November 27, 2011

Oh, this is a sweet one.  Not of the sort that is always easy to swallow, but so profoundly full of love that once you open the door on it, you will have no choice but to feel your heart expanding.

Most of you spend a lot of your time focused on what you consider to be your flaws, your weaknesses, your sorrows, your failures, your losses, your imperfections.  In an ongoing struggle to improve yourself, to become perfect—or what you think might approximate that state—you attend to that which you see as less than ideal in yourself.    Often this arises out of fear, out of a need to be ‘good enough.’

This week, we suggest that you turn your attention to that which is glorious and magnificent and flawless instead.  This week, we ask you to celebrate all that is just as it should be in you.  There are many blessings in everyone’s lives and it brings joy to contemplate them.  But you are often inclined to be grateful for things external to yourself—things like the love and friendship of others, the beauty around you, the material security and comfort you have been given.  This week, celebrate that which is perfect in you.  If you explore it, you will find that you are an utterly amazing being.  So much that is strong and wise and loving and generous and radiant…..   Focus on that and you will find the need to berate and punish yourself for your ‘failures’ not only departs, but it can be seen as the absurdity that it is: a particularly brutal way in which you are out of alignment with the divine.

Look around you:  at the bird that eats at the feeder or lights on the power line, at the trees that grow in the park or in your yard, at the streams that criss-cross the land, at the clouds that form and re-form, passing overhead.   Look at the shape of the hills and valleys and at the geese that wing through the sky.  Are they not all perfect?  Are they not all exactly as they ought to be?  Why in the world and beyond would the divine make an exception for you?

You are nothing more or less than a manifestation of the divine.  One of trillions.  Each unique and special and yet at the core, always that same perfect light.   Always One.  You have come into form to carry that light in a particular manner, but when you struggle, using your human will to be ‘good,’  or ‘better,’ you are relying on both a judgment and a power that is paltry and myopic to guide you.   Allow yourself, dear ones, to rest in the arms of that which created you in perfection, and which can see you with the same clarity that you access when you look upon nature.  Allow yourself to see your own beauty and make much of it this week.  Stop chastising yourselves, stop being unkind.  To love yourself, as you are, is not only right, but it is reflects a greater truth that you deny when you focus on what is wrong, on what needs to change.

And of course, there are things to change that will make you happier, that will add to the richness or comfort or depth of your lives.  But we assure you—the fastest and most efficient way to affect those changes involves being aligned with the universe and its greater flow.  You are loved, you are good, you are a joy to behold and to know—as you are in this moment and without reservation or proviso—and until you embrace this essential truth fully you will be fighting a strong current as you attempt to alter yourself and your life.  Ironically, stop trying to change and the changes that are really useful will come to you, and without any significant suffering or struggle or deprivation or pain.

We know that for many this is a frightening prospect.  If you let yourself rejoice in who you are now, you fear that you might stop there, and then how will you ever reach your goals?  How will you ever be worthy?   But try it, dear ones, just for this week if no more.  You deserve no less than the full experience of the love and appreciation that are yours always.  Everything changes when you live from love instead of fear.  Everything changes when you allow the divine in you to lead.  And the divine always, always leads with love.

Which we send you in great measure.


November 20, 2011

The vast plains, stretching into infinity and infinitely fertile and rich, the unspeakably beautiful expanses which lie within, are calling you to come, to come home.

There is nothing but sweet stillness there, so full and yet completely empty.  Everything one ever needs—ever—all contained in the nothingness.  The buzz and the business and the wants and the obligations of your temporal life all dissolve, as if they had never even existed, when you allow yourself to settle into this space of deepest eternal reality.

This is the mandate for this week.  Go there, taste of the quiet and the stillness and the perfection.  Fill yourself with the emptiness.  Let yourself be carried by the extraordinary symphonies that weave the silence.  Place your forehead on the very ground of truth, in acknowledgement and gratitude.  Honor: for the experience, for yourself, for all forms of consciousness as they manifest within and without, for the capacity you have been given to love.

