February 23, 2012

We will pick up where we left off a couple of weeks ago.  We had invited you to consider the choice you have as to how fully to inhabit your own lives.  How freely you allow yourselves to live, to the extent you are able.  And we admittedly exhorted you to decline to hold back.

But in order to do that successfully, it is necessary to embrace yourself in your entirety.  If you are not able to do that, if you are not doing that, then you may set off with every intention of giving yourself fully to life and still find that you encounter an array of obstacles.  Obstacles to the goal of living large, that is.  These obstacles, although they may appear to be emerging from without, are actually called for from within when you are not clear all the way through about your willingness to move toward your goal.  To give your ‘all’ to life requires that you face any number of different reactions from others, some not pleasant.  You know this, which is why so many of you censor and contain yourselves.  The prospect of others’ responses is sometimes too frightening, too hard, too painful to bear.

Can you see how this works?  Can you see that when some powerful and conscious aspect of self becomes willing for you to risk, to unfold and allow yourself to bloom, to be seen in your entirety, it awakens any self-doubt or loathing you have? When you bring forth the great power and beauty in yourselves, you also expose the weakened and less exalted parts.  If you think of anyone who has inspired you, who has been willing to live at full bore, it is likely that you are aware of their lack of perfection.  And if you aren’t aware of it, it is probably just hidden from you.  The point is that people who choose to lead their lives as if every moment mattered don’t let their own flaws stop them.

As you acknowledge the possibility of someone else’s judgment, you can either let it stand and move on, or you can stop yourself to avoid incurring it.   Just the prospect of another’s disapproval is often enough to stop you in your well-intended tracks.  And ultimately this is because you judge yourself, not because you fear external condemnation.

If and when you can love yourself without reservation, you become inured to the judgments and negative actions of others.   When you do not hold back your own love for yourself, there is nothing which stalls or counters the natural longing to expand into all that you came here to be.   No one can stop you when you cherish your own light and align with it.   (Of course here it is probably important to note that we are not in any way suggesting or implying that you should ignore others and their feelings as they respond to you; instead we are saying that if you are in integrity and in love, then fear will cease to control you in the subtle and not-so-subtle ways it often does.  You will act from a place of heart and be able to receive feedback from that same spot.)

But most of you struggle with this.  Most of you hold so many unyielding judgments and condemnations of yourself that it is very difficult to give yourself the permission you need to live fully and to share all of your gifts.  Even after all the work you have done.  We see that most humans have an (often unconscious) attachment to their own suffering and it is an attachment that is especially hard to sever.  When suffering seems an essential, you will be sure to find a way to create it for yourselves.

Now we know that some of you will feel that this does not apply to you.  And perhaps it does not.  Perhaps you have indeed reached the point where you are clear all the way through about your own worth.  But we ask that even if that be your initial reaction, that you hold and mull these words for a while.  There are levels and levels of self-denigration that we perceive and if you are not living your life in all the ways that you choose, then there may be some part of you that continues to judge and diminish yourself.

How to move and shift this pattern, then?  Well, there are two very simple ways to approach any aspect of self that is stuck and which you want to change.  You can immerse yourself in that which you no longer want in order to try and find its origins, the reasons you have historically valued it.   For instance, if you identify a belief about yourself that manifests negatively, you can spend time and energy exploring from whence that belief arose, how it has benefited you (even in odd and twisted ways) and what you fear will happen when you let it go.  This can be very helpful in terms of providing you with some understanding about why you might be attached to a particular manner of self-castigation, and how you can release it.

The other approach involves countering the thing you want to change with what you want in its place.  In this case, it would revolve around loving yourself, even with any  ‘failings’ that are glaringly obvious to you.  And that, in this instance, is what we suggest you practice now if you want to be able to live large.  Love yourself without reservation and you will become able to give of yourself without reservation.

Most of you are not as open to receiving love as you would like to think.  You defend yourself in silent corners from the vast quantities of love that exist for you, within and without.  To be truly loved entails being seen and being seen entails being known as perfect even when you fall short.

So, it is our thought that you might begin with what lies within.  Instead of sitting (or walking) to meditate or going within to still the mind, take time to go within and invite the vast love which lies in your heart for you–for your beauty, your wholeness, your courage, your frailty, your foibles—and allow it to flow through you.  Place your consciousness in your heart and stay there until you begin to feel the energy of love.  See it, as it appears to you, and feel it.  Now, direct it toward yourself and gently ask your mind to back off for a while if it winds up its usual litany of complaints.  Feel the warmth, the safety, the discomfort, the rejection and the fear.  Feel what you feel, in short, but don’t turn away from the love.  Let it flow.   Let yourself be loved.  Let the armour with which you protect yourself be pierced, melt.

It is a practice, and if followed, will show you many things you have avoided seeing, things that have hampered and imprisoned you.  It is a very powerful tool that you can employ to dissolve the obstacles to the goal to live fully and bravely from your path.  As simple as that.  Loving yourself.    It is the Philosopher’s Stone, it is the way.

Try it, dear ones.

We send all of our love and our deepest blessings.  You are so extraordinary; we pray for each and every one of you to know that with all your heart.


February 2, 2012

Elizabeth has a story to tell and we have commentary to add to it.  First, her experiences and interpretations of them:

I recently returned from several weeks in Ireland.  It was my first visit to that country and I was profoundly shaken by the energies I encountered there.  People were lovely and there was an old-soul kind of patience and wisdom that seemed pretty common.  But I felt underpinning everything a vibration of such pain and self-denial that it was often hard to breathe.  It struck me that many people I met were doing everything they could to stay under the radar, to lead quiet, decent lives that drew no notice, crossed no lines and challenged no authority.  (With the occasional or not-so-occasional trip to the pub, such trips being the obvious counterpoint to the repression of expression that characterized daily life for many.)

