A Note From Elizabeth

April 26, 2015

Dear All,

It was very hopeful for me to learn that the Guides have a new series of offerings for us, and I am excited to share them with you as they arrive.  Their goal seems streamlined this time around–they really want to give those of us who are interested some simple, efficient practices to use to create more joy and light in our lives NOW.  The exercises they promise weekly (or thereabouts) are likely to require little of our time (five minutes a day!),  but if practiced diligently will create a meaningful shift in how we experience this crazy era on our planet.

Because the idea here is to practice and observe, to increase our individual and collective awareness of the light, the blessings, the beauty that is available to us in each day,  I am prompted to suggest that we use this forum, as well as FaceBook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Elizabeth-West/574142832631228), to share with one another: the ways in which we have taken the Guides’ direction, how the practice of a given week is working or not for us.  It is made clear to me that the more collaborative we are with these efforts, the more successful they will be.

So let me invite you all to dive into the seas of joy that shimmer near in even the bleakest of days.  It isn’t easy, necessarily, but nor need it be hard.  Sharing any thoughts, experiences, observations and/or feelings you encounter will not only increase the power of your practice but will aid others on the path as well.

(Please see my comments on the initial exercise if you’d like a place to start.)

With thanks and gratitude for your presence and your light, and with

Much love,



Going Forward in Joy

April 26, 2015


This week, for those who’d like to try it, we are going to suggest that you:


  1. Compose for yourself one prayer/wish/entreaty for the week—something short, two sentences and no more—that encapsulates your wish for yourSelf for the day (just you—don’t add humanity or your loved ones just yet, please) and write it down. Think about who you want to entreat—God, the Universe, Great Spirit, Nature, your own Higher Self, etc. Put it beside your bed or by your coffee maker: somewhere you will see it upon arising.


  1. Read it (aloud if possible) and repeat for a total of three times, with attention and intention, each morning, that it stay with you throughout the day.


  1. Take about two minutes to review the color and quality of your day each night when you get ready to sleep. Notice when your prayer was answered and give thanks for any answers, even if it was a lot less than you had hoped for.


That’s all. If you take five minutes to compose your prayer/wish, beyond that you will be committing no more than three minutes from your day—to read the prayer in the morning and to review before you sleep. At the end of the week, you will notice a change in your experience of life. It may be big or small, but there will be something that moves if you give yourself fully in those three minutes a day to this simple practice.

Wishing you joy and sending all our love and blessings.