November 25, 2012

Stop.  Let go.  That sounds so simple.  Simplistic, really.  And yet it is what we encourage you to take the time to do—consciously—over the next few days and weeks.  See: the environment around you encourages contraction.  This is—for most—the nature of life these days.  Too much to do. Too much to think.  Too much to acquire (and acquisitions are not merely material, you know). Not only is there the social/cultural impetus to accomplish a great deal this month, but for many, the external weather is chilling.  So the time of year adds another layer of stress to what, for many, seem to be already burdensome requirements of life.

As you work to get things done and stay ahead of the demands placed upon you (or perhaps those that you place upon yourself?) the tendency is to stop breathing and then to stop feeling fully.  To focus on the outcome instead of the way in which you move toward it.  Naturally: you want to get out from under the long list of things you need to do.  You want to finish so that there is time and space for fun (whatever that might mean to you), and often you really do want to do the things you set out to do.  Many of the items on your ‘list’ are there because they have important meaning and value for you.

So of course we are not telling you anything new.  (Is there anything new under the sun to tell?)  Instead, we are holding up for you a small reminder of something you know perfectly well.  In order to meet the expectations you have of yourself you are likely to funnel your energies into doing instead of being, into crossing things off your list instead of allowing yourself the full experience of being present in each moment.

And as you stop and let go of the energies that seem to rush you onward, as you sit quietly (or walk or dance or stand or …) in the center of your being, you can allow your attention to drop deeper and deeper into the truth of the moment.  Be it great joy or gratitude or sorrow or rage or even lassitude or boredom—you will know the reality of your life.  Instead of skimming the surface and allowing others to set your agenda with theirs, you fully inhabit your own life and allow it to be lived in authenticity.  If you are seeking a gift for those you love, trust us, there is nothing sweeter nor more valuable you can offer than this.  Your self.  Conscious.  Present.

So perhaps you can take this hectic time of year and all the bustle and demands that seem to accompany it as a challenge.  We are speaking of practice here, dear ones.  Something you resolve to do as often as you able, but particularly when you feel overwhelmed and unequal to all that is being asked of you.

Stop.  Let go.  Drop into the center of your being.  Allow yourself to be where you are, feel what you feel.  And as you do so, you will watch the layers of obligation, frustration, inadequacy, self-judgment drop away.  Quite possibly layers of obligation, frustration, inadequacy and self-judgment that you didn’t even know were operating.  Stop striving, even if just for a few minutes.  And use your striving to alert you.  When you begin to feel overwhelmed and anxious, that is exactly when you need to stop and let go.  Of course there are minutes when your attention needs to be keenly focused on what is before you, but there are many, many others when the invitation to go deep can be accepted without the slightest loss to your goals.

Try it.  Play with it.  When you drive?  Turn off the radio.  Put down the phone.  You don’t need to talk or listen to anything or anyone but your own heart.  When you clean or walk or brush your teeth or any number of other activities that fill up many, many minutes of your life.  There are so many moments—even in the busiest of lives– that offer you the opportunity to be fully present with yourself.  And yet the busier you get, the stronger the pull to keep the mind buzzing around matters of no true consequence.  You know what we mean.  Or, if you find that dropping down into YOUR center isn’t doing it for you, try allowing yourself to sink into the truth of nature, the beauty of those it is easiest for you to love, art in some form. Just stop and let go of the busyness and the nonsense.

So try it now.  Just stop.  For five minutes.  Let go of the things on your list.  Let go of others’ expectations about what will be done, where you will be, and with what in hand.  Just five minutes.  Or, if that is too much, just one or two.  Breathe and follow your breath to your heart and simply be there, with what is.  No need to ‘do’ anything at all with it.  Just be with it.  Allow it to be known.  Honor the reality of your heart in this season of love and sharing by giving what is always the greatest gift, the gift of your attention.  And do it again.  And again. Whenever and wherever you can.

The web of love that upholds life needs you.

We send you all our love and the deepest of respect for all that you do to remain conscious and loving.  You are amazing.
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Much love to you all,


November 18, 2012

Dear ones, this you know: the human heart is a miracle.  What you can do with it is beyond imagining.  Please, do all you can with it now.  Today.  Tomorrow.  Vote with your heart. Live from your heart.  Anything short of this will end where the highways of the mind will inevitably take you: into the illusion of separation and finitude.


