June 7, 2015


Random acts are great gifts, but you needn’t wait for the impulse to strike. You can create more kindness—and experience more kindness—in your life if you want to. It won’t take much. So we ask you: Is this something you value? Is a kinder world a place you want and are willing to invest a tiny fragment of time to support?

If you answered yes, than we have a simple suggestion for you. Once again, the practice takes minutes to do, but this one may take a bit more self-discipline than some of the others. Still, the rewards are much greater than one might expect given the minimal investment that you will make. Particularly over time, if you use this practice periodically, you are likely to begin to perceive a sweeter, kinder world.

Here’s how this one works:

*When you get up in the morning, choose one small act of kindness you would like to offer today. It can be to another human being, an animal, the planet, your community, God…. The choices are endless. You might want to make a commitment to greeting someone who doesn’t often get notice, calling or writing an appreciation to someone who isn’t expecting it, cleaning up trash in your neighborhood for five minutes, taking your dog somewhere she loves to go, feeding the squirrels, making a donation of time or money that you have put off, putting an offering of food in a foodbank bin at the grocery store, putting the most perfect peach on your altar. Let your heart direct you, and try not to pick something that sounds right, but rather choose an act that makes you feel happy, makes your heart sing, when you contemplate it.

*Do it.

*But before you go out and undertake your day, also set an intention to notice any small acts of kindness that you encounter. They may be offered to you, or to the Earth, or to another. They may even be offered BY the Earth or by an animal or a body of water or the sun….. Just decide to keep your heart open to seeing the acts of kindness that are around you during the day.

*Before you go to sleep at night do a quick review. What did YOU do? How did it feel? What did you see others doing in the way of kindnesses? How did it feel to see them? If you forgot all about it, don’t fret. Just wake up tomorrow and start again. It is never too late to be kind, to receive the kindnesses that are daily showered upon you.

With all our love and blessings.


A note from Elizabeth:  I have found, as with all of the practices–some more and some less–that this one increases my awareness of the things that I want and choose to see.  I have also noticed that I find it easier to engage in acts of kindness, that rather than an effort to do, they become their own joy.  It REALLY helped me to write down what I planned to do (though I almost always did much more, once I got started) and to sum up what I observed and received at the end of the day.  The writing of it was, for me, very useful in terms of being aware.  I hope you will share something of what you discover if you decide to try this one out.

Much love,



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