December 30, 2011

We are aware that in this time there are extremely strong and beneficent energies rising from the very Earth and we want to suggest that you consider focusing upon them in order to take full advantage.  Although we have told you that the movement of energy from above and without has been stilled for the time, that which is pulsing from the Earth is profound and we encourage you to tap into it.

Many are talking, thinking, seeking something often called ‘ascension.’  We would like to counter that idea and ask you to think about incarnation.  Of course you are incarnated, but so few of you have done it with full consciousness.  To bring the spirit fully into form, the form fully into spirit—this is the ultimate challenge and joy of taking a body.

At this time, the Earth is incredibly vital and present in her gifts to all of her children, among which you may count yourself.  Her field is expanded and open and the richness, the depth, the fullness, the fragrance and the beauty are extraordinary.  The energy is dense and heavy and dark and it may feel odd if you are accustomed to floating and reaching upwards for light and weightlessness.  However, f you will but allow yourself to receive her gifts you will enter into a new relationship with these qualities.  So full, this deep darkness, brimming with delight and wisdom and love and a kind of power that moves slowly but moves anything and everything.  This is fantastic stuff and when you let it enter your body and your being, you will find yourself accessing a whole new dimension of life in form.

So stop thinking.  Start feeling. Thinking is the enemy of these energies and will diffuse them in seconds.  Use your body to sense that which is.  Drop into the lower charkas to connect with that which is rising from below.  And when you feel it moving through your body, send it back down into the Earth.  Let it rise and fall, swirl.  Let it pour upwards into your heart, but never let it leave the ground.  Become one with the love that is the essential nature of nature.  Become solid and eternal in the temporal and transient nature of your being, your part in the greater cycle.

For now, do not seek to fly away, into the ether, but seek to sink down into the velvet organic truth that is an integral part of your experience in form.  Revel in it, and let it teach you something new.

We send, as we always do, many blessings and much love.


December 25, 2011

Dearest Ones,

You must know that you are as we are, as all beings are: the perfect
configuration of eternal and transient, divinely elevated and yet still
struggling with plain mortal muck. This is the point.

And there is absolutely nothing you lack, nothing that God possesses which you do
not. You have it all.

Right now, it is of the greatest importance—the greatest—that you take this in
and run with it, as it were. You often have longed to be guided from without,
to find direction outside of yourself. But you have it all.

No one, nothing with more capacity to see and develop the way that is right for
you. To struggle more successfully with the mortal muck. Of course you must
cultivate the ability to hear, and to trust what you hear, as you listen within.
Reading a book is not a simple matter, not really more than a game of pretend,
until you have put in the time to learn how. But when you know how to read,
everything opens up before you and life is an entirely different matter than it
was previously.

So it is when you learn to listen to your own guidance.

Sometimes we all avoid the listening because we do not like what emerges.
Sometimes we dismiss what we hear because we do not trust our own God within and
would prefer the seemingly greater grandeur and certainty of one without.
Sometimes we do not hear because it feels like hard work and we don’t think we
have the energy or the time. Sometimes we doubt our own wisdom, but this is only
because we make the mistake of thinking that it comes from our individuated selves.

But each and every one of you has access to everything we know and more. Each of
you came fully equipped with all the instrumentation you need to find your way
into the heart of the truth, into the perfection of your incarnation.

As a new era and a new year begin, it is essential that you turn again and again
to that source of wisdom and clarity which is always available to you. You, in
your amazing and perfect mix of divine and human, are who and what is needed here
and now. You are not followers but leaders. Of yourselves. And yet, as you
lead yourselves, you change the very vibration of everything. As you allow your
divine nature and knowing fuller range, you help bring to fruition an ancient
vision of the Earth populated by the Gods.

Over the course of the next few months, we will send messages when we see that
they could be helpful to you. But in this time, in this stillness, in this
energetic eye of the hurricane, it is for us to tend toward quiet, to allow you
to consult your own compasses. It is a time of primal creation, where you are
literally taking the clay with which you have been formed and breathing into
bright, burning life within it the divine spark. This is not something that can
be done for you; you must decide that it is yours to do, and you must decide to
do it. And then do it. When you want someone to save you or tell you what to
do, look no further than your own inner Self. Everything that you need, every
answer is there, and even more wonderfully, it is in precisely the form most
ideal for you to receive.

