On Life Choices

December 28, 2004

Blemishes on your planet mar its beauty.  Great scars and pustules created by human disregard for Mother squeeze toxins into your etheric environment.  The trash heap you have made of the Earth is a cause for much weeping amongst us who watch you.  Do you not understand that you are soiling your own bed?  Do you not understand that the music will have to be faced, if not by you, then by those you love more dearly than anything—your children and grandchildren?

Greed is like a cancer.  Not just any disease will serve as a metaphor, for most diseases have to do with disenfranchisement and disability and disfunction.  Cancer is the only important killer on your planet (not human) which works through growth and supergrowth.  And of course, the supergrowth you have so lustily done on your Earth is now causing millions of cancers, millions of deaths.  Growth is not all good.  Growth can mean expansion and learning and more of the beautiful and necessary things you all want in your lives.  Growth can also mean a malignant tumor.  So much of the growth you tout—in governments, schools, business, science and industry—quickly has taken on the form of the latter.  Your planet is marked with untold numbers of malignancies, each intent on getting larger as fast as it can.  Was this your intention?

Slow down.  Examine what you need.  What do you really need?  Your children?  Your parents? Your pets?  What do they need?  Mmm.  Love, of course.  What else?  Yes, you need shelter and nourishment and clothing.  But do you need a car?  “Well,” you say, “there are dance lessons and grocery shopping and soccer and work.  Yes, there’s work.  Of course I need a car.  I’d rather it not be so, but yes, I definitely do need a car.”  When will you learn to fly, children?  When you can do that, your cars will instantly become obsolete.  Mechanical devices are so clumsy and inelegant.  And in general, become or create malignancy.  What is your wish?  How will you live your lives?  Who will tell you what you need?  Think on this. It is important.

You are thinking, of course, that we are mad, impractical.  “But they don’t understand.”   Now is the moment when you can leap over the detritus of your upbringing, the garbage of your contemporaries and colleagues, the trash of social pressure and expectation.  Now is the moment for you to choose.  Of course one person, one family cannot change the world’s visage, cannot eradicate those tumors, but that is not really the point.  The point, strangely enough, is to consider your own harmony and peace.  With whom or what do you ally yourself?  Of course it will be awful and stressful and unsatisfactory if you skivvy off to some hillside all alone to scrape an ecologically sound subsistence out of the dirt, bathe in icy water and renounce all you know and love in the world.  This is NOT about renunciation but about affirmation.

Stop.  Just stop.  What do you believe in?  Really?  Look hard.  Make a list.  Check it with your family if that makes sense.  Then think about how those values can be lived.  Be in harmony with your God.  Don’t accept anyone else’s values as you own, be they clean or dirty, conservative or wastrel-like.  But dig deep to find the courage and the conviction to put into practice what you believe.  Not just a little of it—although that is better than nothing—but ALL of it.  Now is the time when the forces which hold and support your planet are ready to hold and support changes which bring you and the Earth into alignment with higher powers.  Do what makes your feet dance and your heart sing and the rest of it be damned.  Especially beware of judgment and self-righteousness, for no matter how ‘good’ your values are, if they don’t feed and delight you, they will make you shrewish when in practice.   Nothing could be less helpful.  So dig deep to find your song, and then belt it out.  Let the world have the goodness of your happiness.


On Responsibility

December 7, 2004

In a Mexican village many, many year ago, there lived an old woman, wizened, virtually toothless and almost blind.  She was the magician, the witch, the healer, the shaman in her village.  She could do anything and she balked at nothing.  For the right price she could induce or end pregnancy, heal any manner of wound or disease and if well enough compensated, she was happy to put a curse on anyone who had incurred that necessity.  This is how she saw it and justified it to herself, much as many who have been given extraordinary powers have done before and since: if someone was ready to curse, to hurt another, then it was only God’s logic that the one about to be hurt had drawn that suffering down on himself.  She herself was merely God’s agent in all things—healing and harming, or doling out punishment as needed, as she preferred to see it.  So, a broken leg there, an incurable fever here, a small business transaction inexplicably gone sour….  These were all in a day’s work for her.

The question we want to ask you all is what do you think of this?  Do you believe she was correct?  As a possessor of power, is it incumbent upon you to assess and monitor and moderate its use, or are you clay in the hands of God?  Is it rejection of the Source to refuse to use your powers—given to you for some reason (never, please never imagine that the only possible reason is merit) by God as the world lays its needs before you?  Are you to act as God or for God?

Obviously, you all have powers.  You work for businesses that have power.  You live in a country that has power.  You have the power of your privilege and personality.  What are your responsibilities?  We are not suggesting an answer, but rather that you know your own.  And then, if you do answer these questions, we wonder where they will lead you.  Back to something eternal, we hope.  Through a column of absolute trueness.

The old Mexican woman had a conscience that was crystal clear and she died illuminated and glowing with internal light.  Is good good?   Can you understand?  Do you have the capacity?  She was content to accept the limits of her understanding and ability.  She did what was handed to her in peace, without questioning.

So many of you are so terribly troubled—by the compromises you make, by larger units of which you are a part, and by their actions.  How can you live close to God and the Source when your conscience and consciousness tell you one thing and you live another?   That struggle is using the energy which is needed for bringing more light to your planet.  Please ask for guidance from those who keep personal watch for you. You must be able to breathe easy like the shaman did, otherwise your life force is a-wasting.  There are many, many challenges in your world right now, put there for a reason.  You are meant to have to search yourselves deeply.

Ultimately, it is likely that you are meant to sacrifice something.  Think on how wonderfully simple it might be to give up your things, your material life, your expectations of the future.  Think on that and compare it to the loss of hope, faith and love for yourself and God.  What a joyously simple choice.  The trick is to find your own road.  The intersection of etheric and mundane is tricky, but so many of you are ripe and ready to do it.   Please consider your power and what responsibilities it carries for you.  You can change the world.  You will change the world. But in what manner?