On Gratitude

March 19, 2005

Gratitude is what we will speak of today.  It is an odd emotion–rather complex and often misdirected.  And yet it is at the base of any spiritual ascension.  Without gratitude, one goes nowhere.  Or at least, not very far and not into very significant realms.

For gratitude signifies one’s acceptance and understanding of the existence of powers greater than oneself.  Without gratitude, there is no God.  Or rather, without God, there is no gratitude.  And if we see and accept God, how can we fail to be grateful?  This is true for all of us who occupy any kind of individuated existence–in all dimensions and in all forms.  Our understandings of what (and whom) God is vary widely, but there is a consistency in understanding our positions relative to God.

Many beings experience gratitude in small moments and snippets.  As something of obvious value is presented–a meal when hungry, an item longed for, an appreciation of our efforts or nature–it is common to feel gratitude for these gifts.  But to feel it in every moment, when things are good and when they are bad, to accept the bitterness with gratitude, this is a more radical calling.

But since gratitude connects us to God, the more we are able to embody it, to feel it in each moment, the more we can connect with our Source.  It is easy to find gratitude for what is good; our challenge in all dimensions is to find the same depth of feeling for that which challenges, frightens and hurts us.  For all of these things are sent to us in beneficence.   Our gratitude is our aikido move, our means of making dross into gold.

This is one of the more difficult practices.  It sounds simple (as do most things which are true) and yet it is not easy to sustain.  We are all drawn to that which is easy and struggle with that which is not.  It is, however, that which is hard for us which we might most wisely give thanks.  These are the true gifts, the things we have been awaiting, the moments around which our beings and our lives are ordered.  When you can give thanks from the depths of your hearts for those moments and times that you you want to exit your lives, then you will have freedom within your grasp.


On Earth’s Impulse

March 6, 2005

The seas are rising on your planet.  Some think that this is due to ice melt in the polar regions, and although this is a perfectly plausible explanation, it is not the actual cause.  The seas are rising because it is time for the land to become inundated.  It is time for the body to be awash in emotion.  It is time for human beings to be swept away—from the quotidian lives they lead, the blindness and deafness that insulate them from the many worlds in which they live and move.  It is time for human beings to wake  up and smell their coffee, for it is a rich and heady and powerful brew.

Unfortunately, the mild suggestion offered by idea and thought rarely awakens you—it is necessary for you to participate in tragedy or miracle.  Then, and in most cases only then, do human beings find the wherewithal to cast away the comfortable furnishings of their lives and rebuild and re-see according to a grander vision.  You are beings of habit and some sloth.  Once you have found a way that works, you settle down and spend lifetimes without much alteration.  It is only when forced that you venture forth and seek new ways, new lives.  As many of you know, the universe is impulsing you toward change, and for a select few, it is enough to alter your foundations.  But for others—most others—there is a need for greater external impetus.

The seas are rising and the Earth herself will push you towards the new, the light, the freeing time.  She will push you by opening her skin, altering her own topography, seizing and writhing, opening and closing.  She first will change herself so that you may see how to do it.  She is your mother, your teacher.  Watch her carefully, she holds the answers and she will reveal them to you sooner if you attend.  If not, you will come face to face with her lessons in time—it is inevitable—but perhaps not in time.  She is ready now to teach all who care to listen.  Hold her in esteem.  Ask for her guidance.  Pray to her for a path.  She will answer.  She is ready.