June 26

Forgiveness is the order of the day today. Give some serious heart-thought to anything that you feel you simply cannot let go of. Give yourself a chance to find out if there is really any value in the stance you are maintaining. It doesn’t matter if it is toward yourself or others, if it is in relation to an individual or an

organization or a state. Today is an excellent day for letting go of those ties which bind you in ways that undermine or undercut your true goals.

Think about it: there is little that bears retaining. There are few mistakes or offenses that cannot be forgiven, and there isn’t much that you will gain (but the pain of being tied crookedly to someone or thing) from insisting on being consistent and unbending. If you do find that there are filaments of resentment or rightness that restrict your freedom, just release them. Go into your heart and find the love or the hope for love that underlies your insistence. Yes, you probably are right, but what is the cost of that? Are you killing love? Are you robbing yourself of your liberty, your right to be in joy?

We know that many of you know all this. We won’t preach, but just want you to know that energies are very favorable for releasing long-held resentments or those that are short-term but intense. It is a great day for setting yourself free and making a little more room in your heart for those things you would really like it to hold.

Let the idea of forgiving and scrutinizing with care that which at first seems of undeniable importance guide you today. Remember that there is truly little of greater importance than an open heart, or peace of mind and heart. If you are carrying turbulence, use the day to drop it. The love that is likely to flow right in will show you what is next.

Please be kind today, even in mundane ways. Reach out to others with generosity and faith in their inherent goodness, even if you know nothing of them. Remember your own perfection and strive not to hide or deny it. Allow your light to be a force in your world.

We love you and send many blessings.


June 19

Simplify in every way that you can today. There is so much unnecessary baggage that you carry, so many considerations and constructs that you put in charge of your life, so much nonsense that grows louder and larger just so long as you let it.

Today, streamline. Is that object really fulfilling a necessary purpose? Or that one? Or that? Notice that we said “necessary” not “useful.” There are lots of objects, ideas, habits, and emotions that serve a purpose of some sort, but most of them are far from essential.

You are all aware of just how cluttered these times have become, of how overfull lives are: energetically, materially, intellectually. Think—do you know anyone whose life is overfull of spirit? It is a particularly good day to jettison those items, whether they be material, energetic, emotional or intellectual, which are cluttering your personal landscape.

Clean out your closets, as it were. We suggest a certain ruthlessness in your approach. Stop thinking, “Oh, this might come in handy some day,” and start understanding that you need to be here now. And you are fully capable of accurately assessing that which is needed in this moment. And that which is honestly not needed.

There is no good reason to hoard. There is enough for you, and part of your work is to learn to trust that you are in greater hands. You will never know what the situation really looks like unless you allow yourself the freedom to find out. That means simplifying. That means standing here, in the now, without hiding your being in the chaos and confusion of the stuff you tend to cloak yourself with. Drop it, leave it by the side of the road. Use whatever metaphor moves you, but ride the prevailing energies today and make room for those things that really matter.

You will be stronger, clearer, faster and wiser for it. And that is both your birthright and the responsibility you took on when you assumed this life. We really want to say, “Hey, you’ve got nothing to lose,” and although it sounds absurd we know it is the truth. We know you will recognize it as such as you let go of baggage that it seemed you couldn’t live without. You may even find that your understanding of the “you” who couldn’t live without something is transformed in the process.

We love you and see your dazzling essence and send all our blessings.DSCN0133

From Elizabeth:

The Guides’ offering for today seems pretty hard to take in given the events in Orlando last night. I find myself plunged into all sorts of intense emotions–despair, rage, fear, pure sorrow for what we have become and where we are headed, fatigue over the seemingly unceasing assaults. After reading the news and then going through The Guides’ piece several times, I just want to acknowledge what appears to be an incongruity, and then to share that in my view the guidance is sound and perhaps more important on a day like today than on others. In this moment’s energetic, we can spiral into the madness or we can step back from it. This does not mean denying the emotions it evokes, but rather suggests to me that we can either do something in the real world or not, but that we be careful and thoughtful about the energies we put into the grand mix out there. Let’s both act to do something about guns and hatred in our country today, and then let us do our best to contribute light, maybe even joy, to a world where they are in short supply.


