From “Love is The Way”

July 17, 2016

The waves will move gently over the surface, but do not be misled. There are great currents in flow, and you are likely to find yourself in a very different place in a week’s time.

The trick is to float and not to fight these currents. They will look and feel unique for each of you, but most of you will find that there is something powerful tugging you in a direction you might not go of your own conscious accord. The natural impulse is to resist, especially if it all goes on under the surface of your awareness. Try then, to bring awareness to any directional shifts that may be underway. Are you confused about anything that you should or shouldn’t embark upon? Think on this, because if you can know where your questions lie, you are almost all the way to an understanding of what you must do. Energies and circumstances around will conspire to give you counsel if you are ready to receive it.

For instance, if you have a choice to make, one with medium to large consequences, one that will surely influence the course of your and others’ lives, one that perhaps has been in play for a while—if you are attentive to this choice, if you ask the universe to guide you, if you stay awake to the way in which forces greater than yourself whisper their guidance, you will learn much and be supported in following that choice. You will find that your body speaks to you if you hold that question within it. You will find that the trees talk to you of your needs if you take your uncertainty to them. You will find that your dreams are powerful allies. But let your guidance come from deep places. Do not seek to know through the thoughts and ideas of other humans. You are involved in your own questing, and you not only need, but will be able to access support that sees far beyond the human realm. Take advantage of it if you can.

This does not mean that you should avoid people or their company. But reach a little higher. It is not always the case that the realms of which we speak are so open. As always, trust only that which reverberates in your own heart. Let ideas die on the vine unless they pass that test. A good idea is not one that meets others’ approval but one that satisfies the deepest truth in you. And you will learn that by listening to those aspects of yourself and the world around you that side-step words and logic.

The other thing we wish to mention here is the importance of being in nature. These currents that are going to be moving you will do so with some subtlety, but the distance you may traverse could be long. Grounding in the earth, walking upon it, playing in it and working with it will all help make the transitions you may experience smoother and less disorienting. It will be good to spend time outside if you can.

We wish you amazing travels, and we send blessings and much love.


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