From Love is The Way

August 21, 2016

August 21

We will be brief today. This is because the thing we wish to convey is just a reminder, although it is one of paramount importance. There is no adornment or embellishment to drape over the central direction for the day.

This day is for love. Forget Valentine’s Day, or remember that it is all of a half year away. Today is here and if at all possible it should be devoted to love. It doesn’t matter much where you direct it, as long as you let it fly. It can all go to yourself (always an excellent and deeply generous choice) or it can go to another, to animals, to plants, to asteroids, to the planet. Don’t let us limit you—you know what it is that you love today, so just give yourself over to it. Let your heart overflow and try not to worry about looking a little loony. There may be much to do from

an earthly perspective, it may be easy to get caught up in this or that, and in the end, you can occupy your mind and your body in whatever manner is most profitable. But don’t forget your heart. Make yourself a sign or a note or do anything you know will help you remember to return to it and open it up so that its riches can be felt and known—over and over all day long.

Please revel in this. It is a day of the greatest potential joy. There is nothing higher to which you can aspire today. Fly. Be alight. Love. It is more important than you can know. Thank you.

We love you.


One Response to “From Love is The Way”

  1. Margret said

    Thank you Elizabeth

    I had to put my 12-year-old dog to sleep today it took all the love I have to let her go but she was in so much pain and fighting so hard to stay with me and look like she was OK even though she had damage in just about every organ.

    Could you do a quick check please and make sure she got safely to heaven to the rainbow bridge and that she forgives me especially if she thought I gave up on her.

    This would surely show me love if you could give me some feedback thank you many blessings, Margret Rose

    Sent from my iPhone


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