October 31, 2011

Rejoice, dear ones!  The limitations you have experienced have expired.  There is no reality to them now but that with which you imbue them.  The way forward is clear, but for your beliefs and fears.  Really.  It is clear.

This is not to say that you will not encounter difficulties or challenges or disruptions.  They are all a part of life in form.  That is part of the deal.  But you have become accustomed, over untold numbers of lifetimes, to believing that you must struggle and strive and strain in order to overcome, or else accept defeat and be at the mercy of powers greater than your own.

These last have been true.  There has been no free lunch, no easy way out.  Your religious dogmas: all designed initially to assist you in doing one or the other.  Strive successfully or lie down quietly and without complaint.  There are numerous methods, which many of you have studied and practiced and mastered, which allow one to navigate the reefs and shoals of human life, to find peace and meaning in the midst of chaos, fear and suffering.

But this is no longer the case.  There is no longer a need to struggle.  Many of you will probably do so, but out of habituation rather than necessity.  You have learned how to manage your lives, even as the sands under your feet shift and shift again and yet again.  You have found ways in which to make meaning and pursue your own unfolding and liberation.

But this is the news:  you don’t need to do those things anymore.  You can if you want to, but the way is clear now.  Things have changed.  The whole paradigm has altered.  Just as you once learned to feel into your challenges instead of examining them solely with your mind, now you can—if you are ready—learn that the obstacles you encounter are phantoms.  You can walk right through them.  No need to climb over.  No need to dynamite anything.  No need to detour.  Phantoms.

Everything you need is within you and at hand.  It may take a while to accustom yourself to this new truth.  For it truly is new.  Brand new.  Yes, you always had it all, but accessing it was difficult and oftentimes close to impossible.  But understand: there are no limits now but the ones you impose.

We see that this sounds almost utopian and perhaps absurd in the context of your internal and external issues.  Most of you have a lot going on, and little of it is easy or effortless.  It may take you a while to really experience this change, but we have to alert you to it, and we want to encourage you to look for it.  When you find yourself ready to dive into something painful or hard, consider the possibility that you needn’t suffer from it.  Consider the possibility that there is so much grace that you can understand it differently than ever before.  Things haven’t shifted such that life will be nothing but a bowl of cherries from a temporal perspective, but you now can access a much higher vantage point and will be able to see—at last—that a great deal of the slogging you have done is no longer a requirement.  More to the point, it doesn’t get you anywhere you can’t get without simply seeing reality more clearly.

This is a huge change, friends, and one we cannot overemphasize or tout too much.  It is a measure of freedom heretofore unknown.  It is beautiful, incredible and it invites you to live bigger and move faster (internally) and with infinite joy and gratitude.  The traces have been kicked over.

So as you make your way through this week, please keep in mind that things may be much simpler and easier than they look at first glance.  Give yourself the opportunity to explore that possibility.  Consider that you do not need to suffer in order to be redeemed.  You are already blessed.  Like Dorothy, you are already Home.

With much delight and joy, we send you our love.


October 23, 2011

There is no balm for the pain of these times, but the remembrance of your own eternal beauty.  And that of everyone and everything around you.  It is time, dear ones to make that commitment to seeing and living–all of the time– that which lies beneath the surface.   You paddle through the swamps of your 3-D lives and you try to do your best, to do the right things, to bring a semblance of the sacred into your dealings with one another.

And yet, even as you do so, you are often separated from yourself and from one another.  It is time to stop trying to do the right thing.  Stop trying to be good.  Stop trying to measure up according to any and every yardstick.  It is time to let go of any thoughts you might still retain about how to treat one another and yourselves.  These ideas, they are based on fear—at some level—and as such carry that vibration.  Ideas will.  And ideas will melt before the fire of the heart.

It is time to stop acting as if, and just be.  This is frightening to many of you because you want to be good.  You want to be loved..  You want to be loving.  Compassion is an expression that often arises for many of you.  Yes, it good to be compassionate, but only, only, when that compassion arises spontaneously from the core of your being.  Anything less than that and you are back in the swamp.

We understand that being utterly authentic puts you at risk.  It just isn’t done. For the most part, you have no idea how tightly trussed you are by mutually enforced expectations until you begin to contemplate untying yourselves.