We can say this again and again and again and we will.  We have.  It is not a problem to repeat ourselves.  But do you see where things are going?  Can you feel the incredible weight of fear and loathing that is pulling your planet toward its destruction?  The only counterweight is love.   And you have no dearth of that.  You are magnificent, you are powerful and you are free. Please don’t sit by the sidelines today and wring your hands.  There is nothing which prevents you from being love in this moment and those which follow.


And there is nothing else which can fundamentally alter both the present and the future.  However you can manage it: in little moments, in grand gesture, in simply living.  Ask to do it from love, from your heart, and try your very best, no matter what it is that you must do, to let it flow from love.  No matter what happens then, you will be aligned with the truth and with a way that cannot be corrupted or assailed.


Be in joy if it finds you, no matter the darkness around. Be in sorrow if it finds you.  But keep your heart open, for there is nothing which surpasses the open heart in terms of both truth and beauty.  Most especially, we remind you to keep your heart open to yourself.  As you know, it all begins and ends there, for there is no separation.  Where you judge and condemn yourself, there you judge and condemn others.  It is inescapable.


But do whatever it is given to you to do in terms of love during this upcoming week.  And when we say ‘do’ we are of course referring to energetic actions as well as those which have form.  Whenever you feel your heart defending itself, notice that and see if there is another way for you.  See if you can find a place which acknowledges the pain, the anger, the sorrow and still allows the love.  This is not easy stuff.  It is awareness and choice at the highest of levels. But you can do it.  You were made to do it.


And your love is so deeply longed for.  Don’t think for a moment that when you withhold it, it is not missed.  Without your heart, the universe is impoverished.


What more can we say?  It is so simple, and yet it takes commitment and faith.  If you have those, please, please don’t hold back the very essence of your nature.


We love you beyond your imaginings.

*From Elizabeth:  I am so happy to be able to let you know that I have been prompted to put together a book from The Guides called (at their insistence!): “LOVE IS THE WAY: Daily Offerings from The Guides for Living Luminously.”  It is a year’s worth of daily readings, contemplations, exercises, practices and inquiries that lovingly accompany and support the reader on their path.  It will be available in both digital and print versions later this month and/or early in December, in time for the new year.  When I have specifics and details, I will send them to you!   And in the meantime, I want to thank you all so much for reading these offerings over the years; your participation—both in terms of receiving and responding, in letting me and The Guides know how much they have meant to you—has been a great gift and an inspiration for me.  I think for them too.


Much love,


November 11, 2012

Sometimes there is almost nothing to say.  Things are as they are.  And it is up to each of us to choose the frame through which we view them.  There is without doubt much to lament at the moment, and yet, there is just as much to celebrate.  It is not a matter of balance, or imbalance.  It is simply a matter of perspective.  And to a large extent, that perspective is a choice.


You will surely end up doing the things you do this week and find yourself on Saturday next with whatever is on your plate to do then.  The question we ask you is how you will spend your time between now and then?  Knowing that you will be assailed—often or not—by challenges and inconveniences.  Knowing that things in the world around could easily call for a wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth.


Can you acknowledge your difficulties, both minor and overarching, and still see the way the sun glints on the water, or hear the last leaves as they are shaken from the trees?  Can you smell the goodness of the earth as it settles in for the winter even as you as you are aware that there are those who live without the most basic of comforts and worse?


We want to encourage you to drop the duality.  Things are bad.  Things are good.  In fact, things are abhorrent and things are ecstatic.  And you don’t have to choose one or the other.  When we said that your perspective was a choice earlier on, you probably thought we’d ask you to see the light and live from there.  And that is a choice.  But what if you were to hold it all?  It is so easy to get pulled under when you look at the sorrows of the world or your own life. And it is so inaccurate, inasmuch as it is simply a part of the truth.  Similarly, it is no trouble to forget all about the circumstances that make your earth a living hell for some when you decide to embrace the beauty within and without.  It is a wonderful, enriching experience, but it is not the whole truth either.


