July 18, 2011

The allure of the senses may be great this week.  And you know what?  We suggest that you indulge them as much as feels good and healthy to you.  Hedonism is not what we suggest, for hedonism tends to lead to unconsciousness and that is not at all the goal.  However, if you can attend to the messages your senses bring you, understand their cravings, listen to their desires, and meet their needs in a state of awareness you will do much to thin the boundaries that exist between dimensions.

There is a tendency to move from one reality to another and to anchor in each while there.  This often leads to a sort of forgetfulness about the others.  Dualism; never good. Part of your purpose, as incarnated beings, is to live in several dimensions simultaneously.  This is an extraordinary challenge, and yet all of you have experienced it more than once, if only for fleeting moments.  It is the cultivation of the capacity to do this that calls you now.

By honoring your sense-being, by tending to some of the most incredible gifts of your physicality, especially where it intersects with your mind (such as the ability to see or hear and find rapture in art of any sort, to stretch your body in the morning, to make love with your entire being, to eat fresh-baked bread with good butter melting into it) you position yourself well to lessen the distance that often exists between the realm of the body and the earth and the quotidian, and that of the eternal and the spirit.  That is, if you do it with consciousness.

If you can step outside of the ‘I’ for a bit while you do any kind thing for your body or yourself as you are incarnate, you will greatly enhance your ability to move with ease between the dimensions you already inhabit. See, you are here and there.  That is so.  And yet, when you are ‘there,’ you think you are not ‘here.’  And vice versa.  To hold the awareness of ‘there’ while you are decidedly ‘here’ will help you to bridge the gap.  Another way to think about it is that it will assist you in becoming whole and give you greater access to the boundlessness that is your birthright and your true reality.

So, this is really a lovely week if you can use it.  It is a week for indulging all sorts of things that really make you feel good as a body and a being walking the planet.  But as you do it, you are aware that you are much more than the senses you are gratifying.  You see yourself delighted, moved and grateful for a piece of art.  For the mere fact that you live—for now– in a world where beauty is purposefully created and then, for the fact that you have—for now– the sense organs with which to perceive it and the mind to receive and appreciate it. You watch yourself bite into a perfect pastry and even while you experience the crumb and the richness and the sweetness on your tongue, right inside the pleasure of it, you are also aware that this is something that can only be enjoyed through the senses.  Dive deep into the depths of the joys that your sensory life offers, with constant knowledge that it is but a part of who you are. And a temporary one at that.   It is not easy to do, and yet the exercise can be a lot of fun, so we encourage you all to do it as often as you can this week.

If you do, we suspect that you will find yourself feeling at least a little more complete and whole by week’s end.  Moving back and forth a little faster, with some more ease and fluidity.  And what better way to get there than to take full advantage of all the glories of where you live right now?

We send you lots of love and many blessings and we hope you have a delicious time playing consciously in the field of your senses.


July 11, 2011


Sometimes there are upheavals of such a magnitude that nothing ever looks quite the same in their aftermath.  We think that you all know—at very least the edges—of that of which we speak.  Either you have experienced it, or you have looked it in the eye and dodged it, once or more.

As you are aware, this a time when such upheaval is to be expected.  Without change, how can there be change?  And yet so many of you shrink from that which makes space for transformation.  Of course you do.  The kind of movement you are being offered right now is the sort that leaves nothing as it was.

You could see this as a door to liberation.  You could see this as disaster.  Many of you see it as liberation while your cellular structure sends out the alarm announcing impending disaster.  And you are stuck, then, longing for the change and the freedom and the expansiveness and yet holding yourself in check, keeping your own door locked, with you snug inside.

This week the invitation is to tackle some of the bigger and most fundamental of your beliefs about yourself, others, life in both form and spirit.  The really huge ones.  It will be possible to get down to the very core of some of the things that imprison you and shade your light.

For instance: all of you ‘know’ that when you interact with another and see and experience differently that there is no absolute or objective right or wrong.  Simply different dreams, if you will.  But how deep does that ‘knowing’ go?  If you follow it as far as you can, do you find any subtle clinging to right and wrong?  What if you take that to a national or planetary level?  Do you feel that there are those who are doing wrong?   Is there another way that would be right?  Consider the possibility that the concepts of right and wrong are really and totally useless, all the way through.  This may be relatively simple for some and impossible for others.  And remember, this is just an example.  Something you might want to contemplate in your own heart.  But there are many other foundational beliefs that call to be examined right now.  And our suggestion for you is to look at any that present themselves to you, because those are the ones you are ready to see in a new light.

Another possibility, just to give you a sense.  You all ‘know’ that there is really no separation.  And yet you function as if it were a reality.  What would happen to your day-to-day life if you actually believed in, lived, Oneness all the time?  Where and how would you be different than you are and how would your experience of your life change?  What stands in the way of your holding that consciousness at all times?

You walk each day through this incredibly gorgeous world, and your eyes fall upon the beauty, the color, the texture, the movement; your ears ring with the interplay of sound; your skin and body relay the indescribably sensation of touch and feeling, taste and scent.  Chimeras all.  Beneath every note conveyed by your senses, there is brightness and a brilliance far beyond the exquisite nature that you see, feel, hear, smell.

We mention this because many of you have an inherent fear that if you successfully challenge the notions upon which life appears to be constructed, notions like right and wrong or gravity or compassion (again—some examples) things around you are going to collapse.  So, though you long for freedom, you are not fully willing to let go of the structure in which you are held.  We mention the radiance which lies beneath the surface of reality as you know it in form because we want to assure you that there is no real danger in the collapse of the structures you think of as essential.  More dreams.

So….if you have been meditating on the question of freedom, if your being longs to let go of that which weighs it down, if you are ready to allow the upheaval to shake you and ultimately to transform you, then this is a wonderful week to open your heart and ask for help in doing just that.  Question anything and everything that you hold dear.   You are very likely to find some ideas or beliefs that have up until now felt sacred and essential, but which no longer stand up under loving scrutiny.  And although it may be sometimes dizzying and disorienting, don’t give up.  When you disassemble the structure that has imprisoned you, when you allow yourself a vastly expanded field in which to play, why would you not feel somewhat confused and uncertain?  But we are certain that once you get there, the actual experience will end any doubt or fear.

It is a week for the heroic journey, dear ones.  And many of you are tired from your long travail.  But look at it like this:  you have been on your way, through many valleys and over many peaks and now you have arrived at a chasm that needs to be leapt.  It is wide and you are weary.  And yet your destination lies on the other side.   What will you do?

We love you beyond your wildest imaginings.  And we send you that love and all our blessings.  You WILL get to the other side.  (And just in case you don’t know this—you already are there….)