October 29, 2012

Gratitude and engagement are the watchwords we would offer to guide you this week.  Open your heart and get out there!  There is a particular zing and zest in the air, in the ether, this week.  It favors your full presence in form as well as in spirit.  Your heart, your soul, your mind, your body—bring them all to the party.

And once you start to show up that way, we think it will be just the tiniest tweak for you to tap into deep gratitude.  If that.  It may be there already, flowing freely once you open yourself and engage.

As the earth in this hemisphere begins to put itself to bed for the winter, savor its delights.  All around you are miracles, all around you is beauty, all around you are offerings of such richness and generosity that it would be tragic to miss them.  Soon, things in the external world will shift again and this special time will pass on.  It is a time that urges you to make the most of your precious life, that asks you not to fall asleep or go unconscious.

If you can open—to the sweetness and the sorrow that are both inherent in this season—and let yourself receive and radiate, the general experience is likely to be very fulfilling and re-charging. If you feel sadness of a real sort, or regrets, they generally arise from an unwillingness or inability to love—yours or another’s—in a particular situation.  And the most normal response to pain is to shut down around it, as we are sure you know.  In this case, we want to ask you to try to open your heart even further if you feel sorrow.  Its cause is probably a lack of heart; try not to compound that by closing your own heart on the pain.  Let it instead be a cue for you to remember that you can always choose to love.  Let your sadness lead you to more joy.

It is a good week to review the last few months and how they have gone for you.  Perhaps you will want to think about what you accomplished and what you did not, but we also suggest that you take a few moments to inventory how you have changed and how the way you see yourself and your place in life has altered.

You are not the person you were when spring arrived nor will you be the same when it rolls around again.  That is something to be both celebrated and mourned, for no matter how much you desire and are committed to transformation and healing, there is always sadness at leaving parts of what has been you behind. Even aspects that caused you pain and confusion.  In their time, they served you.  And take a minute in joy for any ways—big or small—that you have grown.  Each step along the path is a choice and comes with effort and often sacrifice.  Don’t take those steps for granted, but give thanks to Spirit and to your own valiant self and to any others who have assisted you along the way.

And then, we suggest, dance.  It is good week to dance.  Literally.  And if you don’t want or can’t get on your feet, then dance in your heart.  Let the life force in you express itself all the way.  This is not a time to hold back, to hide or to hoard.  It is the harvest, there is abundance and you have more than enough to share.  And as you share so shall you be gifted, replenished through the very generosity of spirit you are willing and able to allow yourself.

Enjoy being human this week.  Give thanks for the pleasures of the body—all of them.  Very little is ideal, and yet everything is perfect.  Take that stance and you will be able to reap the great harvest of your incarnation. Life is a blessing, but it is not always easy, and delight is a taste you are well-counseled to savor.  This week embrace it all: the delight, the sweet, the bitter, the high and the low, the dancing and the keening.  For it is in acknowledging and embodying the whole that you are truly centered and experience the full truth.

And touching that, how can you help but overflow with gratitude?  It is a grand adventure that you are on.  So bring nothing less than everything to it this week and you will know and feel just how blessed you are.

We send great blessings, though you are already blessed, and we love you and will be dancing with you!

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October 21, 2012

Great news this week!

From the very depths of your being, so many of you are longing for a little respite, a bit of lighthearted sweetness, a taste of nectar.  We see, and you know, that circumstances aren’t always going to provide that for you, much though you want and yes, need it.

So what to do?  The grind will simply grind you down in time. And yet the challenges must be met.  And met with the best you have to offer.  There is no real way to avoid that.  Nor would most of you want to, for it is the way of life, the path upon which you flower and fruit.

But still, that bower along the way, where you might rest and refresh yourself, stop putting out fires and simply tend to yourself with love and kindness for a bit?  It must be just up around this bend.  Or that.

If you find yourself in need of replenishment and not seeing it coming to meet you then we want to suggest something silly.  Stop everything.  Forget the important stuff.  We know….it is important.  It can’t be stopped.  Maybe tomorrow.  Or next week there will be a moment or two.

Do you see who is putting that refuge you seek out of reach?  You are being driven both by outer events and demands, and by your ego’s need to be someone.  Maybe someone good, someone responsible, someone lovable.  But the key here is that you have convinced yourself that YOU are important.  And of course you are (which is precisely why that time of tending yourself is worth finding!).  But that leads us to ask: who are you?  Are you mother, worker, husband, helper, teacher, student?  Or are you God?

Is it imperative that your house be clean, or that your soul be joyful?   Ok, that one is too easy.  Is it necessary that you get to work on time, or is it necessary that you get to work (whatever it might be) with your heart wide open?  We know….both may be required in a world where you pay your bills and feed your children.  But do you see how simple it is to prioritize the one over the other?  And when you do that day in and day out, it becomes unconscious and you spend vast amounts of energy responding to demands that you accept without much question.  Or you question and ultimately feel defeated by.

So we ask you now to consider if there are three things that require your time and energy which you can postpone or cancel or just forget for the moment so that you can spend some time with your own sacred self.  Because you know—in your heart—that that is where your purpose lies, where your truth resides, where your replenishment is to be found.  If you are not striding along your daily path with exuberance, then stop striding and do something that gives you joy.  Maybe just today.  Maybe every day this week?  Does it seem possible?  Maybe just for five minutes?