In fact, there is light of such breathtaking magnificence that words become a flimsy joke in trying to describe it.  In fact, there are wells of despair and darkness so deep that they are beyond description as well.  So…can you choose to look for the light as you go through your week, while never turning your back on the other half of the truth?  Can you rejoice in all that is good and beautiful and bright and loving and not go into denial about the rest?


You see, when you do that—when you tell yourself that there is only this way of light—the despair is given cover to grow.  To be concrete: when you do not shine a light on what your world leaders are doing, they do a lot of things they should not do.  That is just one example, and you can probably think of many more, both within your own being and in the larger arenas in which you move.  When you tell yourself that heaven is the answer, then you make room on earth for hell to flourish.


But when and if you can bring the light into the darkness, when you can hold the pain that touches your heart and still embrace all that inspires and illuminates, then you are making a new choice, one that takes you out of the confines of duality.  Just try it this week.  See what happens if you encounter sadness or cruelty or fear.  See if you are not able to hold that as a part of the truth and then look for another more joyous aspect.  See if you can find a way to encompass the wholeness of your experience this week.  Just observe and allow yourself to experiment. We think you will find yourselves grown greater and more loving.  For what is greater than a heart open in the face of pain?


That may sound unpleasant to some of you, but you have pain.  It exists within you, as well as without.  And until you can truly keep your heart open and full of the love and joy it can resonate, then you will always be denying a part of yourself, of your own truth.  Please give a try….  You deserve all your own love and compassion.


And we send you all of our love, hearts open in the face of the entire glorious mess!

November 4, 2012

Let’s turn to anger today.  There is a lot of it around, and you are all visited by it from time to time.  Sometimes it is a salutary thing.  Like fire, it can cleanse and leave behind a landscape that is both open and free of obstacles.  We’ll return to this form of anger later. Most often, though, it destroys that which has been built up with loving care and attention, and like a fire, it can raze those treasures in an unguarded instant or two.

As you know, anger arises almost inevitably from sorrow.  From the inability to get or effect or do that which you want.  The reasons may be high-minded or arise completely from self-interest or greed.  It really matters not, for the match that most often ignites the tinder is constructed of disempowerment.

Disempowered, not getting that which you want to get (whether it be human rights for all humans, or the job you were qualified for, or the admiration you wanted from someone you care about), there is an internal conflagration that tends to break out.  Your mind, sometimes in conjunction with your heart and your body, has identified something it thinks would be advantageous and then takes whatever steps seem appropriate to get it.  Sometimes, it must be added, this means none whatsoever.  But when the desired outcome does not occur, this is a slight to the ego, a blow struck against the mastery of the individual, a lid placed on his or her ability to expand, to be and have all that this particular self identifies as right to be or have or do.

Then, of course, the anger, the incendiary energy, either gets directed outward, sometimes leveling its object, or it can be suppressed and smolder in the heart of its creator for a long, long time.  Whichever direction it goes, there is a high price to be paid.

Anger is rarely an issue outside of the human realm. On earth, animals in the wild fight for what they need to survive, but never, to our knowledge, feel the impulse to ‘get even.’  They get what they need if they can, and if they can’t they move on and look elsewhere.  A mother defends her babes, but if one is snatched despite her best efforts, she turns her attention to the ones remaining.  Imagine a mother possum who, having shepherded her latest litter into independence, set off to harass the coyote who had dined on one of children.  It is an odd picture, is it not?

Equally unlikely is a vision of that possum mother castigating herself endlessly for being a bad mother, for having caused her baby’s death through her own negligence, sinking into lethargy and depression.

Animals are…well, philosophical about life.  They take responsibility for their part and leave the rest to something much larger.  They lack ego and they lack the notion of desire as you know it.  They are not ‘wronged’ as you so often are, and they do not feel the need to vindicate themselves. Anger is just not part of their experience.  It is uniquely human and in many ways it describes the boundaries of human folly

Maybe you can see where we are going here?  We’ll explicate, none-the-less.  Obviously, the less attached you are to your desires, the less anger you are going to experience.  Because everyone has occasion to be disappointed in their desires.  And as a rule, anger is both painful and destructive, not to mention distracting, so if it can be encountered less often that is a boon.

