February 24, 2016

Here is something I came upon, composed long ago, but still (perhaps) worth sharing.  I hope it fills your heart for a moment or two.




May your heart shine like a beacon to send and to receive the love all around

May you bow down every morning at the altar of your own glory

May you know grace, and gratitude for its presence in your life

May you shiver with visions of hope for much greater good

May you love beyond your wildest imaginings

May you feel the wind and the sun and the rain on your face, and give thanks for them

May you transcend all the limits that constrict and confine you

May you enjoy your sojourn here; eat, drink, move, laugh and love with deep appreciation for the opportunity to do so

May you believe always in the Light

May you touch the Earth with reverence and receive from Her the very gifts of life and the lessons of time and space

May you offer thanks for the magnificence and richness which lie in every direction

May your head be clear, your body sound, and your heart on fire

May you perceive the nearly unbearable beauty of consciousness in all its infinite forms

May you be free from fear, or better still, brave enough to fly in spite of it

May you speak with the stars at night, and dance and sing during the day

May you become more and more truly yourself and thus, more and more truly One with All

May you share joyfully your heart’s greatest gifts so that you walk always in a brilliant circle of love


And every day