We are not telling you anything you don’t already know, but rather reminding you and giving you ‘permission’ to do what you really want to do.  The problem is that when you start running on a wheel, your attention gets focused on running fast enough and staying at the top.  And most of that wheel is self-created.  But you can’t see that so easily when you are trying so hard not to fall off.

And if you think that we are suggesting that you have yet another thing to do (to stop doing and rest) then forget it!  Because there is so much love and support for you all around, just waiting for you to open to it and receive it.  Yes, it requires a change of pace, it requires that you choose to stop and let the love flow in.  But you don’t have to DO anything. To the contrary.  Stop trying to be in charge of everything around you and within you.  Stop being so competent.  Let the universe hold you.  Let the current rock you.  Let your lungs fill with sweetness with each breath.  This is all about allowing, about being willing instead of willing.  This is about being one with all instead of being all for one.

If you are one of the lucky few who is feeling utterly aligned and fulfilled and joyous these days, then we might suggest that you bask in it and let it radiate.  Nothing for you to do either, but to recognize how deeply fortunate you are to have stumbled into such happiness. And let your gratitude redouble your joy.  Why not?

And that is the question we leave you all with today:  indeed, why not?  Why not taste that nectar today?  Why not this moment?  Really!

We are delighting in this moment, and we want you to join us!

October 14, 2012

Hypocrisy is what we wish to speak of today.  Of course there are examples too numerous and outrageous to even mention here that swirl around you on the world stage and provide you with ample illustrations of what you would never want to do or be.  But compromises must be made in life, and you make them.  All of us make them.  All of you make them.

You make them based—most often—on your sense of what is best is for you, and frequently, what is best for all concerned.  They may be little compromises or larger ones.  For the purpose of what we have to say today, it matters not much.  The point is that you do indeed often find yourself doing things that are not utterly and completely in alignment with your values.

So if it is a given that this is part of living, then the goal might be to do it with as large a measure of consciousness as you can bring to it.  In other words, when you find yourself in a situation where you must choose a path that does not fit you perfectly, tell yourself the truth about that to begin.  Tell yourself—and others if appropriate—that what you are doing is not what you would ideally like to do.  This sounds really obvious, we are aware.  But it is very common for many of you to try to find comfort in lying to yourself.  It is there that the hypocrisies—even the tiniest of them—sprout.

Do you know what we mean?  Have you ever agreed to something that didn’t feel right but sounded good?  That your gut rejected, but your mind embraced?  Of course.  We all have.  And rather than telling yourself the whole truth about your response to your choice, you sometimes try—mentally—to reinforce your decision.  You go over all the reasons why what you are doing makes sense, is a good direction for you or for someone else.  You want to feel ok about something that is essentially not ok.

What we are suggesting here is that you simply stay with the discomfort because that—the discomfort—is the truth.  If you must at times make choices that do not reflect the way that you would like to live, at least you can live with those choices in a way that reflects the truth.  Do not add more nonsense to the energies around you by lying to yourself in order to feel better.  Ultimately this will only increase the pollution, which—energetically speaking—is overwhelming.  It may bolster you briefly to tell yourself that you are pleased with a betrayal of yourself, but in the end it layers mistrust and sorrow atop the offense already committed against truth.

And here we want to tell you that love and hypocrisy are at the far ends of a continuum.  There are many ways to elaborate duality, and of course you all know that duality itself is illusion.  But for the moment, let us look at a picture of hypocrisy at one pole, and love at the other.  This may strike you as an odd pairing, but it is correct, we assure you.  For when you give away what is right for you (or others) in the interests of something you perceive (rightly or wrongly) as bigger or more important, you act out of accordance with love.  Even when it appears to arise from love.  This happens all the time to everyone and it is not irreparable.  What truly rends the fabric of love is the lying to yourself about it, the unwillingness to endure the discomfort of discordance within, to sit in the uncertainty.  When we tell our children that they must do something that grates, we ask a lot.  And yet there are plenty of times when we can see the overarching value of the thing we ask them to do. They may not like it, but the benefits outweigh their discomfort.  On the other hand, when we ask them to do something that is unpleasant or feels wrong to them and then insist that they thank us, or approach it with joy, we are enforcing hypocrisy upon them.  We ask them to split themselves inside, to abandon and betray their own knowing and truth.  We make evolution that much more difficult when we shut the door on the living reality.  Living reality which may, in this moment and that be both pragmatic and ugly.

When you speak of hypocrisy it usually circles around unacknowledged self-interest.  And so it is here as we speak of the little things that build the larger hypocrisies, that take you all further from the love that is both your birthright and your nature.  The self-interest is the desire to feel at ease with something that is inherently uncomfortable.  To make ‘right’ that which is simply not right.

Tell yourself the truth all the time, and you will be both loving and opening the critical channels for love that you all need and long for so deeply.  It is not a path for the weak or fearsome, this honoring of the truth.  Most have no stomach for it.  But if you would know the vastness of love that is available to human beings then you must also accept that love encompasses respect and respect does not try to alter reality because it is inconvenient.  Love—if it is unconditional—can tell the truth (sometime very unattractive truth) and be unwavering at the same time.

Remember this, for it is a cornerstone of the ability to look truth straight on: you are perfect.  You are where you are at this moment because that is where you need to be, where you chose to be.  There is nothing you can do or not do that will alter your essential beauty and perfection.  You need not fear that discomfort, you need not defend yourself against the possibility of error.  Every time you look in the mirror, look hard and you will see the Divine, and you will no longer struggle so mightily with the petty fears that often make it so hard to be honest with yourself.

We send you all our love along with honor and deep respect.