From ‘Love is The Way’

June 12, 2016

From Elizabeth:

The Guides’ offering for today seems pretty hard to take in given the events in Orlando last night. I find myself plunged into all sorts of intense emotions–despair, rage, fear, pure sorrow for what we have become and where we are headed, fatigue over the seemingly unceasing assaults. After reading the news and then going through The Guides’ piece several times, I just want to acknowledge what appears to be an incongruity, and then to share that in my view the guidance is sound and perhaps more important on a day like today than on others. In this moment’s energetic, we can spiral into the madness or we can step back from it. This does not mean denying the emotions it evokes, but rather suggests to me that we can either do something in the real world or not, but that we be careful and thoughtful about the energies we put into the grand mix out there. Let’s both act to do something about guns and hatred in our country today, and then let us do our best to contribute light, maybe even joy, to a world where they are in short supply.


June 12

Pleasant times are a possibility today. Because so many of you have exhausted yourselves and drained your reserves keeping abreast of the many and multi-leveled demands that have confronted you, it would be good, even wise, to take advantage of the continuing break.

What needs to transpire internally will continue to work away as it needs to. Your full attention is neither required, nor particularly helpful. Instead, keep your focus on the external. There will be things to do, activities that either amuse or distract. Let yourself be amused today. It won’t hurt a bit, and in fact, will help in many ways.

There is so much that is going on around you energetically, things that cannot really be described using language. Many of you feel the movement, the disturbances, the power that is not visible. These energies can create a great deal of stress in and of themselves. They are neither bad nor good in a traditional way—they are merely energies doing their jobs. However, you are being nudged, bumped and sometimes knocked over by them. This is not so nice. And even the simple awareness that they exist and move around you can be disconcerting and ungrounding at times.

They will be with you and around you for the foreseeable future. We are talking about the true forces of change here, and you need them. But you needn’t talk with them today unless you really like to do that.

There is so much loveliness in your world, and it is so easy at this time to become immersed in regret over what you collectively have done to harm and destroy that beauty. It is easy to lose yourself in the future or in the past. It is easy to dive deep into truth-seeking and soul-searching. Today, though, we recommend that you take a vacation from those habits and live in the moment. Enjoy the scenery without thinking too hard about it, dance when you hear music and do those things that come to you unsolicited, especially if they are light of heart and fun.

The energetic you share needs a little lightening up, and the pace today allows that to happen. Be part of it—have some fun, think less and laugh more. This will be a relief to many, a challenge to some. As is always the case. Rejoice in the opportunity however it presents itself to you. That is the very best thing you can do.

We send love, blessings and joy.IMG_0531


2 Responses to “From ‘Love is The Way’”

  1. Margret said

    Ty so much Elizabeth

    The words always come to soothe, educate and encourage ! Always at right time😄 ty again!

    Gods’ Blessings, Margret Rosr

    Sent from my iPhone


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