Words get in the way.   This is something that cannot be told; it must be known.  And everyone can know it, intimately.

You know the way; we speak only to remind you that you always carry this magnificence within you.  And it is calling.  Come home.

We send you light and love.

November 15, 2011

Reverence is the overarching concept that will help you make the most of the next few days.  Reverence is always within you; you were made that way, such that the sacredness of being is ever present and always accessible.   Choose to find it in your dealings with the world, with others, with self this week, and you could have a simply glorious time.

Bring reverence to what you see, to what you hear, to what you yourself might say to others and particularly what you might say to yourself.  Yes, give thanks as well, for the bounty and abundance of good things that grace your soul’s evolution, both on the physical plane and in the larger context of the infinite.  You are terrifically fortunate and it is good to find your gratitude

But reverence is a little different.  You are part of something far greater than yourself.  You are part—an intrinsic part—of something far greater than you can conceive, to be honest.  But what you can see and feel and hear and smell and taste—these are all, like you, what make up the matrix of this amazing universe.  Everywhere around and within you is evidence of the brilliant and loving nature of this creation.  To stride through, to dash through your life without stopping to look and to recognize the riches amongst which you walk—this is to be blind, to be lame, to be small.  And you are not small.  But you often try to convince yourself that you are.

This week, open all of your senses to the world without and within.  Pay attention and approach each moment and each encounter with wonder and excitement.  Reverence will flow without any further effort, and you yourself will be worthy of the wonder and excitement which you arouse in the world around you!

Try not to reject anything.   It is all part of the immense and incredible design.  There are no mistakes and you need not look for them or hold yourself responsible for sorting the whole thing out.  It is taken care of.  All you need do is be present and wide open.  If you run into discomfort, whether sourced outside or inside, try to find reverence.  Explore it and do not judge it.   You see, some are naturally entranced by the light that diamonds refract, while others are drawn into the richness of gold.  There is nothing that cannot be loved, there is nothing that is not sacred.

We know that this may challenge some of you, for in truth, there are things around and afoot which appear to be much less than sacred!  But we assure you that it is the limitation of your perspective that creates this appearance.  And we do not ask you to embrace that which offends and repels you, but rather to consider that it all could be perfect and that your role no longer needs to involve fixing anything.  Instead, simply contemplate the beauty.   And when you run into something that seems devoid of beauty to you, simply open to the possibility that you have not yet seen all its facets.

The deepening of reality is underway.  On the one hand, many of those things that once constituted reality are becoming light and filmy, stuff that could blow away in a gust of wind.   On the other, there is a sinking-into that many of you may experience, a dropping into a reality that is enduring and solid in the way that matter can never be.  When you touch into this aspect of reality, you will know that it, and you, are one and always holy.

We send you all our love and we truly revere you in every moment.

November 7, 2011

Domenica Bianca is an extraordinary being whose deep mystical nature and fervent devotion to the One express themselves in some of the most powerful and transcendent poetry I have ever encountered.  She is kind enough to share a few offerings of her work here, and I am grateful to have her poems grace my site.  If you are drawn by what you find and feel, and are interested in  more, it is possible to purchase her beautiful illuminated folio, “The Divine Cup of Remembrance: Poems from the Silence.”  You can find her contact information at the end of this page.


We are wanton,

running ahead of the Stream of Joy,

believing we are its creator,

acting as its source.

Verily, we are but minor manifestations

 of a limitless flow,

a Divine Madness

 that embraces unbearable sorrow,

 breaking open, bleeding Its beauty

into every atom,

calling out with abandon,

“Come…come…there is no other way.”


Walk among the shards and ghostly ash

 as life lived out loud, as awareness

 that sees itself everywhere, in everything.

Flowers keep opening despite opposing forces

 that might diminish their beauty; creativity flows

 as a riotous display of the inner dance.

Light keeps burning its way through the mold

 of bitterness; cracks form in the foundation

 as fire licks the illusion of separation.

