September 25, 2011

The time that all of you have in form is limited.  That is the very nature of the three-dimensional plane.  It is about learning to live with limits.  And learning to live with them without becoming limited!

But all of you are in your own particular form, wrapped up in a specific body and persona, for a short time only.  There is absolutely no point in clinging; you will keep these aspects of yourself for just as long as you need to, and then they will drop away.  The fear that so many of you encounter in your striving toward freedom is unfounded.  Your body is a thing of finite duration.  You cannot live in it forever, nor would that be a very helpful thing.  To treat it with respect and love: that is a wonderful way to approach it.   To listen to its concerns, its pain, its longing and its needs: this is to love.  And that, ultimately, is your purpose.

So love your body, in thought and in deed.  Attend to it with tenderness and care.  But be careful if you find yourself beginning to bargain with it.  If I do this for you, you will do that for me.  No, this is not love, but business.  And you cannot conduct business successfully with someone as intimately connected with you as your own body.  It is bound to fall upon the sword of some hidden contract.  As we said to you last week, the most critical and often the most difficult call to love comes when you try to turn your love toward yourself.

To love your eternal essence without condition or demand, this is a so important.  And it is the first step on a path we encourage all of you to traverse.  To see the brightness and beauty of your soul, to see and feel its connection to all the other infinitesimal sparks of glorious consciousness everywhere, everywhere in the universe and beyond—this is often the way in to the most fundamental of spiritual tasks a being undertakes when they assume form.

This is remembering.  Remembering that which you already know, that which you have always known, that which is always true.  And when you touch into those memories, there is a rightness, a recognition that frees you from the limits of form.   Do this often, dear ones.  For it is ever there for you, and there is little so settling, so comforting or so expanding as giving yourself the chance to be in that place of perfection.

It is easier to approach your love for other aspects of yourself if you are feeling pretty well mad for your soul.  It is so terrifically lovable.  But the body and the persona, the mind—these are all a little more challenging.  And yet they need your love as well.  Or rather, you need to learn to love them with the same openness and generosity that you can bring to loving your soul.   For that is the purpose of it all.   For you to love.   And for you to love others truly, you must begin with yourself. The vibration needs to run through you—without interference—for it to be received in clarity by another.  As you judge yourself, so shall others feel judged.  You know this.

So this week, please continue to contemplate the ways in which you love and fail to love yourself.  It becomes increasingly critical to bring to the fore the gifts you are all carrying, and the conduit through which they all must pass is created by love.  This is an absolutely essential step if you, both individually and collectively, are to come into flower, to bloom.

If you find that you have lingering conflict with your eternal self, with your spirit, then you might want to keep playing and dancing and teasing yourself into a new depth of love in that relationship.  Look at what prevents you from opening your heart fully there, to your magnificent and precious self.  If that feels good and strong and flowing, then we invite you to spend some time examining and exploring the ways in which you love your temporal self.  And the ways you will not.  Again, we need to emphasize, for those of you who have already spent years on this project, or for those of you who cringe a little at the seeming self-indulgence of such attentions, that this is about clearing your own vibratory field such that you can become a perfect channel of love and light on your earth.

Many of you are very close, but you all have hindrances, obstacles, places where you judge and condemn and dislike yourselves.  These may continue, but beneath them all, you need to have an unshakable foundation of  love.  You need to work with your fear of being less than perfect.  For it is the fear, and not the specifics, which stand in the way of your transparency.  Your mind loves fear.  So, try to love in spite of the imperfections, love because of the imperfections.  Begin to let your heart lead.  Your head will never fail to find a flaw, but your heart cannot see anything it does not love and forgive.

This is hard stuff, so do not expect to finish it overnight.  But do use this time, which is itself precious, to explore and learn about the ways in which you are willing to love yourself, and be honest about the ways in which you are afraid to do that.  See if there are ideas about yourself that you don’t need to perpetuate, see if there are judgments that you can leave by the side of the road.  It all falls away when you are done with this form,  so seize the moment, if you can, to embrace the beautiful but transient being you have wrapped around your soul, that you may see and love all being more fully and more truly.

