A Query

June 28, 2015

Dear Friends,

This week, I am going to toss the ball your way. I need your help. It has been two months now since the latest series of readings began; eight practices offered to date. It had been my impression from The Guides that this series was intended to be more collaborative, more interactive than the readings that came through in the past, than those which make up “Love is The Way.” I understood that these daily practices were intended to be put to use, and that I was to make it as easy as possible for those using them to share their experiences and allow the group — such as it was — to benefit from one another’s observations and learning. To that end, I posted the readings on my blog and on Facebook,(which, as many of you know isn’t my medium) encouraging commentary and sharing with one another.

To date that hasn’t really happened. I appreciate the ‘likes’ and the comments which some of you have contributed, but the engagement around the practices hasn’t occurred. As I said, I need your help in understanding why. This sort of thing–galvanizing others–isn’t my forte and I am sure I could do a better job. So I am asking all of you to let me know if you are indeed interested in working with me, with the Guides, on this project of pursuing joy. I’d ask you to be honest and let me know your truth–do you just read and delete? Do you mean to work with the practices but don’t get around to it? Do you work with them and just not feel welcome to share? Is it the wrong time? One person who has worked with the practices has suggested a subscription, saying she would be willing to pay for weekly practices, that paying something helps to focus the value. Would you feel more motivated by that?

As those of you who know me at all will know, I am unequivocally not interested in any particular outcome. My feelings aren’t at stake. This is truly an inquiry into what is valuable to you, and thus, how I direct my energies. For many years, I have transmitted what I am asked to share with you all without any expectations. It has been a joy, a privilege, truly a deep honor. And now, I am asking you to let me know what you care about, and what you need. Time, energy and effort are expended in channeling, practicing and posting these readings. I have done and will continue to do so with great pleasure if the work is meaningful to those of you who receive it. If not, that is important to understand and frees me to focus elsewhere.

I thank you in advance for the generosity of your responses–I am grateful for them–and will let you know how I feel moved to proceed.

Much love,



6 Responses to “A Query”

  1. Teresa said

    Dear Elizabeth,

    “I willingly accept that I can share my experiences of The Sense of Joy.”

    Even writing that smallest of small statements is difficult. I have been almost silent, in my interaction, with others for many years.

    I have younger children and my truer self is almost completely hidden behind their full and abundant lives. It is not their fault; I have fallen into silence, on my own, and their busy lives are a convenient guise to slip behind, to disappear.

    I will take this as my own contract to return to the first practice in The Sense of Joy and find words to express how it made me feel, think, or react. To verbalize how it changes my experience of myself and my experience of being with others…in this forum.

    I will do this, for you Elizabeth, because you have given so much and this is the first time that I feel you are asking for something in return. Although I completely understand that you are not specifically asking for this…but rather you are only asking for each of us to make a statement of what we would like from you and your guides.

    My response…I will begin again on the first practice and share my discoveries. I will release words; something I have grown very unaccustomed to doing except as a shadow behind my children. I am not on Facebook so I will respond in this comment section.

    With love,

    • Dear Teresa,

      I am moved, honored and inspired by the openness and courage of your response. As you noted, I did not expect…well, anything in particular. But this exceeded any unconscious expectations I might have had lurking! As someone with such an inclination and a gift for words, I hope that releasing your experiences in words will be a good thing. As a mother myself, and one who has also sublimated myself to the needs and deeds of my children, I hope that you do it for yourself, to reclaim the dimensions of yourself which are not maternal.

      And I thank you, Teresa, for the generous gift of your truth. While I wish for you to play in this field a little for yourself, I recognize the offering to me, and I am very grateful.


  2. Laurel Spahr said

    Dear Elizabeth, You asked us why we think the engagement in the weekly reading hasn’t occurred. I am one of those who never shared. You asked us to be honest and posed a few questions. Do you read and delete? I am embarrassed to say that, yes, I have a couple times. Do you mean to work with the practices, but don’t get around to it? Yes, I have done this too. I read and think, “Oh this is great!, I’m going to do this as many day as I can this week” and then, well.. don’t. Do you work with them, but don’t feel welcome to share? Yes, this is partly true for me, not because I don’t feel welcome (I feel we are kindred spirits) but because I just feel comfortable staying on the sidelines. Is this the wrong time? Maybe a little. Every morning I eagerly read the daily offering from your beautiful book ‘Love is the Way’ and that is so filling, that I feel this is enough. Elizabeth, I know you put a lot of energy into the weekly readings which you give so generously. I am always uplifted and inspired by the words you speak for the Guides. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love, Laurel

    • Dear Laurel,

      Thank you so much for your honesty and for your kind words. It helps me so much to hear from people like you, who are committed to your spiritual work and wayfaring, about what is meaningful, doable and draws you. Obviously, everyone is coming from a slightly different place on their own journey, but the view from yours is one I am very grateful to hear about. I am so glad that the words and ideas in “Love is The Way” are a source of guidance and inspiration to you. Knowing that means a lot to me.

      Much love,

  3. Mimi Michel said

    Hi Elizabeth, As you know, I have been traveling, and have limited success with free wi-fi….wasn’t able to send more emails shortly after the one I received from you, and part of this is my unfamiliarity with all the teck stuff these days… for the ones I received prior to my trip with Jeremy, I always read them and tried the exercises…sometimes went off on my own tangent, some deep issues came up, reluctant to share as I feel “guilty” (another issue) for feeling so deeply about some of my attempts to heal, and some of the guidance I get…. my suggestion, for me and my time limits and pursing other (my own) guidance as well….how about changing it to once a month….that would work better for me; being retired, it would seem that I “should” have more time, but it can get eaten up wth chores and just enjoying the day… I am amazed, however, and truly appreciate, how simple day-to-day intentions and focus can lead to interesting and helpful observations….thank you so much! BumbleBee Blessings, Mimi Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2015 15:24:33 +0000 To: mimi80232@hotmail.com

    • Dear Mimi,

      Great gratitude for your feedback. I know…about this technological labyrinth. It is daunting and worse, at times. So much potential, and yet, so overwhelming, particularly for those of us not attuned to its vibrations at all. You have shed some interesting and helpful light for me on the question of where I go next with the readings. Each sharing helps me a great deal to understand a little more about what happens after I push ‘send.’ There are themes that I am hearing, and your feeling guilty –self-conscious?-about what comes up when you work with the practices is definitely one that I am growing to appreciate. I do want to say how delighted I am to hear that you went off on your own tangents. My sense is that is exactly what the Guides hope for–that we will take their offerings, run with them, make them our own, follow the thread and use them as a jumping off point for our healing and growth. I suppose some of that, depending on how deep you end up going, is not appropriately shareable in a public forum, or in one that is wide open. Just as I send off these readings with no clear sense of how they are received, so I ask you to take risks with an equally unknown audience. Which I can see is not tenable for many, and understandably so.

      I hope to get back to everyone in the next few days about what is coming! In the meantime, I hope you had an absolutely marvelous journey through the 3-D world with Jeremy, and again, I thank you for taking the time and being generous with it in responding to my query.


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