August 28, 2011

There is tremendous relief available to you all when you stop trying to hold up that which can no longer be supported.  You have all experienced this in your lives:  when once you are willing and able to look the truth head on, it seems so incredibly obvious that you are dumbfounded that it took you so long to see.  And although it may not be welcome, there is no doubt that when you free your energies from the task of withstanding the advance of something both true and determined into your awareness, there is much more available to you, both energetically and emotionally.

Right now, many of you are working hard to sustain things in your life that have become obsolete.  Most often, these ‘things’ to which we refer are not things at all, but ideas you hold about yourselves, your relationships, the way the world works.  These ideas have become increasingly out of sync with the shifting of reality and yet they feel foundational so you keep looking for ways in which you can shore them up, keep them under you, as it were.  When in fact they have become so insubstantial, so irrelevant to present day reality that the smallest breath of consciousness could blow them away.  In other words, ideas that you love but which no longer reflect anything real.

It is an ideal moment to look at your ideas about who you are and feel into which among them hold fast and which you have grown out of.  For that is what we speak of—you have grown and changed, you have transformed.  If you look back ten years, or twenty, you will be stunned by just how different a being you are, especially inside.   We think that if you are willing to look carefully at what is valid for you today and then let go of anything that is in conflict or not in support of that you will make a great deal of room and energy available for what is needed in the coming months.

Look, this is no small task and we know that even as we suggest it.  Lives are full and busy and there isn’t endless time to ponder current or former states of being.  However, the universe does not set you foolish tasks, but makes them all relevant.  It is likely that there are a few things rising to the surface for many of you right now.  A sense of confusion, of being drawn simultaneously in several directions, a lack of clarity about how to translate beliefs into action.  These are indicators that you have reached the point where it is important to examine—in the context of your lives—what really holds water and what is nothing more than an out-dated version of  who you are.  So if you do encounter any situations where you are not clear on how your values direct you to live or act, take the opportunity to investigate deeply.  Go into your core to know what is really true for you.  And while you do it, take care to quiet your mind, for as always, its agenda will lie in maintaining its supremacy.   This may not be where you are as a whole being today.

We suggest that you sort out anything that may confound you, take you off track (this being your own self-defined track) this week because over the course of the next few months, it will be extremely helpful (and may just save your sanity) to have an easy and direct route to your own knowing.   Old and out of date ideas about who you are, what you are here to do, how you need to act, what you believe—these are likely to catch you up over and over again as you face choices and decisions.  None of you can really afford to be entangled in endless wrangling with the obsolete, so if you find yourself wrangling at all, it is a sure sign that is time to shine a bright light on any place where you feel you are in conflict with yourself, where there is dilemma and uncertainty.  If nothing else, it is an opportunity to take an inventory, to see who you are today and where you stand in relation to the vagaries of daily life.

How do you clear something that is no longer of use to you?  Well, the easiest and most direct route is to take an action that reflects who you are today.  So, again, utilize your life—if there is a question, answer it.  In other words, stand firmly on the ground of your truth.  Sometimes this is the hardest part, to ally yourself in an undeniable way with the you that you have become.  But it solidifies that transformation and goes a long way toward freeing you from that which is no longer needed.

The other piece of this that we need to mention is just how good it will feel.  Clearing out the old is tough work, but once done, the sense of lightness and freedom and clarity is extraordinary.  Clean a drawer or a closet and you get this boon, clean your consciousness and it is magnified many times over.    And we would add that in so doing, you contribute much to the world around you.  Your clarity and lightness will shine as a beacon to others.  Even, and sometimes particularly, when your truths are not what  others seem to expect of you.  Being authentic, all the way through, is an extremely powerful example to set.  You all long for it, and yet it often seems out of reach, just too awkward or inconvenient or unseemly.  Set an example, in your own way, and you change the world for others as well as yourself.

So, self-scrutiny and deep honesty are probably the most important things you can bring to your journey this week.  Be brave and don’t let concepts—no matter their size or wide-spread acceptance—stop you from looking for the truth.   It will be easier to see this week, and as they so rightly say, it sets you free.

We send love and many blessings.




*From Elizabeth:  Prayers and good wishes are requested for Herbeth, who just passed, and for those who love her and are left here.  I am grateful to all of you who feel moved to share your love.









August 21, 2011

At this moment, the gravest danger you face is that of being distracted and pulled away from truth and out into the madness that swirls with increasing abandon all around you.  You know that peace and perfection exists and you all know how to find it.  And you know it is not ‘out there.’  Maybe it eludes you often, maybe from time to time.  But you are not in doubt of its existence.  You have been there.  No one can tell you that you cannot go there again.

The situation is that external reality is becoming increasing fractured, weird and sanity-challenging.  You can see this.  If you were to take seriously much of what you see and hear, if you were to embrace it as if it came from the minds and mouths of balanced human minds, you would have to count yourself mad.  And this is a risk you run right now.   As the intensity of the absurdity grows, the dimension itself begins to crack and fissure under its weight.

