Seeing the Wonders

May 31, 2015


Seeing, perceiving. These can color everything. How you perceive your walk down any street makes all the difference. Maybe you are too preoccupied to notice anything? Or do you see the life force bursting out of every crack and crevice, perching in the trees, dancing and twining and inviting you to join in? Is it the evidence of human folly, degradation and loss that strikes you most profoundly? Maybe some of both? Well, they are indeed both there on every street, and while it is not good to be in denial of one or the other, you can allow yourself the joy of knowing the vibrancy even as you acknowledge the reality of its opposite.

Here is a sweet little practice that will increase your awareness of the beauty that is everywhere on the Earth. Try it out if you have a few minutes each day and see if it doesn’t expand your experience of the wonders around you.

* Plan to take a short walk, preferably in a place that is near home or work, somewhere you can visit daily for a week or so. The walk need be no longer than three or four minutes, but it is important that you be able to give it your full attention during those minutes. It is best done on your own, without companions. And it is important not to alter your route much.

*Before you set out, pick a color you want to notice that day. It is good to choose one that is in relative abundance at the moment. Green works well in the springtime. Brown is marvelous in the autumn. Greys and blues are good to start with if you are near the water. You can pick a new color each day, or stick with the same one, if you prefer. Go out and take your walk with full consciousness tuned into that color in the nature you encounter.

*Scan your environment, looking for your color in all its variants of hue, tone, texture. See the way that the light reflects or is absorbed, the gloss, the feather, the wet, the dry, the way one color shades into the next. No need for analysis—just allow yourself to be absolutely filled with all the many manifestations of that particular color which flourish before you. By the fifth or sixth day, if you have been looking at different colors, you will have covered most of them and can take your walk with eyes wide open to the profusion of all the colors, shades and textures. You will be able to see them all, having isolated each color on previous days, and at the same time, you may be able to feel the wholeness, the oneness of the landscape through which you are walking.

That’s all. You do, despite all the challenges, live in a magical kingdom of many wonders. Enjoy it. Why not?

With all our love and blessings.



2 Responses to “Seeing the Wonders”

  1. Anna said

    Dear Elizabeth-This is wonderful and I am so grateful for the readings.

    • Thanks for being in touch, Anna. I am always so glad to hear from you, but it is kind of special in this forum, and really, just to get some feedback. I hope this and some of the other practices are of use to you, as they have been for me. Love, Elizabeth

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