Celebrating the Ordinary

June 14, 2015

It has been a while since we have felt the call to speak here but the time is right again to begin to share messages with Elizabeth and with any who wish to receive them through her.

Your world is, well, going to hell in a hand-basket. No point in candy coating it. Things are falling apart as fast as anyone can put them back together again, and on many fronts. Not only are the climate and the terrestrial and aquatic environments sullied and in pain, resources like food and water and endangered, but perhaps most alarmingly, human beings are displaying an increasing level of stress behavior. Moral and ethical degeneration is everywhere. All of you can feel this movement, and most of you are reacting to it, whether you know what you are doing or not.

We want to offer some thoughts on how best to live while the world goes up in flames around you. It is an extraordinary time, and thus, we are here to share what we can in terms of guidance, strength and direction for any who can use it.

First of all, joy is the only excuse. Despite the horrors, the losses, the cruelty, the abject (seeming) stupidity—without joy the whole business is frankly, a waste of time. There are other consolations, but joy enlivens us all.

Finding joy becomes more difficult when external circumstances grow dim. That is what we are here to explore and support you in doing—finding joy, finding the reasons to arise each morning hopeful for moments of brightness and beauty in the midst of the mess. Helping you create, with small actions, a fragrant garden, an oasis that will sustain you and will offer solace and joy to those who visit.

Each of you has your own coping mechanisms. And each of you is trying to work out how to manage as things in the 3-dimensional world deteriorate. Some of you have found a bright light to look to—a spiritual leader or practice, perhaps, family and other relationship, important work that absorbs you and gives you assurance that you are doing what you can, doing your part. Some of you have just allowed yourself to become overwhelmed with the details of daily living and the demands they place. Still others are fraying around the edges—physically or mentally and emotionally—and focused on how to heal from what appear to be personal ailments.

The time to shift direction for the planet may well have passed, though miracles are always possible. What is needed now is a way—for each of you, and each will be different—to live vibrantly, joyfully and with gratitude no matter what is happening around you. To live with hearts open and full, wide awake, while watching it burn.

For a time, each week, we will be sending some suggestions your way as to how to accomplish this mastery. For mastery it is. And most of you have the capacity to reach for it. With a little support, it should be that much easier. Please know that we ask you to actually work with the ideas if you wish them to make a difference in your lives and in those around you. The suggestions will be fairly simple.   In fact they may seem so obvious you wonder why we are sending them out. It is because they need to be practiced. And while many of you have the knowledge, without the practice it is unlikely that things will change. Further, it is likely that if you do work with them, you will find some that are more resonant than others.

The goal is to assist you to expand the tools at your disposal and to support you in actually using them. This is a time of increment, a time when a patchwork of small actions are called for if you want to hold sacred space and avoid the undertow. This is the great news—small things, done with diligence, can create significant shifts.

It is likely that the suggestions/practices/exercise we send will all be familiar in some way or another. As we said—you have the knowledge. But if you are inclined, you can receive these practices as part of the scaffolding that will help you structure your lives as you long to, succoring and enfolding those parts of life on Earth that bring joy.


The sheer volume, the raw numbers of ‘things’ and beings in your world is overwhelming. Forgetting for a moment all things man-made, the count of animals, plants, rocks and stones is unfathomable. And as unknowable, in its own way, as the reality of universes within universes. There is more ‘out there’ than any human mind can actually comprehend, and there is far more before and around you than you can take in fully as well. As a means of regulation you learned early to sort and order, to prioritize and to discard. The brightest of flowers, the flashiest of birds, the most charismatic of people, the biggest and most beautiful are the ones (of any sort) that get your attention.

While this is one way to navigate, many of you find yourselves walking through a world that has less meaning than you long for. Many of you may wonder about your own value in a world that loves the peacock and ignores the brown thrush. That process of prioritizing has edged you all into a space where you overlook the exquisite marvels of the ordinary.

As you know, the divine dwells equally in the quotidian and the sublime. The balance of your experience of the divine may be out of kilter. For many people, this is so. This week’s practice is designed to assist you in re-balancing, in seeing the world in its fullness. You will always need filters—there is no way to use your mind to take it all in—but try this week to shift your focus just a little and see where it leads you. With this practice you can come a little closer to a true understanding of your own environment and the incredible consciousness that surrounds you at every moment.

Here is the way we suggest you proceed:


Set aside three to five minutes, out of doors if possible. Maybe you walk from parking lot to office, or perhaps you have a yard you can go out into.   The goal is to seek around you for a small and seemingly insignificant manifestation of life. It could be a pebble of an ordinary nature, a ‘weed’ or its flower. It is easiest to do this with something inanimate like a plant or mineral, but it can certainly be applied to that brown thrush or other animated forms. Sit with the thing you have chosen and allow yourself to really look, feel, know it. Search for its beauty, its unique nature. Look and feel until you sense the extraordinary (and heretofore) unseen complexity or the breathtaking simplicity. Stay with it until you know how special it is. Then let it go, with thanks, and go about your day. Once or twice will likely not change your outlook radically, but if you practice this one for a week or two you can see the world (and yourself) in a whole new manner, one that is both truer and more loving.

We see each of you as diamonds, and we love and appreciate your brilliance and beauty.



A note from Elizabeth: In the hopes of illustrating this one a little bit, I’ll share one of my day’s practice. I found a little stone in my garden. It had a nice smooth shape, which is probably what caught my eye. I held it and scanned it for interesting patterns, colors, etc. I tried to find some wonder at its reddish-brown hue, but there was nothing. This really was a most ordinary and uninspiring little rock. I was about to toss it back to the ground and find something more ‘special’ to work with when it occurred to me to ask the stone to show me what it held for me. As I sat with it, I became aware of this stone’s volcanic past and the journey it has made, the eons of its evolution, the places it has seen and been. I found myself holding something so massive, so sacred, so eternal…..It was breathtaking. And my garden is overflowing with these messengers of the divine!


May you find your own inspiration in this practice.


Much love,



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