Way

September 4, 2016

September 4

Place your hand on your heart. Really. Just do it for a moment or two. It is not an unusual thing for humans to do: to touch your core. Even as you feel the essence of what makes you divine, you can also feel that which makes you mortal.

It is an amazing place of confluence which epitomizes the challenges you face, the daily work to bring the transcendent into the mundane, to infuse the daily grind with celestial light. It is all there, right in your chest: the riddle and its answer.

Each of you needs to find and implement your own version of the answer. There is no right one or way. Today, we suggest that you contemplate this conundrum. Ask yourself, “How can I best manifest light in density?” You already do it, and yet you are being asked to do more and better. The way is unlikely to come in the form of instructions or a map, but everyone is different. Take what comes with gratitude and work with it.

Remember that your heart holds the key. We love you.