On Joy

April 16, 2005

Dancing is a must.  The light dances as it weaves its way into your world.  Molecules dance in every thing and body, in the air, the water, the earth.  Dancing is a way of owning joy, of being and embodying the principle of delight and it is necessary (not advisable, but necessary) to take some time regularly—each day if possible—to live that principle.  If you are to have any chance of weathering the storm your planet is entering, you must have strong foundations and while there are several building materials sturdy enough to sustain you, it is joy that will keep you here and keep you radiant and radiating.  And this what the planet and many of you who are struggling to find place and pace need so desperately.  Radiance.   The certainty, the solid seeable certainty that consciousness, that life exists to be celebrated.  So dance.  By yourself, with others. Dance with your heart if your body cannot.  Let the joy of the grace and the bliss and the beauty of creation course through your cells.  See them tingle and overflow with light, with laughter, with love of self and other to the extent that distinctions disappear.  Just a few minutes a day will help.  Meditation, contemplation, practice and renunciation of those things which remove your focus from God are all very important, but do not neglect JOY.  She is Grace and Love and Light all rolled into one and she deeply desires you to embrace her.  She has more to give in return than you can imagine.