September 30, 2012

Dear Ones:  We are all—all of us who identify as anything at all—not what we think we are.  In fact, there is nothing here/there/anywhere but the exquisite and  undying substance of creative force.  Yet so much of your time is spent in building a bulwark against this truth, this truth that you know more deeply than anything else.  You work so hard to turn this force into fact, into action, into substance.  And ultimately, it will, all—everything you have generated—fall into the vast emptiness from which it came.  Does this not strike you are futile?

But of course there is a mandate to play at the material life.  You are there in order to do just that.  But dear ones, you become so caught up in the story that you forget the foundation upon which it all rests.  And then, sucked in, you become subject to things such as hope and fear and desire and expectation, all of which cause you so much pain.  And pain is a part of the game, perhaps.  But when you are ready to be done with it, there is nothing to stop you from becoming one with the nothingness that is in fact everything.

You become lighter than a dry leaf on the wind when you let go of all that is ‘you’ and your mark on this life.  We speak of far more here than the eradication of ego; rather of the total erosion of separation. You float without effort and fly without limits.  The problem with this potential in most cases, however, is how frightening it can be.  To have that much freedom, that much ‘not to lose’ can be terrifying.  But this is only because you have forgotten who you are, what you are, and have become confused.

That confusion arises—at least in part—from duality.  It is such a prevalent vibration in your world, and it permeates so much of your thinking.  If you are not alive, then you are dead.  If you are not successful, you are a failure.  If you are not strong, then you are weak.  These are simple ones, and silly in a way,  but they illustrate our point: that it is difficult to live inclusively and in unity.   To understand at a visceral level that you are both alive and dead, successful particularly when you fail, and strong while you are weak.  And so much more.  And absolutely nothing at all.

When you drop these ideas, even for a brief moment, you have the opportunity to experience the truth that lies beneath them.  Yes, you have chosen a life in order to play with these ideas, but the mastery, the freedom, occurs when you are able to play with them, with notions of selfhood and separation and merit and loss, while simultaneously staying fully present in the vastness that is nothing.  When you can hold that balance, that embrace of the polarities, we are sure that you will find a new freedom that gives rise to lightheartedness and joy.  For when you can see with acuity how little all that lies around you matters, you can take it up with all your heart and hold nothing back.

This is the paradox.  As you let go, the passion you feel for the various aspects of human life can be fueled by that limitless creative force instead of arising from singularity.  As you relinquish your attachment to you and what you do (and here we mean all of it, not just the worldly accomplishment and acquisition that so many of you see right through already), the finite nature of your existence is instantly dissolved and disappears.  You are able to dance through your dimension without the ball and chain of importance (worldly OR spiritual) dragging you down.  When you give up the ground beneath your feet you will see that you always knew how to fly.  You give up being an agent of love and simply are love itself.   And there is nothing more powerful nor more delightful than when love goes to work or drives a car or raises a child or plays a song or washes the dishes or walks among a million other loves on the city streets or by the seaside.

So please, do not fear the edge, where all seems to fall away, where you stand unprotected by your identity and your ideas.  When and if you find yourself standing there, you stand in fact on the brink of liberation and joy.  Don’t back away.  The instinct and emotional temptation is likely to be strong to do just that, but you are almost home.

We send you great love today.



September 23, 2012

Life in form is a bit like lace:  exquisite, delicately wrought, elusive, sometimes ephemeral, fragile.  The structure is so easily rent, and is itself constructed of and around untold numbers of open spaces.  This is the beauty of what you are living.  It is not of whole cloth, nor should you strive to make it so.  The light that shines through the intricate spaces is so much more precious for the shadows it creates.  Your days and nights are dappled, bright and open, shaded by the poignancy of limitation, loss and longing.

What is real?  What is illusion?

Does it matter?

What matters, we tell you, is to live it all with everything you have, to weave yourself through that which opens and that which will not be swayed, to become woof to a warp that is ever in movement.  Find the openings and dance in them; don’t hold back.  Seize the fretwork and build something upon it where you can, but don’t invest more than everything in that moment.

Some of you are far more reticent to step into the ecstasy your odyssey offers than you are to dwell on the tatting of sorrow and grief.  This may seem odd, but the joy which counters the separation inherent in form promises too much and some of you cannot bear the disappointment that seems inevitably to follow from allowing it full flower.   Others of you step away from pain instinctively, as if it were alien to your being, something that threatens your very life.  This is not so, for it too is a part of the breathtakingly gorgeous tapestry you have chosen to inhabit and contribute to.

Be willing to be pierced, to live asymmetrically, to follow the extraordinary and incomprehensibly complex whorls that are ever around you and before you.  Be a weaver and fear not the end of the thread, for like the spider, you will draw from within yourself that which is needed to dip and leap your way through the next stanza, ever-new, without precedent, and always perfect.


We send you all our love and many, many blessings.

September 17, 2012

Dear Ones, this is a very good time to discard all forms of sentimentality.  It may seem a small and inconsequential thing to suggest, and yet it will be of value to you if you can find the places where you allow emotional waves to carry you from your center.  To feel is to be human.  It is an extraordinary gift, and it is one that comes along with, perhaps in compensation for, all the challenges of form.  All beings feel, but there is a particular quality to feeling as it is experienced vibrationally in form that is quite special and spectacular.  Many humans fear the intensity of it and avoid it; it is life-altering and thus does terrible mischief to the best laid plans of the mind.

On the other hand, your emotional capacity makes you vulnerable to drama.  And drama, both the manipulation inherent in it and the stories that are ever built around the emotions (for it works that way most often and not the reverse as you tend to think), are extremely distracting and do not in any way expand or enhance your ability to feel.

