From Love is The Way

July 24, 2016

July 24

Today we want to enlarge on our advice that you reach for the child’s perspective. We often speak to you about the importance of taking time and awareness to love and tend to the physical aspect of your being. It is indeed a very good thing to do—to bring love and care to the seat of the temple, as it were.

Today we want to venture just a short way into another aspect of love and the body. Sex. Aha! It has taken us quite a while to get here, hasn’t it? There are some reasons for our reticence. The subject of sex is extremely clouded and confused for many of you. It carries layers and layers of distortion, fear, judgment, and of course guilt and shame. In addition, sex has a starring role, billed just beneath God, in most religions. Usually it plays the villain, but sometimes it is granted a sympathetic part. Unfortunately, like power, sexual energies have a tendency, when in human hands, to roar off course. When you add religious fervor, the whole thing can become pretty ridiculous. We haven’t wanted to wade in and fail to be clear on a subject that is both heavily freighted and obscured.

We look at what has become of this strange and wonderful gift and scratch our heads. How could it have come to this? Here is the thing: in form there are many travails, balanced in part by great pleasures. Think about them. The delight of a warm bed early on a frosty morning, the scent of jasmine in the summer, the whole-body joy after strenuous exertion, the taste and feel of bread hot from the oven and the way that connects to your heart. These, just the tiniest tip of the iceberg. What are your greatest sensual joys? Your life abounds with them.

And almost all of you have been profoundly moved on many levels by your encounters with sex. Moved, delighted, excited, warmed, transported, expanded, affirmed and so much more. But almost all of you have been—at one point or another—diminished, frightened, and ungrounded by your sexual experiences as well. Worse yet, you rarely allow yourself to share these moments with one another, give yourself the gratification of comradeship in confusion.

The sensual life does unequivocally connect to the emotional life. Sense pleasures rarely exist in isolation: a chain of emotional response is triggered by the senses, and that is a large part of their allure. But there are gradations. The smell of toast wafting from the kitchen in the morning may take you back to a childhood moment about which you have feelings. Likely, though, they are not nearly as complex as the feelings that arise when you are dealing with pleasures or pains of a sexual nature.

Sex is a potent and potentially sacred portal. We won’t mince words. It spans duality, and then obliterates
it, holding at once the possible experience of many polarities: male/female, oneness/singularity, pleasure/ pain, expansion/contraction, again to name just a few. We mention this because we want not to gloss over the incredible power that lies coiled in this realm. It is real and it is formidable.

But there is a way in which many of you get ensnared by cultural, religious and utterly human-generated traps that limit your ability to both touch into the potency of this marvelous gift, and to realize a great deal of the very simple pleasure it offers.

Through time and love, as it is said, most of you have lost your innocence in this matter. But we say to you that that innocence is very much with you and alive, dwelling somewhere beneath the layers of propaganda, fear- mongering, ego condemnation. Today we ask that you go in search of that innocence. You may need to excavate rather deeply to find it, but it is there, awaiting you. Think of the young child who has not yet learned to be ashamed or titillated or secretive about their own amazing body’s miracles. That young child, not yet confused or corrupted, is within you and we honestly cannot see why, at this point in time, you cannot reclaim at least some of that innocence.

For heaven’s sakes. You are so vast, so boundless in your nature. You know that you are innately perfect. Allow yourself to enjoy the perfection of your sexual nature. No matter what you do or don’t do with it, you are—at least in some part—pure as the driven snow precisely as you are in the full flower of sexual energy.

The very nature of sex is wrapped around the notion of wholeness and yet so many of you have split off that part of yourself and hidden it, compartmentalized it or aggrandized it. Today we suggest that you spend some time feeling into your sexual self and lifting the veils that may obscure your heart’s relationship with your body. It could be a really grand sensual adventure. Or just simply lots of fun.

And to be sure there is no confusion about today’s central message: no matter what has happened to you, what has been done to you or what you have done yourself, you are innocent and have a right to that innocence and all the joy that accompanies it.

We send you much love today.


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