The cosmic energies are incredibly powerful right now.  This is sometimes hard to bear, we know, and yet these energies carry massive support for each and every one of you if you flow with them.   If you try to swim upstream and stick with business as usual (and here we refer not just to worldly business, but to the ways in which you have always related to yourself), it will be tough.  Tougher than usual.  But if you are willing to bend and sway, if you are willing to be transformed, now is the moment to ask for all the help you ever needed.  It is here.  Be certain of that.

Please know that there is infinite love and support for you here.  It is with you all the time.

Many blessing to you, dear ones.


September 18, 2011

It is time for you to take on one of the most difficult challenges.   The moment is perfect and you are ready.  It is time for you to fall in love with yourself.   Most of you are adept at loving, your hearts are open to others and you share that love as freely as you can.  You act upon it and you meditate on it.  You find ways to make it manifest, both for those you know and love and those you love as well, but will never meet in person.

You have given time and attention to the ways of your heart and you treat its gifts with great gratitude and respect.  You understand just how central love is to life.

Now, we are going to tell you that you must take all that you know and have learned about the heart, about love and loving, and turn it upon yourself.  Not your ego, not your personality.  Of course not.  These are basically irrelevancies at this point.  It is time to begin to truly cultivate love for your essence.

We are not talking about forgiving yourself, although that might facilitate this process.   We are definitely not talking about indulging yourself, although there may be times when that is indeed the most loving thing you can do.   We are not talking about loving yourself at the expense of others.    For those who retain a little of the conditioning that admonishes you not to be selfish, we say:

Do you believe in Oneness?  Theoretically?  Or have you possibly experienced it?  With one other human being?  With an animal?  With something ‘inanimate?’  With groups of people?  With the stars?  The ocean?  We suspect that you have all had that opportunity in one way or another.  You know its validity, its truth.  We don’t have to convince you that it exists, this reality in which you are inherently one with others.

If you have had that experience, then you know that in loving yourself, you are loving others.  And of course, you could counter with the truth that in loving others you are also loving yourself.  And we won’t argue that point, for it is correct.  How could it be otherwise?

Still, the most powerful, the most direct, the most honest means by which you can actualize the incredible, magnificent, critical offerings of the heart are to go straight to your own.    Most of you balk at this, which is why we emphasize its importance today.  You are happy to go just so far, but this is often perceived as a step beyond.  Start at home and we assure you that what you have to share will be increased by many magnitudes.  The teacher who lives his or her teachings is in a different realm from those who, no matter the intrinsic value of their message, are unable to follow it.   You all know this.

Everyone struggles, and perfection, from the mind’s point of view, is never possible.  Be kind to yourself and others, but do take this time and give yourself and all those on the planet and beyond the gift of your own love for yourself.  We will all bask in the glow.

How to do this?  Contemplate it, dear friends.  You know how to love.  What is foundational when  you love someone deeply?  What are the feelings you have?  Touch into those, and use a beloved as a template for becoming your own beloved.  What do you want for those you love?  What do you ask of them?  What do offer them?  From the minor to the unfathomable, spend time asking yourself how you have become as good as you are at opening your heart and how it works for you.   The next part is nothing more than a choice.  You are as deserving of love as is everyone who receives yours.   Set aside false judgment, modesty or the hubris of thinking that somehow you are worse or less than those to whom you freely extend your heart to.

When you have done that, you will be able to allow your love to begin to grow and then bloom where it will have the most transformative effects of all.  Besides, it feels really, really good once you get past the guilt!

We love you and we love ourselves as well, just as we love you.  Many blessings dear ones.

September 11, 2011

It is a very good time to tend to business, to get things done.  Especially those things that have been left hanging for some time.  There may be a desire to dive into emotionality and deeper longings, but such forays will mostly prove to be dead ends that waste your time and keep you from some tasks and accomplishments that are calling for your attention in the three dimensional world.

