The Sense of Joy

May 4, 2015


This week, dear ones, we have a more kinesthetic activity for you to play in. A simple, truly delightful little practice, that should take you as little as four minutes each day.

As beings you are asked to create and hold a bridge between highest consciousness and form. And your body is the very stuff of which that bridge longs to be built. It is the link, the connector between what you conceive of as ‘above’ and ‘below.’ Miraculous! Your body is an amazing creation itself, and one which holds endless mysteries and surprises. One of its capacities, which we want you to delve into this week, is to bring you to joy through the gift of the senses.

This week we encourage you to try the following daily in order to feed and nurture this brilliant channel between the formless and form, your body:

Spend three minutes each day in focused absorption of a sensual pleasure offered by the natural world that you tend not to give yourself enough of. Some suggestions might be: spend three minutes sitting with and inhaling a rose, or listening to the birds as they sing their morning songs, or trailing your hand in a cool stream, or consciously feeling the sun on your skin, or watching the sun go down. Do something different each day, or feel free to repeat a practice that really sated you. The point is to allow your body and soul to be deeply nurtured and fed by taking the time to receive with awareness a gift from this Earth through the avenue of one of your senses.

So here is how it goes: you sit with a rose or a fall of honeysuckle or a lilac and you bury your nose in it and allow the scent to fill you. Allow yourself to feel blessed by such beauty. And stay there as long as you like, just taking it in. So often, you want to stop and really feel, taste, smell, devour, listen, gaze but you settle for a passing whiff, a quick glance. This week, indulge! If you need something for your mind to ‘do’ during this relatively sustained period of attention, try to notice the layers, the subtleties of scent, color flavor, timbre.

Do your best not to analyze or categorize-—just enjoy! Notice how your body feels, how your heart feels, how it is to live on this planet, and then make an intention to carry that feeling forward through your day, giving yourself permission to touch back into it again and again.

If you want to make a note of what you experienced, that might help, but it isn’t necessary. Since this practice does not always lend itself to being done first thing in the morning, you might want to create a reminder for yourself to actually do it during the course of the day. You know yourself, and what works best for you. However, at the end of each day, before you sleep, take a minute or two to revisit your experience and to notice how it changed the day for you. Give thanks to world of form, which offers up such wonders, and to your body, which was created to receive them.

We wish you much delight and send our love.
Note from Elizabeth:

You will have your own unique experiences with this practice, I am sure. But I have found for myself a sense of belonging, which is truly beyond anything I expected. I have marveled on different days at the peppery bite of a nasturtium blossom and the power and intensity, the waves of the flavor, at the vibrant orange—sinking into it more and more deeply with each breath, at the velvet touch of its petals on my lips. This common flower, which I smile at every day as I go in and out of my front door, holds so much more than I ever knew. And knowing it, in and through my own body, I am exquisitely grateful. There is a kind of quiet joy that I feel.

Listening intently to the birds one morning I felt a blessing of belonging that took me quite by surprise. And similarly, lying on my belly on the grass one morning, breathing in the scent of the earth and feeling the tickle of the grass, the warmth of the sun, I was overcome with a feeling of rightness–I am part of this, I am meant to be here. Having struggled my whole life with questions about that rightness, it was a revelation.

I notice that I am forgetting these moments of awe and peace more than I was last week. It hasn’t been so easy. On the other hand, I am finding that the more ‘things’ I spend a few moments connecting with, the more cues the world holds to remind me. I may be forgetting but the birds remind me, the flowers I have sat with remind me, the herbs in my garden remind me, and I have come away from a week of this practice with a much more profound sense of home.  I plan to continue this practice as it has been so rich for me.

I wonder where your longings will take you, and I hope you will share some of the things you decided to allow yourself to know more deeply, more fully.  Please feel free to post any comments, suggestions and ideas below!

Much love,


2 Responses to “The Sense of Joy”

  1. Annie Ramsey said

    Taking a few moments several times a day to allow something in through my senses keeps me on a more even keel. As I began to try this practice, there came the realization that I do this as much as I can, so I do highly recommend connecting through our senses! This week there was bird song in the early morning, the purple glow of iris flowers, a breeze that inspired a 2 ½ year old to fly with the wind. The colors and texture of my plant-dyed wool fabric that I sew on gave me joy. An annual herb/weed named Sweet Annie is starting to grow so I brushed its leaves on my face and welcomed the scent back for another summer. And most amazing, there was an encounter with a skunk crossing my yard early this morning – no scent, just the beauty of his fur and his jaunty little walk. Wow. -Annie Ramsey
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  2. Hi Annie–Interesting that you find that this is a practice already in your repertoire. It sounds like you experience the world around you–the natural world–more readily and more effortlessly than I do. So you have strength in that connection and maybe don’t get as much in the way of revelation from exercising it! As the Guides have said–we are each going to resonate differently with these practices. Some will be amazing for you (hopefully) and some less so. And undoubtedly different stuff for different people from the same practice. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I appreciate your generosity greatly. Love, Elizabeth

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