May 9, 2012

We have something to speak of today that may be hard for some of you to hear, and yet, if you relax your tenacious hold on this life, your life—past, present, future—and your investment in a certain value and vision you place on it, you could find this message to be invigorating and vastly liberating.

This is radical stuff, and you will need to receive it as such.  However, each and every one of you is, in your own way, radical.  In the sense that you are willing to step outside the expected and consensed-upon norms that tend to govern life in your dimension.

Many of you are familiar with the concept of ‘maya,’ or ‘lila.’  Or the idea that what you are living is a dream.  Or simply an illusion.  A stage, a play, a drama that has no inherent reality.  The challenge you face each day, then, is how to live well and with all your being when you know that you are simply an actor in a transient performance.

For the most part, it works well to forget what you have read or even experienced in this way, and concentrate on what is in front of you.  Yes, yes, it is all illusion, but I care about that illusion.  I am invested and even attached to that illusion.  It is, after all, the illusion that you are living.  To hold simultaneously the knowledge that it is just the play of consciousness and matters not at all, and the conviction that you are here to give your best requires a high level of mastery.  Or so it would seem.

But here is what we want to tell you: none of it matters.  Truly, you exist on a vast plain, with your sense of who you are contracted and made small enough to fit into human conception.  This is a game you chose to play, but in the context of another game.  Like Russian nesting dolls, there is one illusion set into the center of the next.  One play that exists in the story of another.  And that one emerges from the heart of yet another game.  And so it goes, as far as one might see.

When you think about this, it will likely have one of two effects: either it will make you nauseous and dizzy because it so upturns your notion of yourself, or it will set you free.  A third possibility is that it will make you angry….  Any of them are fine.  But it is good to give it some thought.  Because you see, if indeed you are not only not who you seem to be,  and still yet not who you think you might be under that, then who are you?

And if you have the capacity to drop into the vastness and the emptiness which echoes around you when you ask that question, then you may find that since nothing matters, since nothing has any solidity or eternity, you are at liberty to play this particular game with joyful abandon.

Why not?  All this talk of school and lessons and karma and growth and attainment and atunement and ascension and so on…..these are all part of the game and you can choose to play by the rules and stay in school if that feels right to you.  But once you see that these are not part and parcel of a deeper truth, but rather another level of gaming, you can choose to skip school, to go lark in the meadow and roll in the sweet grass and smell the earth for no earthly or etheric reason but the fun of it.

Here is what we want to tell you:  you have nothing to do.  You can do.  It is fine.  If you are enjoying it, by all means.  If it makes you feel safe and comforted, do!  But if you grow weary of the stories, if you find that your heart isn’t in it anymore, then just be.  Be the vastness and the emptiness.  Or be anything you fancy being.  You can, you know.  You can be a monster.  You can be a saint.  You can be an innocent or a leader.  Just take care not to believe any of it.  What happens there, in your dimension, has absolutely no transcendent meaning.

This shouldn’t be taken as an urging to indulge yourself in things that you fear—using power wrongly, taking what you’ve always been afraid to take, disregarding others.  This is an invitation to explore the possibility that there is no separation and there is no meaning.  Everything you do to another, you do to yourself.  That is a principle that holds.  But there is no ladder to climb, no apex to achieve.  All healing—if you really want to think in terms of healing– can be instantaneous when you really grasp that what you live, as your reality, is nothing more than an adventure you created and chose to embark upon.

To take it seriously is to be in its thrall.  To suffer is normal when you are in its thrall.  That is part of the game.  And since you are here, in the game, you will suffer.  Some of you modestly, others, it has to be said, quite awfully.  But how you think about it is up to you.  How you understand it is up to you.  And what you do with the opportunity to see beyond it is up to you.

Whenever you can, we invite you to play in the rain and eat wild berries till you are sated and love your persona as you love your soul, and sing without reserve just because that is a privilege and a joy that comes along with this illusion.

Someday, you will finish up, get to the end of this particular story or round (and in this game, the turns all end the same way, don’t they?) and after that, you’ll find that there are further chances for you to decide if you want to play or not.  But for now, since you are dealt in, as it were, why not have some fun?

We send you much love and many blessings.