How to do that?  Well, the more you are able to ally with greater forces than your own limited self as you plot your course through life, the more you will easily accept what  actually is on offer.  If you must have a particular job, you might get it, but if you don’t, the cascade of negative emotions could drown you.  Or light that fire.  If instead, you wanted the job that best suited you, the one that would help you achieve the most at the moment, especially if you allow that you have no idea what that might look like, then the loss of a specific possibility does not leave you embattled. Instead of ‘losing’ to the universe, you are in reality being guided and cared for.  To approach your life in this manner clearly reduces the chances that you find yourself at odds with what is, and thus disempowered and fuming.

And in a sense, this is the model the animals live.  They never question the ‘rightness’ of a particular occurrence.  They accept it and act accordingly.  There is nothing wasted on raging at the universe or any of its actors. It is, we must note, a good place to start.  Wild animals have their ‘stuff’ too, but in this case, they really do offer a wonderful example of how to live in concert with the winds of universal intent.  They are free from the suffering that your desires and disappointments create for you.  Not to mention the devastating affects that anger has on both the one from whom it arises and anything at which it is directed.

Your anger—and all of you feel it from time to time—can be diminished as you are able to let go of your need to control entirely from the place of ego, of small self, of human perspective.  The more you are able to surrender the final outcome to the divine, the less you set yourself up for the fall that always precedes anger.  This is something we urge you to work toward in your lives, if only because you will be freer and more peaceful as a result.  Your energies will be more available for the things that really matter to you and you will ultimately be much more powerful, much stronger, if you join forces with the universal ones instead of struggling to hold your own without a functioning compass.  This is true self-interest at work.

But what of things that just aren’t right?  How about war and torture and ruthless greed?  What of rape and murder and genocide? How about wanton destruction of the earth in pursuit of wealth? Is it not inherently good to be angry about such bad things?  Should you really be surrendering your impulse to fury when undeniable harm is done?

Here is where it becomes a little more complex.  Here is where it becomes essential to locate the source of your anger.  The anger that you feel when your will is obstructed comes from the ego, from the mind.  You have set yourself upon a course and you have desired an outcome that suits you.  A person, a place, a thing.  You want.

But when you look out and see cruelty and disregard for both the human and divine in other beings, the heart is broken.  You feel pain that is subtlety different from the pain you feel when you don’t get something you long for.  Yes, it can be said that you long for justice, freedom and peace on your planet.  For all.  But it arises from the heart and not from the mind.

Just check out a few of the things you want.  See if by feeling into them you can identify the origin of the longing.  We think you will see that there is a difference, that the rage that screams against wrongs done is sourced  from the heart, while fury that comes from insurmountable obstacles comes from a little lower down.  Or higher up.  You should look for your own experience, as it varies.  But there is a difference and if you are to handle anger skillfully, you need to be able to find it.

Anger that arises from the heart is based in love, empathy and oneness.  Anger that arises from the will is based in ego identification and separation.  You can lessen the impact of the latter by surrendering not the longings, but a measure of the specifics of your personal direction to the universe.  You can use the former to move toward oneness if you stay in the place of its origin—in the heart.  What often happens is that a broken heart leads to anger which becomes the wild and uncontrolled conflagration of the ego.  Take your anger about something bad that people do to one another, the earth, and act from love.  Allow your actions to be fueled by the anger, which is a powerful force.  Allow your actions to take on that power.  But act from love.  For that is the seat of the anger and the only balm will be to make more love in the world.  However you move from your broken heart, whatever you do, do it with an energy of love.  This doesn’t mean you have to put flowers in the barrels of guns, but it means that the energy which underlies your actions must be pure love.  Otherwise, you have strayed into the very territory you abhor.

This week, please watch yourself closely in regard to your anger and that of others.  Think about what we have said and see how it might apply to your own life.  There is enough suffering; it is time to let go of that which is both needless and energetically consuming.  See how far you can get toward setting yourself free from this uniquely human curse.  Get rid of that which serves you not, and find strength to love more in that which would otherwise shut down your heart.  Alchemy, dear ones.  Be masters.

With all our love, without fail.

Through Elizabeth