It is, dear ones, like a dive into deep seas. But you are all very fine
swimmers, and once you are in the water, you will be fine.

Our messages for you have always been sent with deep love, and with appreciation
for the challenges of life in form. We have wanted to shine a little light where
it has been dark, to offer some comfort when it becomes too much, to hold out a
steadying hand when the maelstrom was wild enough to knock you over. But always,
we have spoken to that which is always within you, to that which you know
already. We are not fortune-tellers or seers, not wiser of more knowing than you,
but simply beings like you who for the moment enjoy a slightly more expanded
perspective. We have spoken to you as explorers who are bravely and wisely
traversing sacred paths we have walked ourselves in other times.

It is a moment for us to still our voice, while we urge you to attend to your
own. Time for you to kindle that divine spark, to begin to live as the wondrous
and illuminated beings you truly are. Why not, dear ones? You have it all. Why
not live it all? This is a marvelous, exciting and extraordinary time and the
challenge to you the most loving thing that will ever come your way.

Our weekly messages will resume when they become again useful, when they will
serve to assist you.

Remember though, that regardless of the perfection which resides in each of you
and your innate ability to be guided by it, you are always surrounded by love and
support. Love flows ceaselessly and tenderly from every atom of the universe and
it will always be there.

And our love and blessings are always with and around you.

December 19, 2011

At this time, there is little new to convey, from our perspective. As we noted last week, the energetic field is wide open and it is your choice as to how you want to live and what you want to do, believe, see and say. This is an extraordinary state, and one that is vastly different from that which you have encountered in this lifetime. Please realize that this lull in engagement by cosmic forces will not last indefinitely and yet, when those forces begin to sweep again through your lives, you will be starting from a new place, a place you have chosen and created for yourself. Thus, all that you pursue now will pursue you in the future. This is not meant to sound ominous; it is simply natural law. Our message to you: don’t waste your time now by failing to choose, and if you want, to act. Anything is right that is right for you, even unconsciousness. But know that this is an unprecedented moment, when there are no pressures or expectations, nothing to deploy you in one direction or another. If you are able, this is the moment to seize that which you long for in your life. The external voices of persuasion are silent, so similarly let the judgments that tend to flood your minds quiet. Move from authenticity and be whomever you really are.

In this week, a sweet and deep time is available within for each and all of you. The world around will pull on you, though, and it will be up to you to make the time and space to sink into the velvet depths of love and beauty that lie always waiting inside.

The energies with which engage you this week—and they are exclusively of human generation– are apt to be of the sort that distract and disarm you. Go about your business. But be sure that when you have the opportunity to rest, that you rest in the space of love. Don’t miss that chance. This season innately calls upon you to move inward and revel in the rich darkness and the stillness. Outwardly, there is much activity and human vibration. Be as frenetic as you feel called to be in your dealings with the world, but try to carve out a little time each day to breathe in and bow down to the eternal and the brilliantly unchanging nature that dwells in all things.

We send much love and many blessings to you.

December 11, 2011

When you look about you this week, we hope that you will be able to see that the energetic landscape has changed significantly.  In fact, you are in the middle of a vast plain, energetically speaking, where the land is flat and the winds quiet.  Instead of the endless hills, valleys, deserts, mountains, glaciers, all having to be traversed through howling winds and burning suns, to which  you have grown so accustomed to these last few months and years….

You are, meteorologically speaking, in the eye.  There is stillness, there is an absence of both beckoning and demanding from without.  The cosmic forces are unusually silent.  Yes, they will continue to move, but their movement affects all of you only as you seek it out.  This leaves you in a unique place of power and choice.  We tell you:  you can meet this morning as if it were the very first one.  You can begin your life today and you can make it the life you choose.

There are structures that you have built or which have been built around you that will likely want to continue standing and this is not so much about destroying or taking out that which already exists.  Instead, it is about not letting yourself be constrained by them.  You can walk away from them if you want, but you don’t have to.  However, everything you do will be because you have chosen it.  You can choose to heal, to drop old beliefs and patterns and leave them where they lie.  Or, you can choose to continue to feed them.  Neither will be difficult unless you are choosing difficulty.  You can choose to risk and open or you can choose to contract and look for your fear.  You can set out on adventure, you can feather your nest.  The thing is, there are no imperatives.  No forces from beyond to exhort or entreat you—be the highest vibration you can be, reach for the stars, live as if it mattered.  No.  Those voices are no longer speaking.  Now it is time to listen within and do whatever it pleases you to do.