Be practical, such as you can be, this week.  Do the things on your list and ask for mental clarity in order to solve dilemmas and other concerns that do not have a ready solution.  But above all, stay above (or below) the emotional/spiritual fray and keep your nose to the grindstone.

This is unusual advice for us to give you, but we see that events in the offing are going to require your full presence soon.  This moment offers an ideal opportunity to clear your desk, or the decks, and make the space you will need soon for more complex challenges.

Do your work with awareness and love, but just do it.  You are beings of several dimensions—always difficult, often very rewarding—and this week we suggest you put your primary focus on the concrete and material.

Also, take really good care of your physical beings.  If you need rest, try hard to prioritize that.  Eat well if you can.  Drink good things.  Be loving to your flesh and blood.   In other words, pushing past limits is not a great plan right now.  Respect the 3-D world, its requirements and its realities.  It is far, far from the whole Truth, but it is a piece of fabric from which your current lives are sewn.  This week, tend to it with care and you will find that vaster freedom is yours as a result.

We send you all our love.

September 4, 2011

It is a very good time to decide what you would like the next part of your life to look like.  There is nothing standing in the way out here—and although there are some real world obstacles for most of you, set out in different places and manners–the basic situation is this:  you are choosing how to live and who you are in this lifetime.

This is always the case and always has been to some extent.  However, at this time, as the structures that supported the old reality are dissolving, the opening for you to be who you dream you are is greater than it ever has been.  Think about it—what have you to lose?  There is so much that is now gone, so much that will be gone in the near future, why cling to it with your form of old reality?  You created yourselves over lifetimes, yes.  But in this one, you responded not only to karmic imperative, but to the signals and demands and rewards of the world around you.  Most of you have worked diligently to find the place where the outside and the inside, the temporal and the eternal, can meet in comfort.

But now the external, the fleeting, is, well… fleeing.   And the reasons why you chose the paths you chose are now ready for re-examination.  Because they no longer lead where they once did.  In other words, it is a great moment to update your future.  Yourself.  There is so little standing in the way, and the golden handcuffs, no matter how they have manifested in your life, are unlocked.

If you are happy and focused and doing what it serves you to do, then take a bit of time to confirm that and to celebrate it.  In fact, don’t just confirm it, affirm it.  But if you have had doubts, nagging feelings of loss or of longing for something more or different, then put it all down on paper this week.  See what the truth is for you.  For, as you know, you rarely reach anything without being clear about reaching for it.

And this is the heart of it: the truth.  Your truth.   Your sojourn here on Earth, your way of doing it.  Not only is it the case that all of who you really are is needed here now, urgently, but that it was never easier or more straightforward to access that.  The longing is so powerful in so many right now, to break through the nonsense, to claim and live the essence of their lives.  That longing, for love and truth and freedom to manifest as you, is in itself opening doors, not just for you, but for others as well.  You know—the more of you who declare independence and embrace your strength and courage, the less daunting it is for the next person to do the same.

So, to be pragmatic for a moment, we suggest that you do a little contemplation if you are not sure about the direction your life is heading.  And if it is not, in this moment and in the foreseeable future, the life you truly want to have led, if it is pocked with compromise and settling, then take the time to see what it would be like if you could do it right.  That then, becomes your challenge, the gauntlet you have thrown down for yourself.  Only you can decide whether to pick it up, if the costs are too high.  But before you surrender your vision, no matter how grand or how modest,  find out what you would be sacrificing.  Because, as we are saying, the costs of holding on to ideas and beliefs that have formed your life to date have never been higher, and the encouragement and ease of moving beyond them never greater.

Here, we should say that we are discussing not only the aspirations of your soul, but the ways in which you want to live out this dream of a life.    It is yours to determine at this point, and we say—throw away the fear, the victimhood, the scarcity thinking, the shrinking and smallness!   They are all part of an old paradigm and you don’t need them anymore.  We are saying—your personality, such as you have formed it, no longer needs to dictate how you live and how you experience life.  Set yourself free from aspects of it that limit and pain you.  This week couldn’t be a better one for that.  And why not, dear ones?

We send you all the blessings and love that your inherent beauty and perfection command!