There is no viable means to hold what is going on around you, on a national and global scale, but also as it reflects in the pools of your more intimate experiences, and stay connected to truth.  Many of you have been straddling this divide as it widens, trying to maintain what once was while cultivating something new.  The distance between what you are being asked to swallow and what you know is growing, though, and the pressure that it places on all of you is untenable.  Everyone has their own limits; they are rapidly being approached for many.  Hopefully the collective limit is not far off, but it is not clear that that is the case.

Therefore, it is up to each of you individually, without waiting for the wave to pick you up and carry you forward, to ally yourself to peace and perfection.  To eschew the nonsense and the poison and turn with gratitude to joy and clarity.

There is nothing essentially new here, but as the stakes grow higher, we need to remind you all that you are not without the power to choose your response to your circumstances.  And we need to remind you that you know what to do.  Where to go.  Who you really are.  The opportunity to vote comes now, not at the ballot box but in your heart and in the ways in which you allow your heart to direct your physical life, your actions in the world.

We want also to remind you of that thrum of truth and love, that ancient and timeless energy that is always there with you and around you, beneath you.  We want to remind you that focusing on the simple tasks that everyone must do in order to live and bringing heart and love to them is the simplest way to hold on to your hat and not get blown far afield.   Try putting one foot in front of the other with awareness and gratitude, whether your steps are about driving children, mowing the lawn, writing a report, chopping onions or listening to a friend’s dilemma.  You get the idea.  And you know, as we have said before, how to do this.  Right now, though, it gets pretty critical that you actually practice what you know!

And this—we may sound a little dire in our reminders and warnings, but the other side of it is sheer bliss.  That is the craziest part.  If you can pull your attention away from the madness and allow it dwell in your heart, in your higher awareness, as you go about your day, you are likely to stumble upon moments of incredible joy.   And we encourage you to look out for them.   To be in the midst of the energy of a marketplace gone berserk and still to find yourself smelling the roses (even if they are trampled) is to be truly, fully alive.  When that recognition hits you, you know just how strong an instrument you have become, how much grace exists in each instant.  And if you have only seconds of that experience, it is none-the-less the blueprint for your future, when you are no longer a slave to that which the world is doing.

So we exhort you—be brave and live love.   You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  You don’t need us to tell you this, but we want you to remember that we and many others are here, in support of your courage and willingness to live larger.

We send much love and all our blessings.



August 14, 2011

An exquisite awareness of the state of things and beings around you will be of great value in the forthcoming days.   There is no side-stepping the fact that energies are helter skelter and moving erratically and without any perceivable pattern or reason.  They are moving swiftly and impacting people and animals in all manner of ways that are unexpected, often unwelcome and most difficult of all: unacknowledged.  Imagine your family, friends, strangers you bump into when buying food or gas all being buffeted by hurricane-force winds, trying to stay upright and focused, trying to keep hats on, skirts down and eyes open in the face of this unprecedented storm, and all without any conscious knowledge that they are being hit by anything at all, much less blown way off course by something extraordinary and utterly out of the norm.

You have the great advantage of consciousness in this time.  There are some of you who do understand that much is afoot and that the ground beneath your feet is in flux and not to be found where it was last week or even yesterday.  But so very many of those you encounter in your daily life have no idea and the effort they expend to continue to maintain what seems like life to them is gargantuan.  Any ways in which you can attune yourself to the moods and struggles of those around you will help you immeasurably in being able to flow easily.  As it is, you are contending with the same forces, the same energetic challenges and as you know, being fluid and allowing is going to be your best strategy.  Fighting the winds of change, no matter how strongly your instincts want to cling to what has been, will not work in this time.  In fact, some of you, knowing this, are practicing your own form of negotiating with the winds of change.  Do you know what we mean?  Well, this is how that looks to us: you might extract a couple of ‘concessions’ but they won’t last.  The ground upon which the ‘negotiations’ take place will be but a memory in almost no time.  So, if it feels better, you can take that route, but ultimately we think surrender now is the best course you can choose.

What does this mean?  Well, it very clearly means different things for different souls when you bring it to the realm of form.  The questions frame themselves in different ways, and so it follows that the answers will vary.  However, consistency can be found in the challenge, which is being made to each of you, to shift your understanding of the nature of reality.  Just so long as you insist that 3-D is the realest of the real, you will be allying yourself with something that is withering in terms of its dominance and clarity.  As it diminishes, your ability to move successfully within it will likewise diminish.  You are likely to find that either you feel more and more as if you are trying to run in molasses or mud, or that that which was once fulfilling and delightful leaves you cold and dry and empty.  You see, the juice that enlivened this dimension appears to be drying up.  In truth, it hasn’t altered, but you are being guided to move your base to a higher dimension, and as many of you know, most beings have difficulty with change until such time as the status quo becomes painful or not workable.

