Loving it All

May 24, 2015


Each morning, take just five minutes, as always, to do something that makes your life better, and your contributions to the world and its beings greater. This week we want to invite you to sit quietly and allow yourself to connect with a personal quality that you dislike or condemn yourself for. Perhaps you are perpetually late, maybe you don’t like the way you look, possibly you lose your patience in situations where you really wish to be gentle. Everyone has internal critics who find things to complain about and each of you has something that you lies unforgiven.

These pockets of harshness, turned within, diminish the love that you are able to access for yourself, your life, your beloveds. They are like dark corners which delimit the light that you can hold, which circumscribe what is possible. As we encourage you to live as fully and as joyfully as you would want in these uncertain times, it is essential to know deeply who you are and to befriend even the dark corners. It is likely that you are always, peripherally, aware of these aspects of yourself, but you keep that awareness in obscurity. This ties up so much of your life force, and it restricts the freedom and ease that you might have. If you fear them, if you leave parts of yourself rejected and despised you will find that there are times when you are ruled by them. Is this what you want?

If not, then take some time this week to sit with the parts of you that live in the dark, that you do not love, and find out what is possible.

Here is what you can do:

Start with grounding and breathing. This need not take long; you will know when you are ready to move to the next part. Ask to be shown the aspect of self that you reject or condemn that you are to look at. Then, imagine that you are sitting before an altar. Take a minute or two to create—in your mind’s eye—the altar (or some sort of container space) you’d like to have for this exercise, that you’d like to work with all week. Put on it items that feel important or beautiful or meaningful to you, that you want to help you explore and hold truth. (You can create a real 3-D altar if you wish, but it isn’t necessary.) Once it is ready, place one aspect of yourself which you do not love on this altar. Take a good look at it, and then ask yourself the following questions. Listen quietly for the answers that arise:

  • Do you love less because of this quality?
  • Who is hurt, and is it the quality, or is it your condemnation of it, or both, that causes the hurt?
  • Is there any purpose (that has value for you) that is served by withholding love here?
  • Can you forgive yourself? Even for a moment? (Be honest here. It is perfectly ok if you can’t.)
  • Can you find any forgiveness or compassion in your heart for others with this same or a similar quality?
  • Do you need to change anything to be loveable?
  • *Do you want to change anything?

It might help to print or copy out these questions so you can refer to them easily while doing the exercise. Once you have checked in on each of them, make a few notes about what has come up for you. You don’t have to DO anything or work on this. Just see it, answer the questions as you can and give yourself permission to be conscious of this piece of you during the day. In the evening, before you go to bed, take one or two minutes to check in and see how your relationship with that aspect of self is. Has it changed at all, even subtly? Have your feelings about it altered at all?

On the following days you can decide if you want to spend more time with the original issue, or if you want to move on to another part of yourself that you relegate to the corner. You have already ‘built’ your altar, so feel free to return to it each morning.

Opening up the space within allows you so much more freedom and it creates more room in and for your heart, for loving. Wherever you hold back on yourself, you almost automatically create limits on what you are able to share with other beings, with the earth. This is not a time for constriction. It is easy to be drawn into that energetic pattern, but it hurts. So we urge you to open your heart to yourself this week and see how it might change your experience in the world.

We send all our love to all of you, who are perfect just as you are.


A Note from Elizabeth: This practice is slightly more time consuming than the others to date, but not much. It may be that you just need to spend a few extra minutes at the beginning of the week. It really helps to have those questions easily at hand—printed up. I’d recommend that if you decide to try this one. Overall, it has been helpful for me, in a quiet sort of way. I certainly haven’t rid myself of all the dark corners, but this week I have been more conscious of what is lurking there, and thus, much more able to choose what it is I pay attention to. And that means more freedom. Which, to me, means a lot.

I’ll hope to hear from any of you who try this one how it goes, what you find and any advice you might have to others who give it a go.

Much love,



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