From “Love is The Way”

July 14, 2016

July 10

We encourage you to allow yourself greater and greater awareness of the exchange of love that underlies all interaction today. This is the matter of which we spoke yesterday, indicating that for most of you, tolerance of the intense reality is low. Today it will be helpful to let yourself know more, move your awareness to the next level (or the one beyond that) in terms of seeing and feeling the truth that sits below the surface.

Every time you pass someone on the street and smile or murmur a pleasantry, you are dealing with a tiny fraction of the actuality. Each time you pass someone on the street, there is a very deep and most often silenced place in you that recognizes another soul, that sees another part of yourSelf, that rejoices in encountering God in form. And every time someone passes you, there is a part of them which is seeing you, knowing you, loving you. Every time you answer your phone, do a favor or receive one, wash the dishes or wipe out the bathtub—if there are other people involved in any way, you are fortifying the connections that love created. Since this is too much to bear or believe most of the time, it is relegated to a place that cannot upend you, that cannot make you ridiculous or too vulnerable.

And yet, it is this knowledge and the ability to live more fully within it, to actually see the weaving of energetic connections which makes stronger and more palpable the web of which we often speak. It is this very web—
the one formed of the innumerable energetic bonds between all things carrying consciousness—that can give you and those on your planet an extraordinary capacity for just about anything. Transformation—of course. Transcendence—sure. There is nothing we know of that remains impossible if you are actively and intentionally part of this web of love. The power you can access is unbelievable. The limits are so far off that they cannot yet be described.

But in the meantime, it is necessary for all of you to become fully a part of this structure. To take your place in it intentionally, and to hold it through your actions. It is possible that we are becoming too abstract once again, and for that, we apologize. The basic direction today is toward raising awareness of what has always been there, namely the love and longing to be joined with others which lies beneath all interactions.

Note as well that it is the fear of the lack of that love, or the grief, or the anger which covers the grief arising from the fear, that leads to the interactions which seem the opposite of loving. Every single encounter, without exception, is related to that web of love and connection. And in every interaction (even the ones where the action occurs on a mental or heart level) there is at core—for you and for everyone—the longing to return to wholeness. We want to be very clear here. This is the truth. You have been living most of your lives in a movie, in a story, in
a fantasy. The truth is at hand and it is time to see it. You all love each other beyond your wildest imaginings. And the greatest sorrows, the most difficult problems arise when you forget this. You lose your power and your dignity, individually and collectively, when you forget this. Think back over the history of your species and you will understand what we are saying.

Choose to open your eyes today. Choose to look straight into the face of the beautiful truth, at least for moments. As we have intimated, it is intense. We are talking about accessing the most awesome power imaginable. This is not easy. And yet it has to be done if you are going to fulfill your real responsibilities. Please, allow yourself to see, from time to time, just how much love there is within and around you, reaching out from and flowing in to you. It is a breathtaking sight, to be sure.

We send all of our love in addition.



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