Do you have any idea how much you wound and injure those you love by being kind when it is not your true impulse?  Or when it is the impulse of idea-of-love for other that takes precedence over love of truth?  When you try to do the ‘right thing’ you skew the game.  And since everyone is hard at it—skewing the game—there is no opportunity to be real.  Or maybe slivers of time, here and there.  Or maybe rare exchanges between you and someone you love and trust intimately.  But in general, you fail to know yourself, you fail to know others and you prevent the kind of transparent life that others beings, far more in alignment with the planet, practice and live.

We are aware that this may sound somewhat harsh; we are indeed challenging you all to take a big step.  Revolutionaries and pioneers are required to step into a place of inherent danger.  It is unlikely that you will step on a landmine or be shot to death, freeze or starve to death, but you may find that by being willing to live in the moment, in your truth, you disturb the equilibrium of many around you.

Again—of course this is frightening, but we ask you:  what are you here to do?  Attend to proprieties?  Maintain the status quo?  Make people feel good?  Or are you here to learn how to be all that it is possible to be in form?  If that is the case, you will need to step beyond the limits that humans have imposed upon themselves and each other in order to secure the peace and the order of things.  You will need to trust that there is a higher order of things that will emerge when you cast off your ‘manners.’

Imagine life if you could all see one another’s thoughts and feelings.  Imagine if you couldn’t hide anything.  It is growing more and more so over time, and yet you still try, so many of you, to protect yourselves and each other.  Do you prefer the truth or a kind lie?

Of course, we are not speaking here of the simpler obfuscations that you practice upon one another, but of those that run deeper.  It is as if you believe, deep down, much of the time, that you and everyone else are not good.  Not God.  Because if you could trust that that was indeed the case, you would have nothing to hide and nothing to fear.

And we assure you that it is so.  Approach and speak to one another, God to God.  There is absolutely nothing that can go wrong.  There is no truth you must share that cannot be heard and there will never be a need to share anything that cannot be borne.   When you allow that energy, that force, which dwells within you, to direct the course of your 3-D life, without censorship or fear, you will offer others a vision of what is possible. And you will begin to live as gods.

It is time, dear ones.  Be fearless, for there is truly nothing to fear.  Live as the divine amongst the divine.  Nothing could be more real.

We send all our love and many blessings.

October 16, 2011

Stillness is going to be your greatest ally this week.  There will be many calls to go forth and do, to impose your presence, your power, your influence, your will, your desire on those and the world around you.  Resist if you can.  This is not a time for moving or shaking or pushing or pulling or maneuvering of any sort.  This is a time when you will benefit most from silence and stillness, from allowing yourself to drop into the quietest place within and remain there for as much of the time as you are able.

Try not to ask for directions or instructions.  Try not to accomplish, even on a spiritual level.  Allow yourself to simply become one with the stillness that never leaves you, never wavers.  Allow yourself to grow large in that quiet place, or small.   Simply go there and watch what happens without trying to direct it.

This can be done in meditation or contemplation of course, but it can also be done in milliseconds, while brushing your teeth or tying your shoes or dialing a phone number.   If you ‘do’ anything this week, work toward becoming an adept at dropping into stillness on a dime, in the midst of ordinary worldly activity.  See how often and how easily you can get there and for how long you can remain.

There is far too much going on around you right now for anyone to be able to clearly discern the right direction for their soul to take in a given moment.  Cultivate quiet, and when the storm lifts a little, you will be able to go out again.  Then you will be able to find the balance you need to know your way, with others, with self.  But there are times when the wise one stays within and waits, dipping into the wealth that abides there.  This is such a time.

We send you great love and many blessings.  Be gentle and good to yourselves.

October 9, 2011

There is nothing standing in your way at this moment.  Oh, many excuses and reasons to be stuck, but nothing real.  Your eternal, magnificent, brilliant, bright and beautiful being is right here.  And there is nothing to keep it from being your constant experience of yourself.  Or others’ as well.

Are you not beginning to see how everything is turned around?  Everything in the worldly sense is and always has been upside down and backwards.  That which always looked solid and reliable is but a chimera.  And that which was nothing more than a second thought, a vague presence, is now demanding to be heard and seen as it is—the very core of reality.  This awakening is being felt on many levels.

So many assumptions made about who to be, what matters, how to act, what to do, how to care for self and others.  All these are currently being de-constructed for so many of you.  It can be frightening, but the ultimate goal is liberation and we see that some of you are growing more free by the day.

At this time, the invitation is extended to all of you to allow that aspect of yourself which you have kept within, shared only with those nearest and dearest, to become who you really are.  The energies around this are soft.  There is no demand placed upon you to rise to the occasion, no striving asked for here and now.  Instead, we bring you an assurance and we beckon you.  Your deepest and sweetest and more beautiful self is wanted and welcomed.  The many layers of shielding and protection that you have put in place and carried on your backs all these years, you can put them down.

