Drawing Joy

May 10, 2015


This week we offer you an option to play in another space that connects form and formlessness. Each time you link the two, you see, you bring a spark of the eternal and the divine into the every-day of your life. There are millions of ways to create that moment, that opening between realities, and this week’s exercise is another one. Obviously, some of these suggestions are going to resonate more deeply with some of you, which is why we are putting forth a range, a panoply of choices. We encourage you to try each week’s practice, or play, and if you find one that really works for you, continue with it. Add it to your routine of care for yourself. And then go ahead and try next weeks!

Your energy, both as it fills and surrounds you, and as it reaches beyond you to touch other forms of consciousness (both human and non, animated and not) is central to how you experience yourself in a given moment, and how you perceive the world and your relation to it. You know this: you wake up grumpy (or sad or excited or full of love) and that initial state often colors your day. You go out into the world filled with gratitude which spills into smiles at passersby and you get back that energy twice over. On the other hand, the toast burns, the pants you just put on have a stain you hadn’t noticed, and you are late and sure that everyone is annoyed with you.   It goes on from there….

The energy that you carry with you through your day comprises a number of components. Some are beyond your control, but most are in your hands.   This week we hope you will try a simple and concrete means to shaping it. Play with this, please!

You may need a few minutes to gather your supplies at the outset, but going forward, you should only need five minutes or so each day to work with this one.

Have on hand white paper and some drawing instruments. Colored crayons or pencils or markers are ideal. If you only have a pen or pencil you can still do this exercise.   You will be making a picture and will also need a means for affixing it to a mirror, a refrigerator—somewhere you’ll see it throughout the day. Tape or pushpins would be helpful.

Begin by sitting quietly first thing in the morning and envision the energy you would like to carry throughout your day. Try to see just shape, color and movement. Do not censor yourself at all, but stay simple. With your eyes closed, look for what first appears in your mind’s eye or in your heart. It might be a geometric shape like a circle or a diamond, a bird on the wing, a fountain, a tree, a great heart, an opening flower. Without getting fussy, notice colors and movement in your shape. Notice what makes you feel good and right. Your heart will tell you when you have it. Now take that simple shape and translate it onto your paper.

This should take no more than five minutes. It is not about creating a piece of artwork, but about concretizing the energetic impulse you choose for your day. You don’t have to be ‘good’ at drawing, nor do you have to have expensive supplies. Just bring that picture of the energy you wish to hold today into this dimension. Try not to think as you draw and shade, but rather to feel the energies you are deliberately putting on paper, feel the field you are drawing for yourself.   Intend that you carry this energy foremost today, and put the drawing on your refrigerator, your bathroom mirror, your computer—-somewhere that you will see it during the day and agree to allow this representation of your intention to hold you.

At the end of the day, before you sleep, take a minute or two to consider the relationship between the energy you drew and your day, your interactions, your experience of yourself and the world. Writing a sentence or two would be a good idea. You can even write it on the back of the drawing.

You are so powerful, dear ones, and yet you so often abdicate that power. Your world is a place of marvels and things of extraordinary beauty—you being foremost among them! Please give yourself permission to live in that marvelous beauty. To be aware of all the brightness that lies both within and without, and the living bridge that ties them together.

We send all our love and deepest appreciation.IMG_1631


One Response to “Drawing Joy”

  1. I have been intrigued by this week’s practice and have learned a few things that I thought I’d pass along in case you decide to try it. Practically speaking first off: I cut regular 8 1/2X 11 scrap paper into quarters and used one a day. Nothing fancy. And I have enjoyed doing the drawings with crayons. I love color, so that has been an important aspect of the pictures of energy that I see and want to anchor for my day. Furthermore, I have discovered that (and this is just me) when I have drawn something with very clear lines/borders, I have felt isolated or cut off, frustrated or as if I am going to explode. My first day’s drawing was a golden circle with a seafoam ring around the outside. I thought I’d be/wanted to be floating in an orb of gold but what I felt was the green container, and it kept me locked up inside. As I observed this, I was able to use the crayons to soften the edges of the forms I was seeing. Opening up the form has opened up my energies and allowed me to feel freer, more expansive and overall, more joyful. A beautiful day arose from a less than aesthetically pleasing drawing, a bright fountain in my mind. Frankly, it looked more like Cousin It than a fountain of light but the movement was there, and I had a wonderful time with the energies that day. There has been a clear correlation in my life over the past few days between the energies I drew, and the ones I lived, but I have had to watch the process to see the subtleties of the process. I see that what I have put on paper manifests rather perfectly, so as the week has gone on, I have become more adept at visioning that energy accurately. I hope that some of you will post pictures of your drawings and let us all know how it going, what you are finding and if this is working for you in terms of allowing you to find more space, more choice and more joy day to day in your lives. Love, Elizabeth

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