June 12

Pleasant times are a possibility today. Because so many of you have exhausted yourselves and drained your reserves keeping abreast of the many and multi-leveled demands that have confronted you, it would be good, even wise, to take advantage of the continuing break.

What needs to transpire internally will continue to work away as it needs to. Your full attention is neither required, nor particularly helpful. Instead, keep your focus on the external. There will be things to do, activities that either amuse or distract. Let yourself be amused today. It won’t hurt a bit, and in fact, will help in many ways.

There is so much that is going on around you energetically, things that cannot really be described using language. Many of you feel the movement, the disturbances, the power that is not visible. These energies can create a great deal of stress in and of themselves. They are neither bad nor good in a traditional way—they are merely energies doing their jobs. However, you are being nudged, bumped and sometimes knocked over by them. This is not so nice. And even the simple awareness that they exist and move around you can be disconcerting and ungrounding at times.

They will be with you and around you for the foreseeable future. We are talking about the true forces of change here, and you need them. But you needn’t talk with them today unless you really like to do that.

There is so much loveliness in your world, and it is so easy at this time to become immersed in regret over what you collectively have done to harm and destroy that beauty. It is easy to lose yourself in the future or in the past. It is easy to dive deep into truth-seeking and soul-searching. Today, though, we recommend that you take a vacation from those habits and live in the moment. Enjoy the scenery without thinking too hard about it, dance when you hear music and do those things that come to you unsolicited, especially if they are light of heart and fun.

The energetic you share needs a little lightening up, and the pace today allows that to happen. Be part of it—have some fun, think less and laugh more. This will be a relief to many, a challenge to some. As is always the case. Rejoice in the opportunity however it presents itself to you. That is the very best thing you can do.

We send love, blessings and joy.IMG_0531

20130329_121005Open your eyes! Remember who you are!

Please take some time today to let yourself recall the truth of who you are and what you are doing. Let this message act as a reminder. Take a moment and breathe. All the way down into your divine core.

This is not a part of reality having to do with power or purpose. It is simply the unvarnished truth. You are magnificent, all-knowing and you can be all that you can imagine. If you allow yourself the full, glorious range of your creativity, you will not be able to find your limits. The body will bring you back to limitation, of course, because it is a vehicle of instruction. To live without limits in a finite space —ah, that is not easy. Back and forth, again and again.

But listen: so often, you perceive your physical finitude and you superimpose that upon your spiritual Self. Please stop that. This was never the goal. You didn’t come to be small, to be cramped, to be less. (Have we mentioned that once or twice?) As you are able to merge the two seeming opposites within you—the boundless and the bound—you create something new and more extraordinary than either alone.

From our perspective, the opportunity to ground and to be solid is a great gift. Unfortunately, you may forget some or all of the time that this is just a sliver of the truth, just a small fragment of the mosaic of who you are. Your entire physical world—it is to be treasured and treated with respect, but take care not to get lost in it. Every single moment that you can, hold the awareness of both being in form and being so much more than form. This will do much to change your world. Really.

That which we are discussing can be described in so many ways, and you must choose the path or the metaphor that works best for you. But we beg you, please stay conscious of the tremendous magnitude of your being today. And every day. Don’t allow yourself to sleep through this time. You are needed, and it is the transformation of your living from uni-dimensional to multi-dimensional that is critical for shifting the energies everywhere.

Think about it: how could humans do most of what they do (you included, dear ones) if they knew their limitless love? How could you hurt one another in so many ways if you were in constant contact with the reality of your Oneness? It really is pretty simple.

You will be supported today in remembering the truth. The illusion will seem thinner, a little easier to see through. If you use your intent to stay in connection with that which is eternal, it won’t be impossibly difficult as it often is. In fact, it may be like riding a bike!

We see you and know you for who you are, and we are eternally grateful for our connection with you and All.

Love and Blessings.