We could watch the chaos unfurl in all directions,

 or simply suspend ourselves

 in the silent freshness from which it erupts.

How many times this house has been burnt down

 by divine love, as if tormenting itself

 until it stops refusing

 its own gift.


May we be those who serve

 to renew this existence,

and may we remember

 to turn toward the Source

 that ignites this inexhaustible glory,

and ask only that we may know

 Its elusive caress.

May we be those who serve,

 in loving devotion to The One.


Stop running from the vanquishing fire.

Why not bow to the burning

 and its immense mercy,

 for what is to be preserved

 of this substance of self?

How deeply the flames

 must traverse the flesh

 to purify the form,

 leaving the essence


Why do we always try to control the burn,

 to turn down the blaze

 before its final work is done?

Live as sacred ash;

 leave nothing outside the pyre.


The reign of terror upon us

 cannot stave off

 the force of love

 within us.


When everything is on the floor of dignity

 and no illusion can be upheld,

 the walls give way to love.

Weeping loosens the wind-tides that swirl about

 when we are not looking, carrying away

 all that seemed real, now forsaken.

Days pass by as shades of bird calls,

 morning opening all atwitter,

 evening closing in magnetic silence.

Undone, we drop to the floor,

 senseless in our failure,

 stonewalled even in our pursuit of annihilation.

Ask not, want not, for not until

 everything is on the floor of dignity,

 will the walls give way to love.


Free-falling comes so easily.

No quaking in fear, only

 respite in invisible arms.

Tension recedes as the

spectre subsides:

We live in a





This mystic’s house falling through space

 has no walls, no windows; frail curtains hide the truth

 from those who cannot see beyond the veil

 with which their eyes are sewn closed.

O Womb of All-Being,

 be kind in allowing these foolish ones to pretend

 there is any form of forgetting; sometimes

 the ravages are too deep to repair in daylight.

Not even the centered place is free from point of view;

 become instead the space between objects and words,

 where ripening reality shows its open veins.

If ever we were to retrace our steps,

 all that would remain of this passage would be

 these soundless words, this empty cup,

 clear as the spreading-edgeless light at dawn.

Only when the doors open in a wide calm

 does the indwelling immensity

 taste its own fleeting fragrance;

 there is nowhere for anything to go but

 back to truth.

All poems excerpted from

The Divine Cup of Remembrance:  Poems from the Silence,” 96 pages,

$25 plus postage.

Contact: Domenica Bianca

November 6, 2011

There is nothing ahead that cannot be seen already.  You know all that you need to know.  The time is here for you to live it.  Oh, dear ones, we have gently counseled and then exhorted you for years now to do this.  There is no margin left now.  This does not mean that you need to change the external shape of your life—although you might—but rather that the season of growth and expansion is over.  The harvest is now and you must bring in that which you have sown and tended if you plan to live on it during the time of coldness and dark.

This sounds dire, and yet it is not at all.  Within, feasts can be prepared, the fire burns brightly and joy is abroad.  There is, as we said last week, no limit to what you can have and do on the level of you soul.  And in concert with other souls.  The potential is extraordinary, beyond your imaginings, we think.  But you must learn to think differently.

Manifestation on the physical plane is for the beginning mind.  The entire amazing cosmos is open and yet so many will stay in the sandbox and never leave it.  Even as it degenerates and becomes intolerable.  Many will labor in the frozen fields, hovering over crops long dead when the party, the light, the nurturance, the good company, the warmth are in abundance inside.

And when we say ‘inside’ we refer to the unnamable vastness, the unspeakable infinite, that one finds within.  There truly is no limit.

We send you great love and all our blessings.  Leap!  Or let go.  We know that many of you may feel great fear in this time, but we need you to know that when you do embrace what is offered, you are safer than you have ever been.  The fear–as always–is merely fear.  You can listen to it and stay in the sandbox or you can trust and fly.  You are in the arms of God, dear ones.