From “Love Is The Way”

June 26, 2016

June 26

Forgiveness is the order of the day today. Give some serious heart-thought to anything that you feel you simply cannot let go of. Give yourself a chance to find out if there is really any value in the stance you are maintaining. It doesn’t matter if it is toward yourself or others, if it is in relation to an individual or an

organization or a state. Today is an excellent day for letting go of those ties which bind you in ways that undermine or undercut your true goals.

Think about it: there is little that bears retaining. There are few mistakes or offenses that cannot be forgiven, and there isn’t much that you will gain (but the pain of being tied crookedly to someone or thing) from insisting on being consistent and unbending. If you do find that there are filaments of resentment or rightness that restrict your freedom, just release them. Go into your heart and find the love or the hope for love that underlies your insistence. Yes, you probably are right, but what is the cost of that? Are you killing love? Are you robbing yourself of your liberty, your right to be in joy?

We know that many of you know all this. We won’t preach, but just want you to know that energies are very favorable for releasing long-held resentments or those that are short-term but intense. It is a great day for setting yourself free and making a little more room in your heart for those things you would really like it to hold.

Let the idea of forgiving and scrutinizing with care that which at first seems of undeniable importance guide you today. Remember that there is truly little of greater importance than an open heart, or peace of mind and heart. If you are carrying turbulence, use the day to drop it. The love that is likely to flow right in will show you what is next.

Please be kind today, even in mundane ways. Reach out to others with generosity and faith in their inherent goodness, even if you know nothing of them. Remember your own perfection and strive not to hide or deny it. Allow your light to be a force in your world.

We love you and send many blessings.


One Response to “From “Love Is The Way””

  1. Margret said

    Ty so much Elizabeth! Great message today😘 Sent from my iPhone


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