Most people make no distinction between emotion and feeling, and perhaps there is a semantic line in play that is less than meaningful, but there is indeed a real and important difference between those things that you can simply feel and allow to move through you, pure and utterly of themselves, whether they be what you might term ‘good’ or ‘bad,’  comfortable or the opposite; and those things which take you from your connection to the divine and drop you into greater illusion.  When you layer ideas, thought-forms, over the feelings, you confuse yourself and you distort the truth.

This is extremely tempting to do.  “I feel ______.”   Ok.  The next thing most of you are accustomed to do is to move to the next clause: “because_______.”  Makes sense, right?  My finger hurts/ because it is in the fire.  Since I don’t like the pain, I can locate the cause and I can stop the thing I don’t like.   Or,I feel happy/because I am in the company of someone I love.  Since I like feeling happy I can attempt to spend as much time as possible with people I love.

Up to a point this is a useful way to function in your world.  Cause and effect, right?  You learn at an early age how to manipulate your environment to create the effects you like best.

But (and you knew there was a ‘but’ coming) the problem that arises at a certain point is that it is easy to become so proficient at identifying and manipulating the ‘causes’ that create the circumstances in your life that you barely have time to bring true awareness to the moment-to-moment experience of your life.  What does this moment feel like?  You are so quick to take its measure and respond to it, invite more, change things to alter the feeling.

And we can tell you that simply by staying with what is before and within you, in terms of feeling, leaving aside the ideas and the desire to control them, will bring you into realms of knowing and expansion that will surprise and delight many of you.  Transformation and clarity come from doing nothing more than feeling what you feel without complicating or analyzing or acting.  It is one of the most empowering things you can do.  Be with what is.

It is not an easy habit to break—the one that calls for a hand always on the tiller, always adjusting course to head into the sweetest wind.  And there is nothing wrong with using it from time to time.  As always, the problem arises when something becomes both habitual and unconscious.

So not only are we encouraging you to look at the drama and sentimentality (which are really nothing more than feeling which has been interred in ideas, beliefs, and stories, and as such, been distorted and twisted) with which you may at times meet feeling that graces your life, but also to greet that pure feeling (for it always arrives this way) without judgment or fear.  Anything that takes you from the straightforward experience of what is being given to you in any moment—whether it be the desire to control the future based on the present and the past, or the desire to dodge that experience through making it into stories—robs you of your right to live deeply, authentically and fully in the extraordinary form you now inhabit.  You can always try it and see what happens.  Our advice is only so good as you find it in real practice!

We send you much love—always.

September 9, 2012

Dear Ones,

It has been some time since we have felt that it was needed for us to speak to you in this manner.  Instead, we have been visiting each and every one of you more directly, through the energies which move in and out of and through your hearts.  You may have experienced our presence subtly or perhaps been unaware of it, but trust that we have been with you all along.

At this juncture, it feels right to us to send you a message through this channel.  The message is of the utmost simplicity and it will not surprise any of you.  And yet, we speak today because so many of you are being drawn away from this essential truth.  You are drawn away from it because life is distracting.  It is unbelievably and often unbearably full of things to do, to attend to, to make or break, to finish or begin, to fulfill or follow up on.  There are so many calls upon your time and attention that it becomes nearly impossible to remember the most central and essential fact that forms the foundation of success when living in form.  The exigencies, the frills, the tasks that loom so large and yet are of absolutely no long-term consequence suck from you your energies and your devotion.  And sometimes, ironically, it is actually your pursuit of Spirit which draws you away, into structure and rigidity, away from the simple truth of  Oneness which makes sense of it all in an instant.

One of most difficult challenges of living as you do, on Earth and in bodies, is to balance the requirements that come with form with constant consciousness of the Reality that is so much vaster and so much more beautiful than that which the human eye can behold.

In other words, this is ongoing for all of you and it is meant to be.  All of you are there in some part to learn how to hold that which never changes while in the midst of unending change.  You are there to learn to be nimble on your feet while at the same time to be absolutely still and solid in your awareness of the Oneness.  To sit with paradox and to dance with paradox and then, to sit and dance at with it at the same time!

So while you are whirling on the dance floor of life, we interrupt you briefly with a reminder that all is well.  Yes.  Even those things that strike you as incomprehensibly wrong—whether in your life or in others’ or around the planet—are all part of the ceaseless unfolding of divine love and nurture.


We know that this is a tough idea to buy into at times.  Loss, transition, pain, cruelty, greed are apt at times to make any sound mind wonder what the Divine is up to.  And the powerlessness to affect or change so much of what you don’t like—that is often the hardest to bear.


But listen friends, the world as you see and know it is such a tiny fragment of the whole. And the light that is always shining in each of your hearts?  It is bigger than anything your mind is capable of imagining.  In fact, there is nothing of creation that is missing from that light.   Basically, everything you learn in that human form is backwards and upside down.  You have been on the path of discovery and you know this.  But the gravitational pull of form and of the social and mental constructs around you are very strong and it is so easy to forget.

Part of your evolutionary practice is simply to remember, again and again.  As you grow stronger, less time elapses between forgetting and remembering, but it is the nature of being in a body and in a personality that you will forget.  Do not become frustrated with this; rather celebrate the copious opportunity it offers you to stumble once again (and again) upon this joyous truth:

All is well, and you–carrying the very heart of the Oneness as yourself–are love, both lover and beloved.  There is no separation.

So we say—don’t worry so much about what you are manifesting, don’t give it too much thought.  If you allow that Oneness to be your manifestation, the rest will work itself out.  Divinely.

We send you much love, many blessings and are always near.