You don’t have to be someone.

You are.

And you are perfect.  And you are wanted.  And you are loved.  And it is as simple as that.

Soften, allow the armor to melt.  Look around you at the unfathomable beauty and grace.   The birds, the trees, the sky, the other beings with whom you share your planet.  It is a million times more blessed than words could ever fairly express.  And realize that when you do shed those layers of doing and achieving and proving and approving (or not), when you allow yourself to sink deep into the nectar of your own sweet nature, you will find it reflected everywhere.  For it is truly at the center of all and everything.

The world brings you—at your request—lessons that are sometimes harsh and exacting.  But when you feel into the actual nature of everything around you, you will find that it offers you nothing more nor less than a mirror.  And you get to choose what it is that you see out there by choosing what it is that you allow your own offering to be.

At this time, there are nothing more than the empty shadows of old ideas, dusty things, to keep you from understanding that you are not what you thought you were, thought you must be in order to make a good life.  Those attainments and  actions and commitments and beliefs—no matter how noble (and for most, the ignoble ones as well lie just under the surface) have been exposed and are crumbling.  You do not need them anymore.

Well, of course you still need your personality and your body to navigate the world.  As long as you are there.  And face it, they can both be a lot of fun sometimes.  Nothing wrong at all with enjoying them, playing with them.  But it is time to cease to identify yourself as body, as persona.   Only separation and grief arise from that, and you have suffered enough.

Time it is—right now—to look deep, deep.  Look beneath the fear and the anger and the self-judgments, both positive and negative.  It is a radical thing to look beneath your values and your ideals, but if you go that far you will find that in yourself which is truly unassailable.  You will find that you ARE love.  Brilliant, shining, radiating.  Love—not something you do, not something you choose. This is who you are, vibrationally.  This is the essence.  Not all that other stuff that has grown so weighty and tiresome to carry.  And this is who you can bring to the surface all the time now.  Today.  That is the invitation.  Fear not, dear ones. You are angels and always have been. Time to take off those heavy costumes and fly.

With sweetest love and all blessings.


October 2, 2011

When it is time to move, you must move.   You will know in your hearts when the moment has arrived.  That is the only way.  But we tell you to listen hard and with care to your heart this week.

The chance that you have before you to bring the inner work to the outer world is near.  You have all spent time looking inward, and cultivating the eternal in yourselves, trying to understand and live the truth.  Each in your own way.  Many of you have encountered disparity between what you know lies within you—and within all beings—and what you find being enacted in the three-dimensional world around you.  Many of you have found that you yourself are not the soul you know yourself to be when you engage with the world.  This is a source of great pain to all humans, this chasm between what you know to be true and how you comport yourself in the arena of personalities and egos.

Now of course it is the case that you work at this.  That you are conscious of this inconsistency and have been bringing increasing awareness to it over the years, months, even in recent days.  Yet there are few of you who have complete fluidity when moving between spirit and form, heart and mind.  And this week, upcoming, will offer a large number of you an incredible opportunity to dissolve the barrier that stands between the two, to move significantly toward a greater unity of your own being.

To do this, you must make the commitment.  To stand exposed as Spirit in a world of Form generates in most a sense of intense vulnerability.  But imagine, if you will, how it is for those of us without form.  That is simply how it is.  We are Spirit at this moment and we expect nothing less of ourselves and each other.  So it can be for you.   And imagine, if you will, the inspiration you offer to others who are close but not yet brave enough to take off their egoic costumes when you walk through the world allowing your purest light to be seen.

It is not anything you must do, of course.  You can maintain your current balance and it will be ok.  It will be what it is.  But we want you to know that you are approaching the moment where it is no longer necessary to hide who you are, from yourselves, from your fellows-in-form.  Not only not that, but you are being beckoned, called at last to emerge from the shrouds and burdens of personality and karma that you have carried through many lifetimes.  You have the chance—right now—to integrate and become whole in a way that has never before been possible.

So please, dear ones, watch your hearts carefully for the impetus to rise into your fullness.  We are cheering you on with great love and gratitude and appreciation.  You are lions, courageous and full of heart.  You are ready to reach for a whole new level of your lives, of life, and we urge you to seize your moment.

With many blessings from all quarters, we send you love and the fearlessness that you will need in order to embrace yourselves without reservation.