December 2, 2012

Defending the separate entity of ‘self’ from the various dangers that might assail it, engineering the outcomes that best suit the idea of where and what that self might be doing—these occupy far too much of your energy, dear ones.  Do you not know that you are cared for and guided exactly as you need to be?


The illusion that you are in control draws you from the truth: that you are eternal and always safe, always heading in the direction that you chose for this time in form.   The illusion that you are in control leads you into contraction, fear, struggle, loss, and pain. In short, it is separation—the idea that you are a finite being who must fend for her or himself in this madhouse—which drains from you so often the joy, the flow, the gratitude and the peace which are right before you.


Now we understand that you are faced with practical decisions.  That is the nature of what you are doing.   But how do you arrive at those decisions?   Do you think about your options?  Do you work hard to find the one that makes the most sense?  Do you try to choose based on what you know and what you anticipate will be?


The central question we have is this: do you use your mind or your heart to find your way through the mundanities and the demands they make upon you?  You are trained to use your minds, of course.  That is the accepted practice.  Think about it!  Do the sensible thing.  Make a smart choice!


But think about this if you are going to think: every time you go to your mind for guidance you are in effect going to the smallest part of your being, the part of your being which defines its interests as different and unique.  You are going to the part of you which relies upon its own mastery to ensure your success and survival.


If you want to dwell there, in the place where your mind is the ultimate God, then by all means.  But you know—all of you know—that when you drop into your heart you have access to a field of wisdom and love and power that is so grand and so magnificent that it leaves the admittedly rather impressive activities of the human mind looking pretty pathetic and limited.


So why is it that there is a default to the mind?  Why do you so often long to go there for guidance and direction?  More to the point, why do you seek security in something that isolates and endangers you?


When you allow your connection to the higher realms—of Self, Oneness, the Divine—to navigate for you, there is never any reason to doubt or fear.  There is never a step wrong.  And yet, many of you will opt on many occasions for a much less accurate GPS.  Why?


This is actually at the core of  your challenge in form.  There is such a strong pull to identify with limitation, with small units of being, and to miss the gorgeous web that makes us all whole.


So rather than focus this week on something you have no doubt considered (if not practiced), like using your heart to guide you, we want to suggest that you use every opportunity to see the same consciousness that resides (and we use that word with great precision) within your form in all other forms.  See yourself in every tree.  See ‘yourself’ in every child you pass, in each bird.  And see if you can’t find the being of the rocks you pass within that which poses as ‘yourself.’  Look for the energy of the cow in the field or the dog on the street in your own being.


Look for oneness and expect to find it.  Your circumstances may differ from the salmon’s, but you are part of the same whole and like the salmon, you can be guided from that spectacularly wise and trustworthy center if you allow yourself to begin to dissolve the notion that you, on your own, make better decisions than God.


Don’t do more.  Just look for the strands of the web.   Open to the moments when you are in fact, without question, one with another tiny spark of the divine.  Let yourself have that experience in its fullness.  Let it really sink into your story.  Nothing more.  If you have decisions to make, just make them.  Don’t worry about from where or how.   The shift that will accompany a heightened awareness of the underlying reality may be subtle, but if you give yourself permission to dissolve those painful and fearful and wearying boundaries of self, you will move inexorably toward greater security.  There is nothing that holds us like Grace.


And in the meantime, we will be sending you our great love and regard.  You are always held in Grace, dear ones.  It is simply a matter of remembering that.


through Elizabeth