So, allow yourself to go with the flow.  Beneath the wild and crazy movement of energy that is present on the surface right now moves a deep and steady current that is beyond ancient, that is powerful and sure, that is and always has been available to carry you home.  If you intend to let it guide you and carry you, your life can become almost effortless, a journey of grace and gratitude. Work on reading the universe’s messages which will help you align with this current.  When you feel afraid—as most of you will from time to time—try to remember that the fear is most often an energy with its own agenda and not generally a voice that is going to help you raise your vibration or touch into truth.

When you run into others who are struggling, who have no idea why, do your best to understand intuitively what it is that is going on for them.  Fear is on the rise and the concomitant desire to establish control and safety follows close behind.  Anger and frustration are quite understandable if every time you plot a course, the terrain moves.  If you can speak directly to the underlying issue (and by this, we mean if you can reassure the fearful, honor the angry and hear the frustrated) you will do a service to others and greatly free and open your own path.  For you see, every time you get caught on someone else’s hook, whether they be intimates or total strangers, your own ability to let the that deep current of love and truth carry you is impeded and slowed.

Try to be impeccable this week in your care of yourself, body and soul.  It is not a good time to slack off, be sloppy or indulge yourself when you know it is better not to. Pay attention to cues and requests and call upon your highest abilities to be present and to be in your heart, loving yourself and others as best you are able in your actions and words as well as in your sentiments.

Listen for the thrum of that deep current in your meditations and contemplations.  It is there and it is safety and wholeness.  Remember it as often as you can and allow yourself to surrender to it as profoundly as you are able.  It is reality, and if you immerse yourself in it, even intermittently, the dissolution and disappointment of 3-D will not feel threatening or frightening.

These are difficult times for so many, and yet you are prepared and your hearts are beautiful to behold and to feel.  Do not fear, dear ones.  You are held in the highest and most powerful of loving embraces.  All is well.  We send you our great love, respect and many, many blessings.

August 7, 2011

A widening of one’s being will help you sort your way through the upcoming week.  By this we mean that the more space you can create within yourself, between the very molecules that comprise you, the easier it will be.  As you open and open and allow yourself to encompass the emptiness, you make the requisite room for all sorts of stuff that is not really relevant to pass through you without snagging upon this or that bit of what you tend to consider ‘yourself.’

The third dimensional world is unraveling.  It won’t fall completely to pieces, it won’t cease to exist, but the order and the laws which have heretofore governed it are old and brittle and in many cases, will snap or crumble.  It will seem to many as if the world is coming apart.

This viewpoint, whether attached to economics, morality, or the most obvious of survival needs, will tend to multiply itself and give fear the upper hand.  Which will in turn give fear no end of pleasure.  And let us be clear:  the challenges you face on a material level are, planet-wide, great and growing bigger.   It is not as if one can simply create space between the molecules of own’s being and suddenly find food on the table.

However, if you are to survive, and by that we mean the survival of your entire self, not simply the form, then your radicalization must continue.  There is no room in current times for petty emotion or considerations.  There is no room for the traditional values that have preserved the species at other times. Family first?  My child is most dear to me?  There are instincts that arose from biological platforms.  And for millions of years, what you call Darwinism has crawled along, creating what now exists, biologically, on the Earth.

As all of you can see, brilliant though this structure has shown itself to be in various ways, it is reaching its conclusion.  The highly evolved human of a certain sort has reached its zenith and is nearing free fall as the phantom edifices it created collapse.  And it is bringing much of the rest of the biological world down with it.  In this time, you are all being asked to step out of the biological framework and into one of spirit.  Really step into it.  You are being asked to live as if you were indeed spirit first, form second.

Throughout your history, there have been those who have managed this feat—not at all easy within the denseness of the material plane—and some have been remembered, as saints, wise people, shamans, prophets.  Most have lived and held the light of the divine for all around them, but remained in deliberate obscurity.  Our point, though, is that you do have some examples upon which to draw.  Can you imagine, dear ones, what the world might be like if everyone met it with the love and generosity and faith of a Saint Francis?

You needn’t become saints this week, but you would do well to raise your awareness about those things that do indeed tend to snag you, that hold you back from the fullness of your true light and being.  There may be quite a few external triggers in the near future and everything that you can do to allow archaic concerns to float on by without reaction or action will help you stay focused on what is important now.

When you hit a place of frustration or rage or hurt or impotence or sadness, open around it.  Just make space for it.  Try not to engage it, try not to analyze it, try not to unfold it –all of which simply serve to anchor it in your being and reinforce the places in you that want so desperately (and instinctively) to cling to what is now obsolete.  Just make space.  Breathe.  Don’t judge.  Anything you can do to approach each day (and night) with spaciousness will facilitate this movement through, rather than struggle with.

We want you to know that what you are being asked to do, in terms of transforming the foundations of what it means to be human, has been done before and it is possible.  There will be moments when you will find yourself facing a dilemma: take the old road or a new one? And the old road makes so much more sense.  It might seem almost insane not to take it.  And yet, remember that it is the endless walking of old roads that has created current reality.  Reality that can no longer be sustained.  In fact, the true insanity lies in doing that which has brought you to this point of no return.

We bow to your courage and willingness to lead, each in your own ways.  We send you all our love and many blessings.