IMG_1183Make a point to stick to the point today. Really. You may well find that you are easily distracted from your goals, your values, your purpose. Issues or questions of little significance may appear to be weighty, solid and critical, on first glance. Don’t let yourself be drawn in by frills or fluff. You could see much of that around today, dressing up distractions.

The central task for you is to go straight into the heart of what you are here to do and hold onto it as if your very life depended on it. Or, if it works better for you, offer yourself up whole, surrender completely to your destiny. This is not a day for dancing or equivocating or negotiating, even with yourself. Today is day when your commitment is tested and it is so important that you stay focused. If you do end up being pulled away from your center, go back to it. And do that again and again. Do it as often as you drift away.

But use your discernment. There are times when it is interesting to play with possibility, and times when it is very useful as well. There are times when it is expanding to try on new ideas or to explore places you have never before visited. As you can tell, today is not one of those times. Go right to the point and if you can, don’t leave it.

We suggest that you use whatever methods you have at your disposal to stay wrapped around your core. Put a reminder on your screen saver, leave yourself messages, tie a string around your wrist—anything you can think of that will keep you in alignment.

If you end up being seduced by frippery today, don’t castigate yourself. There is always a struggle for balance you see, and as you grow stronger and greater in your clarity, there is a necessary drag in the opposite direction. The thing to remember here is that you know much. Your work now is to remember and to live what you know. But the knowledge you have can never be taken from you. This is the key. You have all you need to claim your freedom. Tomorrow and the day after and each day beyond that offer you the opportunity to use the key now in your possession.

But do your best with it today. After all, this is the only moment there is. We’ll be holding with you, sending all our blessings and love.


A New Message!

May 17, 2016

Good evening, dear ones. We want to reach out to you today with all the love we hold and assure you that you are the joy that fuels us. We don’t have to get up in the morning—literally–but if we did, it would be watch over and delight in your beauty, your growth and your faith.

It is not easy being on Earth at this time. Some of you—most of you—are aware of just how precarious things are. Some of you, it is true, remain blithely innocent of the hard road ahead. Which may be the correct way for you. But this is what we want to say to you today: the road ahead is only difficult insomuch as you live it as a singular truth and reality.

While experiencing the turmoil that is besetting your planet is part of the deal of coming in at this time, the advice we want to share is that if you live fully and yet remain aware always of the deeper and eternal truths, the road won’t be nearly so full of ruts or rocks. In other words, many of you will lose some of that which has been close, some of those things that you would consider part of your life. This happens to individuals as they age. Friends pass on, children and grandchildren move away. Mobility diminishes. Capacity is lost, whether it is the physical ability to hike to the top of a mountain to see an inspiring dawn, or the mental ability to perform the kinds of tasks that were once done without effort.

And so it is with a civilization that is past its prime, that is aging and heading into decline. You all know this in your bones, whether you are willing to tell yourself out loud or have the courage yet to believe it. You know. The spring has long since passed, summer is waning and the chill winds and encroaching darkness of autumn are around the corner. So it is—there is a time for everything.

The best thing to do when there is a perceived problem, an obstacle in the path of your growth, is to identify it. Look at it, get to know it. And we would say to you that the current state of affairs in your world is, although fairly frightening, more of an opportunity than an obstacle. Yes, the way-things-have-always-been is absolutely dissolving. You are contemplating the changes that are coming, many of you. And this is necessary and wise. When they actually arrive, it will be so important to have done the work that will allow you to meet them with joy.

Joy? Of course. Freedom to love without fear—that is the greatest joy we can imagine. The greatest realization. This can only happen when you are not dependent upon fate or circumstances. And if you prepare yourself, you will be free, in love and unafraid of whatever is down that hard road. Embrace the autumn. It is harvest time, which is, not only a the end of the growing season, but also a time of bounty and celebration of all that has been given, all that has been gained through grace and determination and hard work.

Your civilization, which has risen and is now in decline, is just that. It has been a cauldron of creativity and has been responsible for beauty, for nobility, for aspiration, for breathtaking manifestations of brilliance and ignorance and cruelty. It has its course to run. But this is what we want you to think about: your course is not inalterably allied with that of the civilization. You can cling and you can identify, or like the butterfly, you can emerge to fly on your own as the chrysalis shrivels and drops away.

In other words—there is nothing like hardship to call up the very best within yourself. The wisest and the clearest aspects of self. Please take a moment to ponder all that you have available to you. Your practices, your knowledge, your wisdom, the means by which you access and live love, the ways in which you know what is true, deeply true. If ever there were a time to graduate, to leave school and begin to work at your calling, this is it.

And you are ready.

Let’s make this the best of times. Adversity in one realm is only so strong as the power you give it. To be clear: this is not ever about denial. But there is nothing greater or more transformative than love, independent and free to expand and inspire, no matter what hardship might suggest. And it is more needed now than ever before.

We will be sending out periodic messages over the next year, but will also offer an encouraging hand on your shoulder, small reminders that you DO know all that you need to know, in the form of regular excepts from our previous offerings.

This is truly an extraordinary time, and your ability to shine in it is at hand. We send all our love, our blessings and our faith in the exquisite nature of the hearts you each have and hold.