Going Forward in Joy

April 26, 2015


This week, for those who’d like to try it, we are going to suggest that you:


  1. Compose for yourself one prayer/wish/entreaty for the week—something short, two sentences and no more—that encapsulates your wish for yourSelf for the day (just you—don’t add humanity or your loved ones just yet, please) and write it down. Think about who you want to entreat—God, the Universe, Great Spirit, Nature, your own Higher Self, etc. Put it beside your bed or by your coffee maker: somewhere you will see it upon arising.


  1. Read it (aloud if possible) and repeat for a total of three times, with attention and intention, each morning, that it stay with you throughout the day.


  1. Take about two minutes to review the color and quality of your day each night when you get ready to sleep. Notice when your prayer was answered and give thanks for any answers, even if it was a lot less than you had hoped for.


That’s all. If you take five minutes to compose your prayer/wish, beyond that you will be committing no more than three minutes from your day—to read the prayer in the morning and to review before you sleep. At the end of the week, you will notice a change in your experience of life. It may be big or small, but there will be something that moves if you give yourself fully in those three minutes a day to this simple practice.

Wishing you joy and sending all our love and blessings.


2 Responses to “Going Forward in Joy”

  1. From Annie–

    “After 7 days with this first practice of what I think of as the ‘seeking joy’ series, I am pleased with the experience. The simplicity made it quite do-able.

    My prayer: Dear Mother Father God, I ask that I treat my body kindly, release my thoughts of betrayal, and have gratitude for what it allows me to do. I found that the first phrase was the easiest to do and each day I was more aware to being kind to my body. My thoughts that my body has betrayed me were released after three days, and while I thought that I practice gratitude every day, it was not until the fifth day that tiny bits of gratitude came through. I recommend writing the prayer and observations on a page near your bed. Reading the prayer each morning helped me remember to observe myself as the day went on, and I wrote a one sentence summary each night. Even if the chronic pain in my hand has not healed, I do see that my thoughts and attitudes about it can color my days and potentially block the experience of joy. Seven days was just right for me, and I will try this again with another focus.”

  2. Thanks, Annie, for sharing not only your experience with this practice but what you learned about how to make it ‘work better’ for you. I am so happy (joyful?) to hear that you were able to find some gratitude, even in the midst of a painful situation. This was, I think, the Guides’ goal–that we learn about and feel into the relationship between our circumstances and our experience of this life. All the great teachings go here, I think. Right? My guess is that they wanted to encourage us to start playing with this notion in real time under fairly small stressors. Practice.

    I really appreciate your taking the time to tell us how it went for you and what you got from it.

    Wishing you more —


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