You actually like living in integrity all the time?  Well, do it.  No prizes will be awarded, but if it makes you happy, by all means.  You really feel better when you hoard—things, emotions, favors?  Then hoard.  No demerits will be given out, so if it makes you safer, do it.

The space is wide open for you to actualize yourselves.  Those narrow canyon walls that kept you in bounds—for good and seemingly against your will at times– have been passed.  You might think this means that it is up to you to keep yourself in bounds, as it were.  Not the case.  There is no imperative, no ideal and no reason for you to strive for anything other than that which makes you whole and happy.  No external expectations or wishes.  And so it will be for some time to come.   You are in the middle of endless opportunity.  And it is entirely up to you what you decide to do with it.   In the long run, and in each moment.

So, if you are able to discard the notion that there is a better and a worse, that some great parental figure or all-knowing one has a route mapped out that is more beneficial to follow, then you will be able to take good advantage of this time.  Set yourself free.  In the deepest sense, though.  We are not talking frivolity for its own sake.  But if frivolity calls you, and feels like the way of your own heart, then don’t judge it negatively.  And above all, cease to judge others and their choices.  It has nothing to do with you and you are responsible only for mapping your own course.  That is work enough for anyone; there is no need for you to take on the work of others.

As always, we send much love to all of you and we wish you the wisdom to know what is right for you and the confidence to pursue it.


*From Elizabeth: I will be in Santa Rosa next Sunday and am looking into the possibility of doing a group meditation in the morning with anyone who might be interested– in person!  I know many of you who live there, and yet there are others of you whom I know only through your emails and your energies, but wouldn’t recognize on the street.  I thought it might be fun.  And as they are telling us, do what you want.  So, if you think you might enjoy that, please get in touch with me and I can follow up with place and time.


Much love to all.






December 4, 2011

Reach for the stillness, dear ones.  Everything you need is there.  The answers are easy to discern and the energies simple to find when you put yourself in a place of quiet and calm.  This is but a gentle reminder of what you already know.

You will likely have much to do over the course of the next week, and on the surface things may look quite hectic or frenetic.  This is ok. This is just the way it is sometimes, but know this: it means nothing.  Unless you yourself assign meaning to the extra activity However, this will not be helpful, for it is not true.

Step back and inward, into the secret garden nestled in the center of your being.  Allow yourself the respite of time there as often as you can.   This is where reality lies and you really need to be in touch with it at the moment.  The stuff that goes on around you, the stuff in which you engage—it is superficial, particularly at this time, and will drag you from that which has the capacity to guide and fulfill you if you let it.

Our message to you this week is both simple and straightforward.  You know how to find that place within and you know how to touch into that which is both eternal and utterly safe.  Every one of you has a way to do this and has practiced it from time to time.  But sometimes the allure (which often comes disguised as fear—take care not to be seduced by fear!) of all that action outside draws you away from the stillness and the vastness that lies within.  Draws you away from the sweet, sweet beauty of being in communion with your own divinity.  In humble surrender, in allowing yourself to be nothing and to do nothing, however briefly, you can find all that you ever needed and so much more.

Please don’t let yourselves be distracted overmuch this week.  Make that communion your highest priority, even if your mind and body are busy running about doing worldly things.  This, as you are aware, is a great part of your charge: to learn and to live in the deep truth while simultaneously taking care of the business that is necessitated by being in form.  Take the challenge up this week with gusto.  Commit to remembering that which you know, and to creating the time and space for that which sustains you, even when the world makes it inconvenient.  As it may well in the next few days or so.

More and more, clearer and clearer, the call is going out to all of you to come home.  To rest when you can in the pure and untainted vibration of love that arises of its own accord out of the stillness.  Many of you feel the pull, the longing, the resonance.  So do what you must, but whatever you do, heed the call of the great heart and allow yourself, with much love and compassion, to know the exquisite beauty and peace of your own eternal nature.

We send you love and many, many blessings.  The blessings are everywhere, dear ones—within and without.  Everywhere.  Look for them (sometimes they come in unexpected guise) and open your arms.   The joy and peace are yours if you will but consent to receive them.