This all made some sense to me.  Although my scholarship on this topic is limited, I can say how it looked and felt to me.  The country is steeped in its history of defeat and occupation, heroics, hope and martyrs.   In the US, African slavery was a reality for just 350 years, and the attempts to live on the same land by people of European and African descents has been going on for no more than 500.  In Ireland, the travails and conflict and discrimination—both overt and codified, and informal, but just as powerful—have existed for at least twice that, no matter how you figure it.  And really, it has been much longer.   So when one looks at the gulf that we face in the US, the layers upon layers of fear, anger, hurt, wrong and how intractable they seem often, multiply by a factor of at least two and quite likely more to get a sense of the depth of the victimization, discrimination, diminishment that people have suffered ancestrally as well as in the present lifetime.

There has been no dearth of men and women willing to sacrifice everything to change this situation, to liberate ‘their’ people and to free their country.  Many have died and many have died dramatically as martyrs, inspiring those who followed behind them, and the generations to come, that they might fight on for the same ideals.

So I perceived two very powerful strands, or ways of being, while I was in Ireland: that of those who had learned early that to stand up and speak the truth, their truth, was a perilous activity and is undertaken only at great personal risk, and a smaller faction, but a strong one none-the-less, of those who learned early (or late) that the greatest risk lay in putting personal survival and comfort ahead of their truth and the highest good for all.  Both are clearly of merit.  The first reflects one reality (that which most people recognize and adhere to), while the second reflects another.    And ironically, it is those who were cavalier about their own physical safety who live on.  Whose poetry is still read, whose words and actions inspire and enliven and galvanize those who have been more cautious and those who would live bigger.

To die, then, in order to live.  In order to be heard, or seen, or known.  To give up everything in order to be fully embraced.  We appreciate this irony in general.  Tragedy imbues the ordinary with meaning.  Loss on a large scale commands our attention, as does the courage it takes to live large and to cross a line that many of us think we cannot.

But how, I wondered, does all this relate to where any of us are right now?

So I asked the guides for their thoughts and suggestions, and here is what they had to say:

Please do not take this lightly.  We are grateful for the opportunity to speak to you about this matter as it is one of the utmost import right now.  For ages, it has been politic for many of you to hide yourselves, to cloak the reality of your being and your knowing beneath a costume that raises no eyebrows and turns no heads.  You have managed to steer yourselves through your lives, quietly cultivating the truth, but without proclaiming it in such a way that it brings you into danger of discomfort.  Because of course, the truths that you have uncovered are indeed inconvenient in a world that revolves around the marketplace, that revolves around power and its brokerage, that holds ego and its manifestation, personality, in the highest regard.  You have found ways to live that honor what you know within, without endangering the lives of relative external comfort and order which you lead.

Developing and growing your own wisdom and allowing it to mature and become an integral part of who you are is correct.  Children who play the pedagogue are rarely attended to and even more rarely have substance worth sharing.  But you know a great deal at this point, many of you.  You are grounded in that knowing.  And still, you persist in pursuing a quiet and orthodox-looking life.   There are subterranean networks, but most of you know when to present this part of you, and when to allow that part to be seen such that you make few waves.

Most of those who died for Irish freedom would have been happy to have lived out their lives with their families, tending to mundane things, teaching, writing, playing music, knowing their grandchildren.  And yet they were called to cross the line, to join those who were willing to speak out, to shout the truth, to put everything on the line for their version of the truth, of what was right.

We are asking you to consider whether you might be of that lineage now.  To reveal what you know, to live it overtly, without censorship, without compromise, even though it might create discomfort, fear and even danger.  Like those of every nation and tribe who have become leaders and inspirers through their willingness to live and sometimes die in their truth without taking refuge in the ordinary.

Not all of you are called.  But some of you are.  And at this time, it is critical that those of you who have the gifts and the capacity to lead, to inspire—through example and often through sacrifice—do so.  The world sits on a knife’s edge.  Everyone knows it is going to hell in a handbasket, but very few have the courage to step into a whole new way of being.  Not, at least, without someone to follow.  And we do not mean to say that you can expect followers in the millions.  Or even the thousands.  But if you, by living your truth, that internal knowing which you have worked to ground in for so long, inspire ten others to do the same, then the process is accelerated and the wave begins to build.

So although you may be comfortable, you may have it all worked out (although many of you do not!) we ask you to look deeply to see if you are offering the gift of your humanity, your wisdom, your experience, as you are fully able.  It is time to move beyond freedom on a national level to freedom on a global scale and beyond.  Only if there are heroes and people who are willing to become martyrs, those who understand that security lies in living greatness rather than in protecting smallness,  only then will you all unbind yourselves and your neighbors from the heavy bonds of fear and conformity, of material thinking, that have paralyzed your souls for a long time.

Many lament the lack of a great leader, someone charismatic and galvanizing.  News for you: You are that leader.  Sit with that for a while and see where it takes you.  We promise you that it is real and it is time.  And that although there are risks, the risks of your silence and inaction are much greater.

We cannot tell you how to do this, nor can we tell you how deep our respect for your challenges and the courage you bring to them is.  We send you love and all of our blessings.

From Elizabeth:  I share all of this as my own first step in the direction the guides point us in.  I am not comfortable with all of it, but I understand what they are saying and I ‘get’ that if I am quiet and protect myself by staying above reproach or question that I will be abdicating something very powerful that has been given me.  I do invite and encourage all of you to take this under deep and serious consideration.  And to challenge me, yourselves, one another to see how and what we are all capable of doing to shift things, not only etherically, but through our radical presence and participation in the here and now!

Much love,